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September CAV Tournament

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Hey Everyone,


Due to the Labor Day Holiday, we are going to push the Asylum CAV tourney back 1 week to September 8th. We will post more details tomorrow or Thursday with the exact list size and type of tournament that will be run. If you have any questions feel free to post them here or PM me and I will get you an answer.





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Thanks go out to Shaun for hosting this month's tourney, had lots of fun again and look forward to the next one! Also a big thanks for taking the time after the games to give me some painting tips with Reaper paints, learned some neat new tricks from him as well as Anne. Very appreciated!


Thanks go to Pat for playing great games and continuing to help me have a ton of fun playing CAV!


Missed you today Deguello, shoulda been there!

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My mother recently needs my help at the drop of a hat.


This was one of those situations... I fully intended to be there bright and early but was not able due to being needed elsewhere


This is one of those situations, and things are getting better daily.


Thank you for your sympathy

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