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Twin cities cav players...

Crusoe the Painter

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Hey, Jeneki and Kaimaster, and anyone else out there....


Looking to start a league? Need someone to host a site? Well I've got some webhosting for a site, www.minifanaddict.com, and I'm willing to set up a subdomain and some bandwidth to host a CAV league page for the Twin Cities, or Minnesota in general.


I've got PostNuke, Forums and Galleries ready to go.



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As I recall, the last time we tried to set up regular games we discovered everyone's schedules clash.  For example I have to make some big sacrifices to be available on Saturdays, which is about the only day Kai runs games these days.  Although I can show up on Saturday once every few months, as a regular thing it won't work for me.  I remember there were similar conflicts from players regaring other days as well.


But hey, that was a year or more ago, so if you want to try again feel free.

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Well in the future, Sundays will be more doable for me.  My wife is changing jobs and will be working M-F now.  I know that Red5Angel was only able to do the Sunday thing.


ReCon is always on a Saturday though.


Domains... that is always possible to do something like that, the advantage players in MN have is the fact that I am a Mil-Net admin and if/when we get something rolling, I can probably use hosting via that as well.




It would be easier to host it somewhere else (aka your site Dan) if we would be looking to have someone other than me doing any of the work (which would probably be the case heh).  So thank you for the offer, we'll talk.


After all the conventions and Labor Day, all of us can decide how we want to proceed.  Well I guess we can decide before then, just nothing will actually start until after Labor Day...


So are we wanting to do a league points kind of thing, or did we want to do something more campaign-based?  I can run whatever.  The Source has better parking/table space, is that our preferred place?  I can clear it all with Burl, no worries.  


Heck I can even play... hey Jeneki I am going to take 2 Spartans next time :p


Just in time for my grad school to start lol

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