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Astrid and Cat Familiar

Versutus Vulpes

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I am saying done.


Ayin - assuming you still want to trade - PM me your mailing address - and I'll see if I can't get these two underway by Monday.


Fun to paint - great sculpt - and I hate frackin' static grass.









And a larger pic



Next up -> A Warmachine mini - Feora, Priestess of the Flame for PTF.

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Thanks everyone... Assuming Ayin posts to this thread - and she hasn't changed her avatar - you'll see where the logo came from.


I was trying to go for a playful cat rather than a hissing cat so I made a couple of bends to the familiar - lifting the paw a titch, twisting the head and skewing the tail. If I was feeling more daring I would have cut away the second paw from the base and had it reaching up... But alas - maybe the hypothetical next time.


As for her butt... Klockenbooty... You can never go wrong with Klockenbooty ::D: .

(And Tanker - check out the naughtier Astrid that Jester did... you might like it...)

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I like the colors on this one. I especially like the cat, perfect Siamese. You always have really striking eye colors, in a good way, they are bright but not weird... hope that makes sense. They seem dynamic. Also it looks like your photo fu is coming back these piccys aren't all jagged around the edges of the mini like some of the others you have posted. I can actually see the mini.

Nice work, thanks for sharing

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Tanker - Somehow - I think you will be able to pull it off :devil: .


Fruggs - Thanks - Her eyes are Serpentine shadow mixed with a titch of white. I wanted to work a contrasting colour into the mini - so her eyes and the two bottles went that green colour. As for the jagged edges - that is what happens when I try to 'clean' the background out of the pics in photoshop... I am on the lookout for a nice backdrop for my minis so I don't feel the compulsion to do that anymore.


Ayin - Glad you like them... Just think of it as a familiar exchange with a really elaborate base for the familiar :lol: .


Brushmaster - Gracias also. As I was painting her hair it just seemed to make sense - so I ran with it.... As for the siamese - easiest and neatest looking shorthair cat to paint... I am far to lazy to try a calico or tabby... And siamese have that - how shall we say - playful deathwish - that can get them into trouble?

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