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Rise of the Runelords

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Going to one of his usual tables, one that sat back near the corner with enough space around it to let Tituuk plenty of room as to not get in the way or cause distractions, Toadwallow pulls a chair out and proceeds to sit. He had discovered this place about a year ago. For as close as it was to Korvut's shop, it had remained a mystery until by chance Lanalee Magravi had come to the Red Dog requesting some new items for their kitchen to be made. It was nothing to Tiketi, just another person from the town. And since the order was not weapon related, it was not one that caught his attention in the least.


But, the youngest Magravi brother took an immediate liking to Tiketi's companion. When Lanalee returned the next week to pick up the purchased items, he brought with him a few choice scraps from their kitchen. A couple more trips to the shop with food in hand and the friendship was complete. There were very few things that could persuade Tituuk ot leave his master's side, but the food from the Magravi's was one.


"So, what part does our Lady play in today's festivities?"


In the year since learning of this eatery, it has become something of a regular for Toadwallow. Having become somewhat spoiled by its atmosphere. Both in the idea that he is not trying to cook someting for himself, something that was never his responsibility back in his home group, and also in the stories told by the Mistress of the place, Lady Risa. Memories of sitting with his tribe listening to the tribal shaman and historian talk about mystical things flood the mind while in the presence of his new surroundings. What may have started because of his four legged partner, certainly was not the only reason for the continued trend. Tiketi ate at Risa's at least 2 times a week now to come hear strange and fantastic tales. Not always getting what he came for, but often enough to keep him coming back.


He also liked it as it was a less trodden place. The food wasnt the best by far, but he enjoyed the calm and quiet that came with the place. He may have been in town for 2 years now, much longer than he anticipated, but that does not mean that the city had taken the wilderness out of the man. The fact that it was not as well publicized was just fine with him.


"Any back stories on the Swallowtail jig, that she care to share...?"

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If its ok, here's a little backstep story interaction.



"Ah good morning, Jal, the usual this morning?"

“yes please!, Talshaea” he says a bit enthusiastically, guided more by his hunger and his eagerness to appease a short growl in his belly.



"still no luck with that posting eh?"

Having already placed a spoonful in his mouth Jal grunts out a short “angh, angh” while shaking his head no.



"So I see today is the last day you two will be staying with us, unless something changes of course, too bad I liked having your company around"

“aye, same here” jals quips in with a faint but quick smile



"So are you guys gonna hit the Festival today? I'll be there, but Amekio's short on hands today, so I'll be helping her mostly."

“that we will, and if there’s any dancing at this here jindig, I hoped you’ll save a dance for me later on.” he states while enjoying himself to a bit of flirting. For a moment he thinks of inquiring whether she believes if Amekio's would welcome some added help, recalling the warrior who recently departed, coupled with his own desire to see whom else might be in attendance at the festival he quickly decides not to obligate himself or Veldarian.



The door to the back opens and a young woman comes out…


"Come, come 'shaea, there will be time to gwak later at the festival!" "Coming, mam!" Amekio disappears into the back and the girl goes to clean up the warrior's dishes

Jal had found Amekio to be an attractive woman and instantly had an attraction to her, perhaps it was simply her unique appearance or that she to had once been an adventurer herself. Regardless the reason, he knew that it would never amount to anything more than a youthful infatuation that would pass.


He glances over to Talshaea as she starts to clear away the warriors dishes


“Talshaea..,” he calls and waits for her turn his way


“by chance, would you happen to know who the warrior that was sitting there is?” he asks warmly, unaware himself of the effect Talshaea elven heritage has on him.



Diplomacy Check = 9 (if needed)

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"Hello! I'm Draken Tolaryn of Ravenmoor, a merchant of all sorts of goods, please to make your acquittance this fine morning."


Since your our first customer this morning & we haven't set up fully, we'll offer a one time discount to whatever you buy from us, surely it'll be cheaper then what you find within the walls of Sandpoint this fine morning, a waiting fee of sorts."


"So what do you say, interested?"..


Being taken by surprised by the little fella Dimmesius lets out a low rumble of laughter. Looking down at the halfling he says, "Well Drake ------ I've been ont he road for a quite a while and I am in need of food and bath for now." He takes a quick "sniff" under his arm and says, "Well make that a bath first and foremost. But before I head off to the nearest Inn I suppose I can take a quick gander over some of your merchandise for now if you can stand the smell."


