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"The Reef", Gen Con diorama by Derek Schubert


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Here are some photos of the diorama that I made for the Gen Con contest this year. It features four DHL figures in a scratchbuilt coral reef. Some of the photos are linked (mermaid nudity); they're in a Yahoogroup's folder, so you might have to log in to Yahoo to view them. (Is putting a black strip over the nipples an acceptable way to make a photo suitable for direct attachment?)


The diorama took about 60 hours of conversion and sculpting, 60 hours of painting, and many more hours of research and planning and dreaming. :;): It won 1st place in its category and won Best of Show.


This morning, I set out to write a brief description of my concept and process, but the writeup is already three pages long, without even going into detail about the paints. Maybe I can pitch it to Reaper as an article for The Craft, even though I didn't take in-progress photos. And when I set up my website, ::P: I'll be able to host the whole story with pictures.


For now, please enjoy these photos.


Overall shot (linked):





Back view:



Top view:



The two elves:



The mermaid -- a head shot only:



Mermaid closeup A (linked)



Mermaid closeup B (linked)



Another closeup of the mermaid (linked):



The Slithe Queen (mermaid's hunting-beast):



You can find a few more photos of it (and other entries from the contest) in the Gen Con galleries at Electric Ocean:




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Oh my god Derek! Eric didn't do it justice when he was describing it to me! I am . . . oh my go- . . . I dunno . . . wow . . . just wow!


That is absolutely amazing!


Ditto. I think you summed it up quite nicely Meg.

I can see where this won Best of Show. Holy Macaroni! :wub::blink:

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These pcis do not even begin to do this master piece justice. THIS is one of those works that has to be viewed in person to truly appreciate fully.


Derek you are a master of the craft.


Would you mind emailing me the pics? I am too much of a lazy lout to bother registering for a Yahoo account, but would love some decent pics of this monster.

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It's absolutely beautiful, Derek. Amazing work!


It seems you have to be a member of the yahoo group to view the other pictures. Since I'm not, I'd also like it if you (or anyone!) could send them to me. [email protected]


How did you attach the sea elves to the diorama? It's so cool how they appear to be floating - is it the spear?


Thanks for sharing!!



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It's beautiful... I dunno what else to say, but that it's beautiful... I was loved it when I first saw pictures that Cutebutpsycho took at GenCon of your diorama, and I wanted more pictures. I saw the pictures from GenCon on ElectricOcean.com and was enthralled. I spent most of the evening staring at the two sea elves (my favorite part) to see how you converted your sculpts, then headed home took my sea elves from their shelf (they get their own shelf :wub:) to see if I could figure it out that way. Now here it is again with even more pictures and I still want to know more about how you made this masterpiece, especially the conversions on the sea elves... so sign me up to get the narrative and any extra pictures you might have.


Thank you for sharing these pictures with us, I know that I really appreciate it ::):

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Posting an image with "privacy swatches" is not allowed under Reaper forum rules. But hey, I've gotten away with it before... of course I didn't know better at the time so I haven't done it again.


Thanks for the photos, Derek. There are parts of this model that weren't visible from the angle in the case, so it's great to see the whole thing. There are so many subtle things that make this piece beautiful.


For one, the way you portray the light affects from sunlight coming down through the water on the sand and rocks. Wow. The way you converted Pearl's face and added a crown so she fit in with the "story" better. There's a little conversion work on the Slithe Queen as well; the addition of seaweed around the hand holding the lance.


The way you repositioned the Sea Elves is wonderful to.


Not to mention that the painting on this piece is eye-poppingly beautiful.


Thanks again for posting the pix, especially angles we couldn't see in the case.

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