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Reaper Eyebeast, #2712


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Thanks again everyone for the comments--I really appreciate it.


As for the colors, I used the Bloodthirsty Red triad, shaded the deep recesses with black and took the highlights up through RMS clear red to clear yellow. The ends of the eyestalks were based with black and then highlighted with the Stormy Gray triad. The skull was done with the Bone Triad up to Linen White and the stonework was Stone Colors triad up through Ghost White. The gums were based with VMC Royal Purple, shaded with RMS clear plum and black, highlighted with VMC purple and a 1:2 Linen white:purple mix.


The main eye was *ahem* "borrowed" from Mastertickles excellent technique that he has used a his various eyebeasts. Essentially it involved dual hotspots--a smaller round dot of pure white and a larger crescent shaped area also of pure white.


I'll try and through together a drool tutorial later today.


EDIT: The drool tutorial is now over at the Painting Tips and Advice section.

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