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Very sad today


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The best part about dogs is their unconditional love, my Husky doesnt care if my hair mussed up, or im in my bathrobe at noon, she still wants to hang with me. Doesnt matter if I didnt get a chance to walk her today or spent just enough time to feed and water her, nope thats not a problem either, she still wants to hang with me, she doesnt even care if I havnt shaved for a week or didnt play ball with her yesterday, she still wants to hang with me. Dogs rule and i'll "sick her" on anyone that says otherwise :) Hope you find a new best friend that wants to hang with you real soon!

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Thanks for the support, everyone. I received an email from a breeder of Patterdale Terriers. I had emailed him about my dog:



Hello.I am very sorry to hear about your losing Robin.I know what it is to lose a loved pet.Over the years we have lost many,due to different circumstance,and you never get used to it,each time it still hurts.On our site you will see a picture of "Skeet aka VooDoo Princess".She was my sister's dog,and her daughter used to dress her up,play with her,and she went wherever my sister and her family went.She was guarding my sister from a mastiff that approached,and the mastiff broke her back,my sister and her kids were crushed.We gave them a granddaughter to Skeet,and while they love her(Daisey),she can never replace Skeet.What a lot of folks don't understand when getting a pet,is that while you enjoy many,many good times with them,it hurts terribly to lose them.Thank you for the kind words about our dogs.I hope over time you feel better,and just enjoy the fun that Robin brought you when she was with you,



I do want to remember the good times with my dog. In that spirit, here's a list of ways to know you've got it bad with your pets:


You know you've got it bad when:

... you can list numerous restaurants with verandas where you can take your dog when you eat out

... not only do you take your pet, but it gets its own entree

... the restaurant with a veranda has a menu for pets

... you know your pet's favorite toy, treat, and game, and employ this knowledge daily

... your household budget for toys, food and treats is as much as you spend on gas

... you get holiday gifts for your pet as well as family members

... your pets take your SA's place in bed, and you let them

... answering machine greetings and holiday cards include the name(s) of your pet(s)

... you refer to your pets as "kids"

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Duffers always enjoys going to PF Chang's. As long as the weather was nice outside I'd take him and we'd sit out on the porch! He'd get a small plate of my rice too while I ate.


And Duffers is my baby! See I have it bad!


I also have said I don't want kids, I want dogs for the rest of my life.

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I'm so sorry for your loss, I sympathize with you as I too lost my dog earlier this year from that tainted pet food mess. The hurt feelings will ease with time and you'll be able to look back on all the wonderful times you shared with your friend. Dogs truly are wonderful animals and we are fortunate to be able to have them in our lives.

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As much as it hurts to lose them, I will always accept it if it means having my companions in my life. I would be absolutely miserable without them. (I know because I couldn't have them when I went to college.) When the time is right, I'm sure another furball will look into your eyes and you'll be in love again. It will never be the same, but that's the thing with love. It'll be new and wonderful in new and wonderful ways. Condolences & hugs.

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