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Issues with printing out the PDF

Dragon Snack

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Has anyone else had problems printing out the Rage Chronicles?


Not only did I have problems printing it out at home, I took it to Staples to have it printed out (and bound) and THEY had problems printing it out as well.


For some reason on my home printer, it wants to print out all the pictures as a black area. This wouldn't even be that bad, except that the pages have background pictures so that all the pages with rules on them come out black. The Data Card pages printed out fine. I checked my settings for my printer and FoxIt, didn't see any way to correct the problem.


At Staples, it printed so slow that they had to give up on it. They even left it to print overnight and only got the first 5 pages.


Suggestions? Miraculous cures? Come on miraculous cures!

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I've checked all the settings again, no luck. I even tried printing out a color picture with the B&W settings and the picture comes out decent (not all black like the background and pictures in the PDF).


I ended up taking it to Office Depot and they were able to print it out for me, but they are a lot more expensive than Staples so I skipped the Data Cards and binding.


I would still like to be able to have Staples print and bind it for me, so while the issue is taken care of for the moment I'm still up for suggestions (or fixes).

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