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Moandain, Lich: 14144


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As usual, a great piece of work. I really like the book. The skin is very well done, I guess for a bit of variety you could glaze with a gray-green (maybe lichen moss from RMS). In truth, I like it as is though. As a nitpick, I would suggest a little weathering along the hem, but that is just personal preference.


He's a ghost, Jab, how would he have weathering on his robe? ::):


It's a beautiful piece. I really like the subdued base. It lets the model be the focal point, as it should be. It also means you have a legal model for play.


He's a liche, and therefore corporeal.

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Thank you for all the kind remarks. The Reaper exchanges are a lot of fun and help give me a project to focus on.


Krztoff: I’m glad you like the mini. It was a fun piece.


fieldarchy: Thanks for the undead skin suggestion. I have the MSP Bone triad – I’ll have to give that a try.


Kelcore: I wasn’t wild about the gold either – kind of blah. I used Burnt Sienna for shading but it didn’t give enough ‘depth’ to sell the effect.


Jabberwocky: Good point about weathering – it was something I considered when I was prepping the figure. Here was my conundrum… 1) I’m not confidant with the technique – I’ve tried it a few times and wasn’t thrilled with the results, 2) I don’t play the game and didn’t know the background of the character – did he have the ‘Amulet of Dry Cleaning’ for instance, and 3) the only reference I had was Anne’s example on the data card. Points 2 and 3 gave me excuses to avoid weathering – in short I wimped out ^_^


Warmest Regards


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You have a good eye for where to put the highlights and shadows and how high (or low) to take them, a good eye for color (like the complementary purple and yellow-tan tones of the skin, and the good value-contrasts among the equipment), and a good hand to get smooth results. Show more when you can!


The yellow tone of the gold works well with the strong red and strong violet-blue here, but if you want a cooler gold, try using a midtone of Earth Brown, Bone Shadow, or even Khaki Shadow. You can use the same highlight colors, but that cool midtone will really change the overall effect.


Also, I've found that Ashen Brown (the highlight of the Volcano Browns triad) makes a nice shadow for skin basecoated with Aged Bone -- the purple in it really shows up. I used the combo for the pallid ('ashen') skin on my Ghoul Queen and dark mermaid.


Again, solid work!



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