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Warlord Sign

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I wanted to share a sign I made for my upcoming convention demo at Geek.kon in October. I made it with foamboard, cut with an Xacto knife and painted with apple barrel paints. If I remember correctly, this is 29 inches long. I do have a template I can share if anyone else is interested (and if Reaper doesn't mind), though it does take a lot of patience to cut this thing out.




Bad picture, I know... I can take better ones tomorrow if anyone wants.

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Thank you all for your replies! I'll put up the PDF tonight when I have more time. I know a lot of other BL members would like to have a nice big-ish sign for their displays, so I thought I would offer some help. I really wanted it to be a bit bigger, but sized it so it could fit on one common sheet of foamboard. I do have plans to do a general Reaper Miniatures one too for my Paint and Take, but time might not allow that to get done.


That's very impressive. I love the depth it gives.

Is it just 3 stacked layers of foamboard, each one painted a solid color?

Yep, just three layers of painted foamboard on top of each other. Simple, yet very effective.



If you would share the colors you used too that would be helpful.


I'll right it up tonight with the PDF. :)


Of course, I say this after I find out my FLGS is up for sale. Go figger. <_<

Sorry to hear that ... though, perhaps that means you should buy it. :upside:

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