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Possible Samurai-ish recommendations

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well, i have to say it. i have picked up the ronin, i am in the process of painting them, and i must say, they are 'flat' and definitely fantasy samurai. please note that i DID buy them, and rather soon after release, but i found them wanting. why are they buttless?


the poses are good. both Harinobu and the Kashuga's have good poise, despite the relative flatness of the miniature.


In any case, what could be a possible far-east addition to warlord?


NINJA: :ph34r: it's gonna be done at some point...at the very least so we can have Pirates vs. Ninja in warlord...

--it'd be great if they had stealth poses as opposed to martial arts poses....ninja were special forces infiltrators, not combat whoopers.

it'd be great if they had small arsenals of diminutive weaponry...shuriken, grappnels, handclaws...the sword must be short, and can have chain attached.

(your preference in the end, oh designers)

special abilities need to include Ranger, Backstab, Raider....maybe even First Strike

(in any case, one samurai type would need First Strike)


type would need to be Adept or a Solo.....


FULL ARMOR SAMURAI: as in troop type.

probably not as ronin...and we aren't going to see a new "Okura" samurai faction anytime soon, if at all...


SOHEI: warrior monks would be the awesome! they would be the third most likely to show up in foreign countries...

it'd be great to see curve-blade polearms and geta...the full headcowl would be awesome...as opposed to the partial one my avatar wears



as far as Ashigaru, Budoka, cavalry, anything else would need a faction to make sense outside of country....


there it is.

thought I'd post a note on this....

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I love some oriental themed minis, but it gets kind of confusing in warlord with the Reptus having a dash of asian here and there.


With that said, I would love to see a ninja solo merc. Just make it a lupine. :)

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