As he walks over to tent he thinks for a moment and asks, "Festivities?!?!?!?!? What festivities?!?!?!?!"

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"Ah no problem with the smell, I myself probably need a nice bath as well, thanks to my travels, ha ha" the halfling says in response.


"Oh come now!! Your here in Sandpoint & you don't know about the Swallowtail Festival??" "Ha ha, well now!!! your probably the only one in the area that doesn't know about it. More or less it's a annual festival celebrating the coming Autumn season but this year is a little bit special due to they are re-opening the town church after a fire burned down the building a few years ago." Putting his hand on his chin. "hmm I guess the whole town is gonna be there"


He starts to turn toward the campsite , but turns "Oh & something to do with butterflies as well.....I think!!!???"


"Please, come over & I'll show what we got, the halfling starts to walk over to the campsite "So what are you needing, armor oil? a nice shirt to wear? We don't have much as far as weapons & armor but we do have a small assortment that we've acquired in our travels." he goes into his merchant mode but something stops him, "Ehhh what is that girl looking at now?" "Karyn, um we have a customer, Karyn??"



This is Draken, halfing merchant




You notice something moving through the bushes & tall grass off the camp a bit, your not really sure what it is, but the way the grass is moving, it must be something & not the coastal winds.





Sitting at a small table is Father Zanthus, the man being a little over 40 years old, thou looking a bit older, thanks to the past events regarding the loss of Father Tobyn, the others, taking the mantle of High Priest for Sandpoint & other events.


He is writing something.


"Ah Brother Cael, glad to see Maggie was able to rouse you." he lets out a slight laugh "Not much is needed but I do need you to do something for me, I was writing my opening speech for the festival & for the life of me I can't recall a event in Sandpoint's history, now I know Madame Mvashti would know them like they were yesterday. Now it's not like I don't trust the old woman, she just uhhh makes me uncomfortable, if you know what I mean, her mystical ways & such I just don't understand & mind you I try to stay as open minded as possible, but her fortune telling & other mystical ways just baffles me."


he pauses a bit before continuing "I feel ashamed for saying that, as I must keep a open mind about everyone in our town, epically to one so old & respected as Madame Mvashti."


He pauses a bit


"Now I know you & her know each other pretty good & that is why I would like you to either ask her to come here or to go get the information, as I'm not sure if she'll attend the festival or not, she hasn't the past few years or so, sayin her bones can't take being out in the air anymore, which I fully understand, but she does do her morning walks, so I just don't know if she is ignoring the festival or just telling the truth."


"Could you please do this for me?"


"The opening speeches will be start at 12 o'clock noon sharp, so I need that information before then."


"Here is what I need from her" he gives you what he was writing, rolling it up & sticking it into a scroll tube)


"Also I need you to find & ask when you do find her, Aneka Avertin if she'll be attending & if she is, could she please stand where I can see her?" "Please don't tell her, but I've decided to ask her for her hand in marriage at the festival today, if of course she'll let me, I guess I'm just shy about the whole asking thing, & I guess if I screw it up, I won't feel so bad in front of the townspeople. Funny I can't do something like this in private, but public I'm ok with it." "If you would I'd be grateful, you should find her at family's shop, Sandpoint Savories."


he waits for your response.




This is Father Zanthus, high cleric of Sandpoint

Jal & Veldarian


Amekio gives a crooked smile & says,"well with Mayor Deverin's idea of free lunch by the town's eateries, not sure if I'll have time, but I'll try." she says before going back to the kitchen.


The half-elf girl (girl being around 18 or 19) looks up from her cleaning of the warrior's table at you "I have no idea who that was, probably just some person looking for fame & glory like yourself, but from his gear he brought in her, looks like he has had a bit better luck then you, ha ha". Talashae not knowing a warrior & a spell user of course, she is a commoner remember. (no need for the diplomacy check, as she is pretty friendly with you the whole conversation)


she continues,


"He came in early this morning, With that armor & gear I'd say he stabled a horse, I'd know I couldn't move in that all day, let alone travel in it, ha ha. Probably next door at Daviren's place & then came here to get a bite to eat. He ordered a hearty meal, probably the only meal he'll eat today from how much he order. I'd say he back on his horse headin to who knows where."


"If your curious, I'd ask Daviren about him."

