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Stripping Dull-Cote?


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Yes, simple green takes off dull-coat. My suggestion:


Go to wal-mart/target/etc, but the biggest bottle of simple green they have and a plastic "jar" of peanuts (big enough to put your hand through the mouth sized jar). Go home. Eat the peanuts. Wash the "jar". Fill with simple green. Tah-Dah! Dunk Tank!


My dunk tank will hold (from experience) 40+ lizardmen/dwarves/undead. All nicely covered with the green juice and you'll have enough simple green left for cleaning around the house. From my experience, this also weakens super-glue joints and some types of basin materials (whatever I used, and I don't remember, turned to something similar in consistency to pudding). I've never dunked a plastic mini, so no idea what it does to them.



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