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Advice on porcelain palettes


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I have a seven-well one.. it's the flatter model though. Kevin's (Rodnik) suggestion to tilt the palette is a good idea when working with larger amounts of colour.


When I paint the smaller details where I only need a little bit of paint, I usually put a few drops of paint at one end of the well and a droplet of gunk at the other and dab my brush in the gunk as I need it.


VV you are the KING of thrift! When I first started painting I bought a few of the li'l 6 well plastic ones (which I still tote to demos), but what I really wanted was one of my mom's devilled-eggs dishes. Looks like you found something even better.



As for cleaning and care, I spritz mine down with good ol' SimpleGreen when I've finished painting. Who knew the stuff was actually good for cleaning as well as stripping pewter. :lol:

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these are mine


10 wells ceramic palette




12 well round palette


Also I have & mostly use a ceramic tile as well, dried paint, just take a single edge razor blade & scrape it off with some water, cheap & easy to clean!!!


been thinking of getting a wet palette, just to try it out sometime



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