Tiketi--I'll post your's tomorrow, too much typing tonight, ha ha

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"Lady? ha ha mom would love have heard you say that" Besk says as he comes out of the kitchen limping, a bit later with a hot meal in his hands, setting it down he says


"ehhh don't worry about the pay, heck it is Swallowtail today anyways, I mean Mayor Deverin & her idea of free food by the merchants to draw buisness in."


He adds as he pulls up a chair. "Whoops there I go again!!" he gets up almost as quickly as he sat down, goes into the kitchen & a couple of minutes, comes back with a juicy looking bone.


"Was suppose to go into a stew, but ehhhh not like where gonna have allot of people her at the shack today, setting in near the table he says "there yah go boy, enjoy".


"Mom & the boys went up the square earlier this morning, maybe a hour or 2 ago. I'm staying here, not out of disrespect for the church, just someone had to say behind & watch the old place. So far your my only customer, ha ha." "Can you say sloooow day today, ha ha"


Even thou Lanalee was the one that introduced you to Risa's, you & Besk struck up a more common friendship, Besk wanting to have the life of adventurer, heck just to even guard a merchant caravan from here to Magnimaar would be exciting (at least in his eyes), but a early childhood accident left him with a slightly limp, the result of being thrown from a spooked horse, but still the young man love to hear tales of your tribe & other bits of information.


"hmmm I'm sure if mom is up to she'll spin a tale or two tonight for people that visit the booth, the square might be full of free food & other goods to buy, but there will be dancing, & stories to tell & I know mom can spin the best of them!!"


"thou she hasn't felt very good the last couple days or so, probably the weather & such, but heck mom has been out there just like in her younger days, ha ha, did she ever tell you the tale about her encounter with a chimera?" If not you'll have to ask her tonight, I'm sure she wouldn't mind."


"Hmmm to be honest really the festival been just a good way to celebrate the coming season, what you experienced last year was the normal festival, this year being a bit different with the church be re-commissioned & Mayor Deverin wanting to showcase the eateries of the town to visitors & people who just do go to the inns to eat."


"I can't think of anytime there has been trouble, other maybe a person having too much beer in him & the Sherriff hauling off to jail to sleep it off. I'm sure there has been stuff, but nothing like someone getting mugged or dieing"


"thou the days with Chopper was a bit dark, but that was cause of what he did to the town." "Have you heard about Chopper?" "I know he was a bit before your arrival here in Sandpoint, myself I just turned 18 the year he was caught, but I recall him almost like it was yesterday, he asked to carve a figure in our building, but mom was out of town on something & I was runnin the place in her abscense & didn't know if she would approve of it, so I declined, little did I know what it meant to have carving, but now glad that I didn't."


"The Swallowtail, happened that year, just people weren't as happy & joyful like they are today"


"Pretty grim, more or less just some words from Father Tobyn & the release of the swallowtails, but parents all around didn't really want their children running after the 'flies, heck I 'member mom not letting 'lee & Vahd' run after them said something like "I don't want that madman slicin yah to ribbons!!! (with the words he shakes his finger in the air).


"Well heck I've rambled on & I should let yah eat in peace, if you need anything just holler" with that Besk gets up from the table & limps back into the kitchen.

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Toadwallow finishes his meal in the now quiet room. Only the slobbery grinding sounds of Tituuk gnawing on his meat covered treat from Besk to take away from the enjoyable peace. It was not often that Tiketi got to enjoy such a time. He meant to drink it in for as long as possible. The idea of wading thru scores of people, friendly or not, just didnt excite him that much. Yes, he would go to listen to the speeches, and watch the song and dance as the city leaders try to persuade the townfolk that all is well now that there is a church again. As if it took a few walls and a roof to talk with God... or dis-apate the evil minded....


In a quags and valley nooks that lead from the Ashwood Forest thru the Skull Crossing and up into the Wyvern Mounts, Fist of Flame knew his people would be making the journey soon in their return to Nanan Keesog (5 Moons), one of the mountain valleys deep within the Wyverns that his people used for refuge. They would be preparing to travel now as the leaves of the upper ash trees start to change color, before the winter snows block safe passage. Natáyo Síkimiwa (Black Lynx), a childhood friend, now in his mid 20s, would be one of ones responsible for leading them through. Natáyo had been the one who had discovered the goblin tracks during the hunt those many days ago, that eventually lead to Tiketi's call to come to this current predictament away from his people, sitting in a tavern, in the quiet...


