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The Dead of Knight

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The Dead of Knight

A Waterdeep side adventure


The material used in this adventure is for the sole purpose of entertainment, all Trademarks and material belong to their respective companys.


Source Books:

Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting (Wizards of the Coast Inc.)

City of Splendors Waterdeep (Wizards of the Coast Inc.)

Players Handbook v3.5 (Wizards of the Coast Inc.)

Dungeon Masters Guide v3.5 (Wizards of the Coast Inc.)

Monster Manual I v3.5 (Wizards of the Coast Inc.)

Monster Manual II (Wizards of the Coast Inc.)

Knight of the Living Dead (Catacombs Books & Wizards of the Coast Inc.)

Magic Item Compendium (Wizards of the Coast Inc.)

Complete Adventurer (Wizards of the Coast Inc.)

Complete Warrior (Wizards of the Coast Inc.)






The Cast:

Spike: Kurith (Half-Orc, Barbarian3/Ftr1)

Styates: Eligos Cain (Tiefling, Sorcerer of Thay)

Shakandara Tempest (Air Genasi, Wizard)

Qwyksilver: Rothgar Darkdelver (Dwarf, Scout3/Fighter1)

Unglef: Darius Gamor (Human, Ranger of Silvanus: Animal Companion: Horse (Gordon))




Quintilas Duskwander


Game Info:

Game Weekly Post Schedule: Tuesday's & Friday's


opening post to follow...

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The Dead of Knight



you are just walking along the High Road on route to your destination, the storm has been pretty fierce with all the jazzed lights dancing about in the heavens and your ears following the roll of thunder that followed. All of sudden, like a door had been shut, the storm halted.


Up ahead, judging for there respective sizes you spot what looks like a human and a dwarf talking just outside of the Dwarven establishment called the Underdark.


Just a bit further beyond them you notice a thick bank of fog just starting to arise, no that’s not correct you think to yourself, it not just rising, as its seems to be rolling and filtering in everywhere as it moves along. You look about and notice that the strange fog has already spread as far as your eyes can see, within every moment your visual range is becomes more hindered as the fog continues to rise and looms ever closer. You notice silhouettes just coming into view within the fog at the extend of your vision. You’ve heard rumors or tales of things like this happening and have always dismissed them as the teller of the tale just over exaggerating. But in all those rumors one thing was constant, the events always bore with it bad consequences for all those around, which you only now come to believe as true, as a shiver runs its course throughout your body.


You start taking a few steps backwards then turn with the intent on heading in the direction of the pair of humanoids you spotted over by the Underdark. As you come about you see that the fog has just started to overtake the human and his dwarven companion. You start to rush forward, then you see the dwarf drop to the ground like a log, The human is to late in reacting to catch the dwarf as he was just looking over at you as you approached.


Now that you are closer you see that its not a human after all, but a wood elf, a half-wood elf from his features. He looks about as you previously did and then quickly drops to one knee, you see him check the dwarf for a pulse.


He looks up to you, you note he glances beyond you, his eyes tell you all that you need to know without having to look back again yourself.


“Quick!, lets get him inside, give me a hand” the half-elf exclaims.


Figuring inside is much better than being outside you quickly assist in dragging the dwarf down into the Underdark. Once you have entered the tavern you look back up the stairs and see several figures along the top. Not wanting to see anymore of them than you care to, you slam the door and bolt it shut. In a few moments you hear the collision of bodies against the door. Your turn to ask the half-elf what his next course of action is, only to see him darting to a door in the back alongside the bar. You look about and see that the fog as filtered in here as well. The fog is really thick for about 2ft off the floor, but you can see bodies lying about, likely the patrons you figure as you note several spills tankards on the tables and several toppled chairs from where they had been sitting.


Note: Shakandara, please hold your post till after my next post as the events above are taking place simultaneously with the other players. Basically this is a single partial reaction event for them, and your just one round behind. Though your welcome and encouraged to post a sort of intro leading to the above events were you encounter Quintilas.



Inside the Banquet room…

Everyone is enjoying themselves in the free meal provide by the host who has delayed in returning, you are all collating the info you have and getting a feel for one another, introductions are made and so forth.


Let start this off with everybody making a Listen DC15 check. Second I’ll need for everyone to make a Spot DC20 check, Rein DC15 since your sitting on the floor.



You are enjoying yourself, the food is quite delicious, the slap that you expected never comes, “Odd” you think, but are content none the less to accept the bit of good fortune not to have Brundha annoyed with you. As you tilted your tankard to your lips you see a pair of dwarves a couple tables over (A2 & B3) whom have been drinking quite heavily (you eye a couple of purple bottles and a few more tankards still on the table) topple over.


