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Astrid and Cat Familiar

Versutus Vulpes

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Great freehand on the avatar. You can never go wrong with a Siamese and with Astrids hair color (and the crosseyed comment that was made in the WIP) :blink: You have accomplished the old master looking like thier pet line PERFECTLY!!!! Or was that not the goal :huh: .


Great job, She is hot!!!



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Green eyes!

Where's Jack and the Porkchop Express?!

There's big trouble... :poke:


Haha! I got that joke! and I love that movie.. Reaper should do a figure based on the "three storms" you know wizard with a cool looking basket on his head! Hmm maybe I'll just make my way over to the minis we'd like to see thread and... :blush:

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Check out the RAFM site - Modern Heroes I believe...


They have a 'Burt Jackson' mini... It's on my list of mini's to get once I plow throw my current set.


"I feel good, and I'm not scared at all. I just feel kind of... kind of invincible... Is it getting hot in here, or is it just me? "


Great flick - saw it for the first time on a road trip to Florida with my Parents... Most of the trip is a blur - but that movie stands out.

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