"Stay together! and don't run off! Stay where I can see you..." Two boys, neither more than 12 years old walked past the window that Tiketi sat. Moving at a fast pace, they were well ahead of the woman who had done the yelling. They frowned a bit, slowed for a moment, but then unconsciously sped up again as they gggled and pushed each other on their way down the street. They seemed to be anxious to get to the celebration. Probably not for the speeches, Tiketi thought to himself. More likely, they were interested in getting to all the good free food morsels that would be offered. To get their hands on the choice offerings before they were gone. Moments later, she, who was obviously their mother or guardan, came past the window breathing heavy, "Boys!!! I said stay where I can see you.. Boys...."


It was quiet again.


Looking down, Toadwallow gives Tituuk a good scratching behind the ear. "Well, I guess we cant hide in here all day, now can we...? Besides, we dont want to get stuck with the left over treats either do we?" A small grunt of disagreeance came from Tituuk as if to say that he was perfectly happy with the bone given by Besk. But, never the less, did not hesitate to leave that prize behind and follow closely behind as his master rose from the table, threw his shoulder belt back over and made his way to the door.


Calling over his shoulder, "Thank you Besk. See ya next time." Once again they set out for top of the hill....

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After Draken says,

"Please, come over & I'll show what we got, the halfling starts to walk over to the campsite "So what are you needing, armor oil? a nice shirt to wear? We don't have much as far as weapons & armor but we do have a small assortment that we've acquired in our travels."


Dimmesius follows him over to his tent. Recalling silently to himself, "Little guy is quite the persistent one I see."


Looking at Draken ---- Dimm asks, "Might you by chance any type of the oils used for healing?"

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Seeing the two in animated discussion, Karyn turns to start picking up her bedroll when she catches the unnatural movement in the bushes. The groginess of sleep is shaken from her immediately as she goes for her weapons instead. She stares intently into the grass as she straps one dagger to her boot and then slips the other out of it's sheath.


She grabs her rapier with her off hand as she stands to walk toward the movement, when Draken calls to her...


"Ehhh what is that girl looking at now?" "Karyn, um we have a customer, Karyn??"

Karyn whips around and gives Draken the sign for "Shhh!" with a finger to her lips and then turns back towards whatever it might be to point it out to the duo.


She points to whatever it is as she moves slowly towards it...


I'll take a 10 on Move Silent for a total of 13 - if it's going to matter.


Spot of 12, also taking a 10...


We're too close to town for it to be some sort of wild animal, the only reason someone would be sneaking up on us is if they meant to steal from us - or worse.


Hmm, I wonder about that guy with the sword, but it would be pretty gutsy to try something this close to town...


Karyn turns back to the two pointing at Draken and motioning him one way, then pointing at the stranger and motioning him the other.


Can't be too careful.

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"If your curious, I'd ask Daviren about him."

after thanking Talshaea with a gentle smile and nod, Jal then turns to Veldarian and fills him in about the warrior. Jal’s spirit appears to have uplifted a bit with the thought of more possible newcomers in town.


“well, where there’s one newcomer, there may be more.”


Once outside Jal turns to Veldarian


“what you say, want to see if that warrior I asked Talshaea about is still about at Daviren's place? He nods his head over in the direction of the building. “Maybe nothing come of it, couldn’t hurt could it? he asked with a raised brow


“I can inquire about‘em myself if you want to go on ahead? I’ll catch up with you shortly. Shouldn’t take to long.” He looks to you hoping your interest is as peaked as his is.

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"Father, you know that I am more than happy to do your bidding," Cael responds earnestly. "I will be happy to visit with both the Lady Avertin and Madame Mvashti for you this morn ... It's good of you to plan ahead and have a back-up plan in the case that the fair Aneka does reject your offer!" He adds with a wink and a grin. "But seriously, I am happy for you Zanthus, may Erastil's bow guide the arrow of your love to her heart."


"If I'm going to catch both of them before the ceremony," Cael continues, "I'd better be taking my leave. I'll see you in a short while my friend."


He takes his leave of the Father and heads for the Madame's home.

