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Dwarven WiP


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I'm actually making the chick dwarves look more in line with the Fire Giant Queen, so the 4 Shield Maidens (2 braid, 2 buns, no silly pointy hat) will all have the shields and spears, kind of a dwarven chick spartan thing.


I agree on the shield, and I don't think it will be to hard to tilt that angle, and the spear will deffinatly be more up and less obsuring the face.


On Leia bun dwarf it will be in almost a William Wallace chearing pose. But I have to figure out a better way to drill the hand out before I move on to that one.


Now I just have to finish 3 exchange minis and a Cthulhu and 2 touch ups, then I can prime and paint her, and her sisters, and the Giantess...so living up to my Goddess Title

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If you could bring the arm a little closer to the body, that would be good, too. The shield doesn't look like it would be effective protection held so far out from the body. I've found that the silicon padded pliers used in jewlery making are excellent for moving parts without damaging them.


I love that shield, by the way. Where is it from? The filigree is going to look awesome when you get this painted up.


As far as the Goddess thing is concerned, I'm right there with you. I have a dragon for a friend, 54mm Monique, two exchange minis (one about two years overdue), a table fig for a friend, and more unfinished Warlord models to update my armies than I care to think about.


This is after finishing up about ten models last weekend. Sigh. It just never seems to end.



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Yeah, its going to be sweet.


Its not in a heat of battle pose, sort of a pre-fight "bring it" pose, so bringing the arm in wouldn't work for that, and then you wouldn't get to see all the cool stuff i'm planning for the cloth.


Yeah, the reptus shields just seemed perfect, and I have a bunch of them (no time to pin 'em all to the lizards and they kept falling off at demos)

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