A moment later you hear a crash from behind the bar. Could be that old butterfingers Bellrose dropped whatever he was doing and is currently picking it up because you don’t see him when you look over that way. As you place another spoonful of food in your mouth and start chomping away you note the tavern as become oddly quiet!


note: Everyone participating automatically succeeds on a private GM game check, everyone not participating automatically fails and falls over unconscious either onto the table or the floor. Late players to read this that want in will simply wake up and join in.


Listen Check Spoiler DC15 required


Spot Check Spoiler DC20 required (Rein DC15)


Tavern map:

Tempest you are currently on C1 after my next post

Rothgar you are currently at B7 (vigorously enjoying your meal)

Toldin you are currently at H9 (getting more booze from stock room)

Rein you are currently at F10

Darius you are currently at D10

Kurith you are currently at E10

Eligos you are currently at E8

Vargos you are currently at D8


C9 and F9 is where Thor and Dagan were previously sitting.

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Eligos appears to enjoy the company of the others and is quite lively throughout the conversation, although the astute observer may note that he only talks about his time here in Waterdeep and doesn't delve too deeply into anything further back into his past. During the course of the evening, he also has produced several entertaining parlor tricks to help keep spirits high.


Listen check: 3 Spot check: 8, apparently being the center of attention has taken over his awareness of anything else!

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{Screen-captured map image update}


Brundha fetches Kurith her coffee with astounding quickness, as though she already knows that Kurith has become bored enough to actually seek or start trouble in a roomful of dwarves. Somewhat disappointed, Kurith takes the mug of steaming dark-roasted coffee and returns to the back room.


The others have by now engaged themselves in lively conversation, and still there is no indication that the formailities are anywhere near ready to commence. She takes her seat at Darius' left and helps herself to another chunk of bread. To her left, the monk remains sitting on the floor.


The coffee is very strong, much to her liking. Two good swallows seem to bring the room into a sharper focus, and for the first time, Kurith takes notice of just how bad the weather outside sounds. She is about to comment on how she hopes the dwarves might allow her and the others to stay in their inn the night, ... but has the sobering recollection that she has yet to be given any real reason to trust Thor or his relations, even for something as simple as lodging.

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You continue to wonder what could be going on or what has caused your host to be delayed so long, he was not long ago saying “Com’s letz getz dis meetin on!” before you all headed back down into the tavern, thinking he would be trailing right behind you all. You note that two members previously present are not in attendance, the human named Dagan and the half-elf Quintilas. You feel as if perhaps they may be the reason for the delay.


A fine mist had entered and began to weave about the room and has now started to thicken, wisps of its smoky vapors start to rise. You instinctively wave your hands about your face as you feel its sensation about you like an annoying fly. You glance over to one of your fellow companions and see that they are in a similar predicament. A bewildered look comes across each of you, as each can now clearly see what is disturbing the others in the room.


You see streams of vapor filter up and snake into the nostrils, while two strand of the opaque fumes twist and curl, you could swear they look as if they‘ve taken on the shape of two undead fingers, then they seep into the eyes, as you see this happening to your companions you realize it must be happening to you as well because of the dreadful glare you are receiving in turn.


An engrossing feeling washes through you, followed by several moments of uneasiness as your skin starts to crawl with an eerie sensation, then unexpectedly it fades away, leaving you as if you’ve just awaken from a horrid nightmare. The experience has ignited your blood and has left you with the vigor of one who’s had a full nights rest. The sort of restful sleep that folks commonly can be heard saying “I was dead asleep or I slept like the dead”. You gain any benefits you normally receive from a full nights rest. The spellcasters in the group feel their minds expanding with a sense of vigorous renewal and aptitude. The fabric of magic itself become like putty to you, and the threads of magical energies that your mind is accustomed to erupt to life. Your mind is exposed to a reservoir of magical energy. You know if you chose to you can effortlessly mold the magical energies to any spell within the circles of magic you have obtained.


All spellcasters may memorize spells as normal instantaneously, you also may opt to leave current spells in place (meaning those spell slots are used up as normal). Finally you have the opportunity to replace any spells with another spell of the same level or lower, this change is permanent. Replacing a spell that you currently have in effect causes said spell to expire.


Suddenly the door to the banquet room swings open. In rushes the familiar half-elf that was amongst your group earlier. A distress look is clearly visible upon his face, before anyone can utter a word he starts to speak.


Indicating with one hand pointing in the direction from which he came he say “Outsiiii…”. The short phrase is all that escapes his mouth as you see his eyes roll up into his head as he spins a bit and goes crashing onto the banquet table. Nearly everything that’s on the left side of the table goes flying, then Quintilas slides off the table and slumps to the ground, hitting his skull in the process against the chair that occupies the head of the table.


You hear the evident sound of wood splintering apart then a crash coming from the main tavern room.


