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Golden Demon II


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So Meg if you want to test your skills.. come to Chicago in July ;)


Just an FYI, team Denver and San Diego painters are planning to upscale GDLA quality of entries starting next year. This includes: me, Doug Jones (Slayer winner 2007), Eric Johns (EricJ at Coolminiornot), Bryce Cocanour, Torin Reed and many others. So, you're also very welcome to compete with us in LA next year :poke:



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Ok that's what I thought but I had heard otherwise. That posed some concern for me . . . as I don't want my palette limited.


How could they tell what manufactures paint you used..do a paint scrapeing and analize it? No you can pretty much use what ever manufactures paint you want on your models, whats more important is that you paint a high quality model that fits with in the Games Workshop universe if in fact your entering a GW Golden Demon


Also I think a 60 color palet is plenty enough paint to paint a winning miniature with. In fact Ive seen more than one winning entry do it with a 20 color palet or less. Don't get me wrong..I love paint..I may be one of the largest paint whores around.. Ive got more paint than any sane person should have..yet I still find my self limited to the same 20-30 color palet or even less. I know Reaper, Vallejo, P3, GW Foundry...and so on are in the business to sell paint but having 60 plus triads of paint does not make you a better painter..or one that wins contests. Some of the best painted miniatures Ive ever seen were by Derek Schubert and contained 3-4 colors.


Get this.. this summer sitting in a painting class by Jeremie Bonamant I learned how to create and paint flesh tones.. with out a single bottle of paint with the word flesh in it..it was all done by mixing paint.. amazing.. :rolleyes:


What Im trying to get at, is winning contests isnt about having the best brand of paints, using the current styles, having the ideal medium mixture or having the latest miniature releases. Its all about good painting and using the materials you ave available to their best ability.For example Scott Bowser won his first slayer sword in Baltimore with Apple Barrel Paints, what most here would conside poor quality paints.


My advice to you Meg is pick a category your most comfortable with, choose some models and talk with people whos opinions you feel matter and get the proper information to make your entry shine. Then sit down and paint.


As to what ultimately wins the day of the show..it can only be what showed up. So if you feel a winner in a certain year was of poor quality.. well thats what showed up this year. Ive always said the quality of the Golden Demons in the US began to get thinned down ad GW added more shows. If you just had one big show you wuld see a much higher level of entries. Theres only so many people who paint, divide them by that many shows and it just means a smaller turn out. One of the things we tried to do with thr whole "Team North America" and the Primarch project at Chicago Demons was to bring attention to painting and the level it could achieve in North America. And guess what It got noticed. Were already hearing about more people who want to come to Chicago next year now knowing that we intend on repeating with a new project. Many of the Team Montreal painters are now talking of coming down next year for Chicago after the success Mathieu Fontaine had and the report he returned with at how well he was welcomed and accepted at that show.. So in my opinion Chicago 2008 could very well be one of the best shows in the US in the last 10 years and I hope it brings out the best..especially many people from this list like Anne, Doug Jones, Jen and Liliana ..So Meg if you want to test your skills.. come to Chicago in July ;)


Jeff Wilhelm


You know, Jeff, sometimes I feel like I'm in the armpit of the painting universe. There are so few good painters here and so few venues to promote painting. GD Atlanta bought the farm; so much for that venue to promote painting.


I've been working with MegaCon to promote painting. It's just slow going when you've got one shot per year to do some good. It's mainly and Anime/Comics convention. It's a major undertaking to open the show up to gaming.


On the other side of the coin, there are quite a few IPMS shows in this area. Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Horror comprise the fastest growing category for IPMS shows.

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