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My GenCon Indy Large Figure entries


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This year, I had entries in the GenCon contest with the goal of trying for the manufacturer prizes from Hasslefree and DarkSword. I haven't had a chance to shoot my own pictures yet, but they have showed up on Electric Ocean, so I thought I'd start by posting links.


1) Hasslefree Mary - Dragonmarked. Note - contains 54mm nekkidness. Viewer discretion required.



She placed second in the Hasslefree Manufacturer Prize and 3rd in the GenCon Dragon theme prize. I'll post links to more pictures once I shoot them, since this doesn't show the back tattoo.


2) DarkSword Lowland Hunting Dragon (the dragon is just as nekkid as Mary is, but no one makes a big deal about it)


I started painting this when I was suffering Purple & Teal withdrawal. The LHD placed 3rd in the DarkSword contest.


(My third entry - Ashlee Campbell, Zombie Hunter - didn't make the cut in single figure (even if she does have a chainsaw handy) so I don't have pictures to link to of her yet.

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I really enjoyed the opportunity to see these in the hand, Mary in particular. As terrific as the tattoos are, I was equally impressed by the lovely shading on the fig once I got to see her up close.

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Thanks for the complements on Mary. I think she's the best paintjob I've done so far (and also the most time I've put into a single figure, somewhere around 50-60 hours including the basing).


The skin was painted with a base color of RMS Tanned Shadow. The shading went to Dark Skin (IIRC, might have been 1:1 Dark Skin/Dark Highlight). The highlighting went thru Tanned Skin/Tanned Hightlight/Fair Skin/Linen White. It was a mixture of wet blending, layering and a lot of glazes.


All of the tattoo work was painted in tube watercolor, BTW. I learned that from the garage kit forum people (thanks to Patrick Keith for introducing the Clubhouse forums to me). It is easy to work with since it can be erased with water (either "subtractive painting" to move paint around or a wet q-tip to completely erase an area). Once each section was done, it was allowed to dry and then sealed with DullCote. There are easily 15-20 coats of DullCote on her.


Since I still have 2 more of this model, I'm deciding on the options for future versions. One will be set in a swamp/marsh. I'm thinking a full body python tattoo (from left ankle up to right wrist). I'm debating snow base/Nordic blonde for another.


I also found when working on the Lowland Hunting Dragon that "Teal Liner" can be made by mixing 2 parts Blue Liner to 1 part Green Liner. I'm thinking about mixing up a bottle.

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I had the chance to examine this model closely, and the skin is very, very nicely done, and that's not easy on 54 mm scale. My picture doesn't really do it justice. Congrats on the awards.


Congrats on your 3rd in small figure (placing directly after the Marike double feature is an accomplishment).

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More views of Mary (linked for Nekkidness)


back -



a different view of the front-



The dragon tattoos were completely painted using tube watercolor paints (a mix of Pentel and Grumbacher colors)

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That free hand with her tats is really awesome. How did you do the outline on them?


All the tattoo work was done with tube watercolors. The lining was done with either Payne's Grey or Burnt Umber from Grumbacher (Payne's Grey for the green areas, Burnt Umber for the brown & orange areas). The basic process is draw line and use a wet brush to convince the line to be in the right spot.

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