Need a Spot Check DC20 (highlight black field below for spoiler)

As you look about you observe that the fog is seeping underneath the wall on the far upper left side of the room, while bits of the gloomy wisps float up along its surface revealing what was once a very well hidden thin outline!

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Kurith soon notices the thin white mist moving across the floor, but thinks little of it at first. Such fog was not completely uncommon after a rain, but usually only happeneed during the hotter months. As it begins to take form and climb upward toward the faces of the others gathered in the room, Kurith becomes worried. Several suspicions pass quickly through her mind, most of which involve dwarven magic and treachery. She is about to grab her own belongings and save herself from whatever might be in store when a strange sensation overtakes her. For a moment she is reminded of how it felt when she was a very small child and ate a fistful of what her mother called akar-wahyu, or dreaming-root.


But the ordeal ends as quickly as it began, and Kurith feels as though she has slept an entire day in the passing of one moment. Her aches and pains are all but gone, and the sudden clarity of her perception is almost disconcerting.


Just as she is trying to come to terms with what is happening to her, Quintilas comes rushing through the door in a state of visible panic. "Outsiiii...", is all he can manage to say before he is overcome by some unseen force and collapses. From the main hall of the tavern comes the sound of smashing wood.


Kurith quickly re-equips herself, even though the low ceiling makes it difficult. Somehow she suspects that her sword and assorted daggers might soon be needed. Lastly she grabs her axe in-hand and heads for the door.


Spot check with modifier (1d20+4=11)


".. danm dwarfs..", she growls through clenched teeth, suspecting that this is somehow part of Thor's plan.

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Grabbing a chair from a nearby table and wedging it behind the handle of the door to further block entrance, Tempest then follows the half-elf's path, crossing the room. As she does, she casts a sidelong glance at the seated dwarf... Don't just sit there with your drink in your hand, MOVE! she thinks to herself. Reaching the doorway to the banquet room, and seeing the fallen elf and the gathered group, she immediately addresses them. "Do you know of another exit from this place? I think we'd best make haste; there is... 'company' at the door." Her face is impassive, but a hint of fear in her voice belies her true concern.


[standard Action: pick up chair from D1 and wedge behind door. Movement Action: cross from C1 to C7 (single move of 30'). Free Action: address party. If in my haste to reach this room, I still have the opportunity to make the Spot check, then DC 20 Spot Check (1d20+7=21).]



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It as almost all Kurith can do to keep from crashing into the mysterious blue-skinned female creature entering the room.


"Do you know of another exit from this place? I think we'd best make haste; there is... 'company' at the door." Her face is impassive, but a hint of fear in her voice belies her true concern.


"I don't know 'bout no other ways outta here, an' I'd not trust no dwarf to tell us if there was.", Kurith says to the lady, taking an apprehensive backstep away from the strange being.


Moving Map Updated!

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In the midst of a complicated coin and card trick, Eligos doesn't notice the strange mist until it's too late. It gets a hold of him and he blacks out for a moment. When he awakens, he has the feeling that something horrible has happened (or tried to happen anyway) along with the strangest sensation of being re-energized.


Quintilas' entrance startles him out of his stupor and the elf's collapse jolts him into action. Eligos rushes over to see if there is anything that he can do to render aid (not that he has too much of a clue with that sort of thing.)




As Eligos is either COMPLETELY oblivious, drunk or in a coma, he miserably failed another Spot check (1d20+1=6)

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Tempest is equally surprised to find the rather large half-orc woman immediately in front of her, especially considering the Underdark's reputation as a dwarven drinking establishment. Nonetheless, this startling discovery does not prevent her eyes from flicking about the room quickly...



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CRASH!.., The heavy wooden door could bear no more against the repetitive onslaught, in a volcanic rupture it spewed pieces of itself across the now seemingly dead tavern, every piece echoing as it struck against the wall or furnishing, all that it would ever be good for now was kindling.




From time well spent at the Sailor’s Corner no doubt, your feet are already moving as you easily discern the sound of splintering wood. You brush past the ranger on your right who seems oddly calm and unresponsive considering the current events. The constant waiting your host has put you through this evening as worn your patience wirily thin. You welcome the opportunity to vent your built up frustration on whatever has distraught the half-elf. You smile a toothy grin as you privately hope that this is all some insane plot of Thor’s, you envision yourself breaking his smudge dwarven jaw. You move up to the doorway where upon you nearly smack right into bluish skinned being looking for an alternate exit.


You look into the main tavern room, the scene is unexpected, you see the shadowy forms of several figures sprawled all across the tavern floor, you watch as a dwarf to your right wobbles for a moment then topples over, his fall disturbs the shifting fog then it rebounds back over his still form. You’ve never seen a fog quite like this, being around the docks you’ve seen your share of fogs get pretty thick, but that wasn’t it, nope, the problem here was in how the damnable thing shifted about. You noted how quickly the dwarfs form was nearly concealed under it murky waves. From your estimation the thickest parts of the fogs height ranged up to the knee or the thigh of a normal sized human male.