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[quoteOnce outside Jal turns to Veldarian


“what you say, want to see if that warrior I asked Talshaea about is still about at Daviren's place? He nods his head over in the direction of the building. “Maybe nothing come of it, couldn’t hurt could it? he asked with a raised brow


“I can inquire about‘em myself if you want to go on ahead? I’ll catch up with you shortly. Shouldn’t take to long.” He looks to you hoping your interest is as peaked as his is.


"No, that is quite alright. I shall accompany you to Daviren's. Perhaps this warrior knows something about surrounding area that may prove useful in our search of employment. Or, " he says with a slight upturn at the corner of his mouth, "perhaps he would be interested in seeking out the secrets of the Old Light?"

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Jal & Veldarian


Outside the Rusty Dragon you both decide that a visit to Daviren Hosk is in order. What you recall about Daviren is he use to be a active ranger fighting goblins, but has since decided to retire here in Sandpoint. The walk to the Goblin Squash Stables is a short walk with the stables sharing the same block as the Rusty Dragon (you also recall that Daviren & Amekio were part of a adventuring party at one time, with one providing housing for horses & other other a inn, probably natural they stayed together). You stand at the entrance, above is a sign showing a drawing of a goblin's head being crushed by a horse hoof (something a goblin truely fears; horses)


You enter the stables through the main doors, a few horses are stabled here, but for the most part the building is empty. As you look around for the ranger, you see some of Daviren's handiwork, goblin ears with something scribed onto them nailed onto the rafters of the building....


"Their names" you hear.


"Goblins don't like to write, they say it steals the soul, what a better way to desecrate a dead goblin, then to burn their rotten names into their flesh, heh."


"And a dead goblin is a good goblin in my eyes!!"


You see a old man probably in his 50s but looks closer to 60s due to the weathered look in him, he has a scraggly beard, has salt & pepper long hair & is wearing work leathers with knee high boots & a leather apron. He has his hand out to you, in the other appears to be horse-shoeing tool


"Sorry, where is my manners, name is Daviren Hosk, owner of the Goblin Squash Stables."


"I see you don't have horses, so you must be here for something else?"



Tituuk look at his bone, & then stands alert as you get up from your table, ready to follow you.


"Seeyah around, Toadwallow, have a fun Swallowtail Festival", Besk says as hears you are leaving.


"I hope to get up there, but I doubt I will, but you never know"


leaving the small tavern behind you make your way up to the church square, you make your way up Undercliff Way & are about to turn toward the square when you recall you wanted to stop in & say hi to Savah Bevaniky this morning. Savah,the other armorer in town, the woman caught your eye one time during a trip to the market place, but it was Das Korvut that needed a apprentice & besides Savah said she wasn't takin on any new people at the time, still you like to visit the woman from time to time.


You come upon the stone building with a metal shield with a smithing hammer emblazed on it (Savah's handiwork), hanging from a sign post. You enter the building, as you enter you see there is a customer inside with Savah. Savah, her beauty is what caught your eye before & even after 2 years of knowing her it still gets you each time you see her-- tall with long straight red hair which she has kept back with a leather tie with bright green eyes. She is wearing a short sleeve shirt with a leather apron, showing her muscular arms from her profession.


"I'll be with you....Oh hey, Toad'" she says to you.


"Ok now what is it your after again?" she says to her customer.


"Now I want a staff with a grasping hand on it, & in the middle is a diamond, which I have in my pocket." He holds his hand out like he wants the headpiece to look like, sorta a C shaped with obviously something in between the thumb & fingers.


"Can you do something like this for me?" the man says.


"Hmmm I'm not really sure, I can probably do it but it'll take some time, how does two weeks sound?"


the man puts his hand to his chin, "I don't know, sounds awful long for just a staff thou" he says


"Ah but I'll guarantee that it'll be what you want thou, just take a look at some of the weapons on the wall here & notice the designs in some of them. The two weeks time is mostly for this headpiece you want."


"Well ok, how much then?" he says with a bit of uncertainty.


"How does 4 gold Lions sound?" "Remember this is a custom piece with the mounting of your diamond & such" she says firmly to the man.


"Well I don't know, sounds awful expensive, can I think about it?" "How long does this deal last a day or two?"


"Sure take your time, just remember thou, if I get any other custom orders before you commit, those come first, ok?"


