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"The Reef", Gen Con diorama by Derek Schubert


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Thanks, all. Yep, I'll send around some pics. Sorry that the images on the Yahoogroup aren't visible to non-members.


A few brief replies for now:


The elves are supported only by the end of the spear. (Good guess, Ali.) The girl is pinned to the guy. I replaced the pewter spear with a strong wire (back half), which is bent sharply and anchored in the male's wrist, but I kept the front half of the spear and the left hand, and attached these over the bend in the wire, so they're "non-structural". Similarly, the Slithe Queen is supported only by her hand. The mermaid is supported from below; I almost rigged it so she would have been supported by the leash, but I ran out of time and mental capacity and went with the default.


I didn't plan for the elves to nest so neatly when I sculpted them -- but I noticed the coincidence when I was about halfway through sculpting the female last fall, so this diorama gave me the chance to do the conversion. The conversion involved removing their bases, moving his arm a bit, cutting off his hand, drilling for 2 pins (the second point of attachment is between her left shoulder and his abdomen), and sculpting a new hand over the pin stuck in her right shoulder. I also bent her left arm and added some green stuff for a pointier elbow and a thicker forearm. (And I stuck in a couple of thin brass wires, as floating strands from her bracelet.)


Credit and thanks for the idea of the rippling-light effect must go to Anne. She told me last year that she wanted to be the first to do such a thing in a diorama, but didn't know when she would have time to do it. I asked permission to jump the claim, so to speak, and she said OK. There's plenty of room for Anne to do the next one better, anyway. It isn't blended well if you look at it closely, I couldn't make the rippling light work properly on the models themselves, and there are places where the rippling light should reach but I didn't paint it.


Now, can you tell what the Slithe Queen is holding? (It may be too tough to see in the photo ... and no fair if I told you at the con ... ) :devil:



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Like Cerridwyn said...


But I am going to say a necklace made of pointy sea elf ears.


Yes, I meant the lower-left hand, also holding the trident.

Anyway, you win! ::P:

About a dozen little ear-shaped blobs of Green Stuff, strung together with wire.

I wanted to show that the two elves weren't merely targets of opportunity and that they had good reason to hide. The detail may not be as legible as I would have liked, but I'm glad that you got it.



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*Casts Ressurection on this thread, cause he can.*




At 1st, I was bummed I missed GenCon this year because I didn't get to see all the people I normally see at least once a year, and all the games and demos and stuff and more stuff...


Now I'm way bummed that I didn't get to see this in person.


Amazingly jaw-dropping, Derek.

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