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Miss South Carolina


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Having once been a teen, which I have since almost made a full recovery, all I can say is.. um.... maybe if she ...um .... if the South Korea and ..um .... the educations are not fulfilling the ..er ... future?


But it's okay. I have a really nice rack!

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(over-the-shoulder commentary given on said streamer-video)


"Microphones should only be accesible to people with brain capacity..."

"why does the pageant end with an inteview and not a swimsuit shoot?"

" take away the audio and she looks fine..."

"who gave her permission to leave my house?"




we're the same species? ugh! so embarrasing...! :down:


This is not a woman. :devil:

this is advanced mobile genetic material, class A. :upside:


she can spend her experience points gained from winning on public speaking skills. i recommend a +3 increase :upside:




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That stuff about South Africa and Iraq certainly did seem like an attempt at dropping buzz-words in order to appeal to the judges.


She forgot, however, to mention world hunger, saving the whales or helping the elderly.


Come to think of it, whaleburger meals-on-wheels would feed alot of hungry old folks in South Iraquifra..or wherever it is.. and ..um... what we need to do is.. um.. make maps with less oceans on it so the wheel-meals won't get wet getting there.

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You're looking at the next state senator for South Carolina. After all, she did answer the question without really giving an answer, right? She just needs to work on the clarity of her answer as well getting rid of all the "um's."


I mean, um, like, you know... right? Like, um, if you don't like, you know, get rid of the um, um's, then, like, you know, it's totally unclear. For sure.

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