"Well I really want this done, I'm heading down to Magnimaar in a week & I want to show off my prized piece of my collection, so go ahead with the order." he says as he reaches into a pouch & produces 4 gold Lions. "Thou if I give you 4 more, can you speed up the construction, hmmm?" he says as he pulls out 4 more gold Lions.


"I'm sorry but you can't rush things like this, unless you want shoddy work, which I for one will not do, just not worth it to me" she says in response to the man's offer"


"Well maybe I'll have to postpone my trip then, as I won't leave town without my prized possession", he starts to turn around & leave.


"Oh, he he almost forgot" he reaches into anther pocket & produces a velvet bag, untying the strings he reaches in & pulls out a piece of silk. Unwrapping the silk, he produces a huge diamond, reflecting in the various lights in the room.


"Wow, she is a buet"


"Yes, she is, the prize of my collection, had to pay a hefy sum for it, but it was all worth it!!!" "I have your word, that nothing will happen to it while in your care" the man gives a firm stare to Savah.


"Yes on my honor, nothing will happen to your gem. I have a safebox that 'll keep it in till the day I mount the gem in the headpiece." she says back to the man.


"Good, I guess I'll let you get on with it then, good day to you." he makes his way out the door, looks at you before leaving.


"So Toad' what up with you today?" the young armorer says holding the huge gem up to her eye.

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(To the man as he passes) "Only a man that wants to lose his prize possession would flaunt it so..."


Tiketi did not know the man, and he was certainy not a noble person trying to look out for the well being of others, but common sense is still common sense. Set a huge diamond on a stick, and then prance around town... Sandypoint might not be known for any burglar problems, but that does not mean there aren't any.


(pauses then to Savah after the man leaves) "A gold lion that that thing is stolen within 3 days of you giving it to him..."


"Those Cheliaxians... They cant see past the end their noses can they?"


Then he realized that he did not know if Savah was Chelaxian or not... and quickly segues into a new subject...


"Hope business has been better for you than us lately. All I have been working on lately has been pots and pans and kitchen utensils.."


Tiketi pauses for a few moments, then starts to meander around a little trying not to look too much into those soft green eyes, instead focusing on gleaming metallic nicknacks hanging on the shelves or in the display cases.


"I don't think will be staying in SandyPoint much longer if things dont change a bit. Its getting to be time that I get back to my home. I think I have learned enough from Korvut to be able to go back and help my people. Now, its matter of getting the necessary supplies and resources to take with me."


Tituuk walks a few steps over beside the door and lays down. But, in a way that keeps his eyes upon his master and room as a whole. He has learned over time that when Toadwallow comes here, he usually stays for a bit and he did not care to stand up the whole time while these humans conversed. Fists of Fire continues to meander around the room, occassionally stealing a glimpse of her, but trying to act cordial and so resumes looking at the items on the store wall. Items that he must have looked at a hundred times already from past visits, yet he still acted as if he were looking at them for the first time, meekly feinting interest in the store's offerings.


"I figure another 6 months or so at most. At that point it will be spring and almost three years working for him. By then I should have earned up a share of his metal ore resources. And if I can get one good order that Das lets me handle on my own, then I could afford to hire or rent the necessary caravan to transport it."


another pause, another glimpse... this time it lasts a little longer as he tries to think of just the right words.. but instead...


"I might not be as skilled yet as you or him, but it will be the right time for me to return to my people.... Maybe... um.. you would like to...", But, he couldn't finish his sentence...

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Dimmesius & Karyn




As soon as Draken sees you give the signal he stops & says "Hush, we have visitors" to you, Dimmesius. Pulling a dagger out of his sleeve the halfling crouches down & begins to move in the direction that Karyn indicates.




You move toward the movement in the grass, it has stopped moving like it was, whatever is there is waiting. As you get close (maybe 20 feet away or so, you see with your spot check, something that looks like the top of goblin's head, poking out of the tall grasses. You also see two oversized torn ears on top of it's head as well. You catch a glimpse of it's large blank white eyes before it notices you are making eye contact with it & ducks into the grass.


As noted the grass doesn't move, the thing whatever it is, is waiting.





"Bah, I have no time for you, savage" & the man leaves the shop.


"Oh there you go again, scaring away my customers!! ha ha" Savah laughs after the man leaves.


"Hey it's his money, but if he wants to spend it on goofy things like a staff of "Hey I'm rich, steal from me", then by all means send it my way."


"Oh & your on, with your bet, thou you should just give me the coin now, since I'm pretty sure it'll get stolen from him before he makes out of town, ha ha"


"Funny, all my life I've wanted things like this (holds the gem up to you), but never could achieve them. I guess I wasn't meant to have gems & fancy jewlery...oh well I love the feel of heat of a forge & feeling of when my hammer smashes into a red hot blade, I wouldn't give that up for nothing!!" Savah says as she puts the gem back into the bag & then into a iron box, locking it before returning it to behind the counter.


(btw, Savah is Shoanti, but more or less has adapted to living in Sandpoint, something you've known for quite some time)


"So when you gonna buy that fancy crossbow I have on the wall there, I mean someone has to buy it, might as well be you know" The crossbow she is referring to is "Vansaya" a magical repeating crossbow made out of darkwood, with a ivory stock. "Then again, you more or into fighting up close, which I prefer myself"


"Oh, sorry to hear about your descion to leave, & I was starting to like you, ha ha" she says to your chatter about leaving. "If I would have needed a 2nd person when you first came to town, I'd asked yah, now kinda sorry I didn't ask yah, but Das is a good man, ill tempered, as you should know, but a good man. I'm just into doing stuff by myself."


"So you gonna hit the festival later today? I'll probably step out for a bit & take in things, but with the shop near the square, I'll be busy as it is. I think later I'm gonna set up something outside, nothing fancy but hey if it catches people's eyes, hopefully they'll buy something, plus gotta take in the food of course!!"


She lets you wait a bit before responding to your last words but replies "Now you know my home is here in Sandpoint, I couldn't ask for anything better, I have my shop, I like most of the townsfolk & I'm enjoying life here."




"Thank you, Cael. I appreciate that work you've done here, epically recently with all the work getting things in order. Father Tobyn, would have been proud of you work that've done. "May Desna guide your way" he says to you as you get up.


Leaving Father Zanthus to his work, you make your way out of the main chamber, the Cathedral is impressive, the stain glass window of a butterfly (Desna's symbol) on the front of the church, the many rows of pews that'll hold Sandpoint's faithful. You make your way out of the Cathedral, noticing the time to be around 8 am or so, plenty of time you think to yourself as you walk across the square, you see, various booths going up all around the area, the main stage where speeches will be given, off in the distance you see a covered wagon, no doubt the sacred Swallowtails, that'll be released when the time is right for them. "Hey Cael", "Morning, Cael" you hear from a few of the townsfolk, funny you see some of the teens & young adult humans in the town & when you came to town, that you knew as small children, now growing up, as you make your way past Savah's Armory & onto High Street, making your way down & you turn onto Festival but before you catch a glimpse of Shoanti bearing a hawk tattoo on left side of his head, you've seen the man about town, recall he works at Das Korvut's shop, the Red Dog Smithy, but never have actually spoke to him.


Madame Mvashti, was the town's seer, fortune teller, & historian, the old Varisian woman at times seemed like she was on the verge of dieing but all these years, she defied the odds. Old even for human standards, somehow you struck up a friendship with her & have been a good friend of her's for the past 10 years. Funny you recall that Madame Mvastuff told you upon her death, the house would revert back to the town, being that the manor house was built for just her in accordance to stipulations with the local Varisian tribe,that held the land, that Sandpoint sits on. "Heh, I guess she doesn't want to give up the house" you say & chuckle as you get up the door


You come upon the Mvashti Manor, a old, huge white building, built when the Sandpoint was founded some 40+ years ago, the paint peeling in many places. You make your way onto the porch, & up to the door. You knock on the door, using the old bronze door knocker, but no one answers. You know that Madame Mvashti lives alone, numerous times you've heard her say "I don't need no one!"


Before reaching the Mvastuff Mannor, you passed the huge building that is Sandpoint Theatre, looking around you see the owner Cyrdak Drokkus washing the windows, & getting things all nice & squeaky clean, he sees you


"Ah, good mornin to yah, Cael"


"So you gonna attend tonight's showing, "The Harpy's Curse"? Gonna be a knockout of a show, Allishanda, is already here, she arrived yesterday. She is getting her beauty sleep, not that she needs it of course!!!"

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Karyn relaxes slightly and stands upright.


"Draken, do we have any of that Harpy stink? It looks like a dog-eater."


It may have friends though...


Initiative: 23

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