You have a few choice words with the bluish skinned creature when abruptly you hear the final moans of the main door. You watch as a small horde of creature dash through the opening, they flip over the first two tables in their path (tables in C-E range). Two of the creatures scatter, and even though you’ve lost sight of them because of their relatively small height you determine from the noise of other tables being thrown about that they’re headed in the general direction of the bar or towards the other side of the tavern.


You can’t believe your eyes. Where there was a table, now stand a pair of undead goblins (C2 & D2), they look brazenly around as if not noticing you, then they look your way. Most of their flesh has long fallen away leaving its skeletal frame to support its worn tattered armor, they both carry warped round shields which bear a painted insignia of sorts, though not clearly visible from your angle, added to that they’re faded and dirty.


Though rusty and pitted each carries a weapon as it did in life. The one on the left wields a morningstar, while its counterpart wields a scimitar. They each take a couple short step towards you (5ft, C3 & D3) and stare at you with pinpoints of red lights that smolder in empty sockets, as if not knowing what to make of you.


Then the stench of death and decay reaches you, looking past the undead goblins you see the form of another creature making an awkward entrance as you did due to your size. (We’ll say its still in B1 since it hasn’t entered the tavern and you can’t see it yet)




your quick thinking bought you the time you needed to dash across the room, all but a lone dwarf remained upright in his chair, as you passed him by you could see from the blank stare that the lights were on, but no one was home!


You were already asking for an alternate exit as you reached the archway of the room the half-elf had entered when you nearly collided with a none to happy female half-orc that moved right into your path, or was it the other way round? A quick moment to exchange a few words passed before the main door to the tavern finally gives way. You already know that in less than the span of another heartbeat, that unwanted and uninvited guests would be making their way through the Underdark’s ruined threshold. Not particularly keen or caring to go back the way you came you glance past the half-orc looking for another exit yourself. The very same accursed mist that drove you down into this hell of a dwarven tomb now reveals to you a possible means of a way out! Along the left side further into the room you could scarcely make out the mist ebbing through the wall, perhaps it’s a blessing that your bloods flows with the essence of an air elemental that it granted you the ability to note such things. Regardless of how, you do know one thing, unless that section of the room is alive your pretty darn certain that there’s another room behind it, of course one question lingers in your mind, how do you open the apparent hidden way? Tempest, since spotting the ebbing mist coincided with this post, if you planned on informing the others of your findings you may chose to have done so at the end of the last round (same as top of this round), so regardless of the posting order they would be aware of it.


Kurith and Tempest Listen Check DC15


You can detect two distinct moans coming from the main doorway entrance of the tavern.

(highlight black field on a successful check or for spoiler)




Your card trick forgotten as you came to, the ace of spades rested in your hand, though you never gave it a second thought as you got up. You move past the paladin on your left. He’s lying with his upper torso across the large wooden table, your first thought is that he’ll come to at any moment as you did. You try and take a quick glance into the main tavern room but Kurith is blocking the exit, though you are able make out the female form of a Air Genasi that stands in front of her (being a Sorcerer and a native outsider yourself, it seemed to fit that you would recognize her race). You easily reach and stand over the half-elf, you can’t really see him but can make out his form through the murky fog. You quickly contemplate whether you actually want to kneel down into the stuff, you conclude that you have already overcome any ill effects or you would have succumbed to it by now, well you hope anyways as you go down on one knee. You heft the half-elf up a bit and cradle him against you. Its no task at all to find a big lump on his skull, you slap or shaken him to see if you can get him to come to with no success. You react to the sound of metal crashing against stone from behind you. You look and the young paladin is absent from his seat, you watch as he is quickly consumed within the fog. You turn and look up at the ranger perhaps to ask for aid. The vacant look in his eyes quickly tell you that he’ll be of no help at all. You note that he too is about collapse, but what can you do, you have the half-elf resting up against you.




You grab the crowbar lying atop the crate and proceed to open it


DC20 Spot Check to notice the mist moving in around you


you sort of go into a daydream state then snap out of it (so there's no noticing anything until the door crashes in, Listen Check below)


DC15 Listen Check to hear door crash open, then at the end of the round you hear the ruckus above



From above through the rafters the sounds of breaking furniture and other activity can be heard as if the place is being ransacked?


Everyone gets a free round in which to act

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<last round> "There! a hidden door!" Tempest points frantically at the corner of the room where the mist seeps through cracks in the wall.</last round>


DC 15 Listen Check (1d20+4=24)


Tempest curses softly to herself as she mentally reviews her spells; of course this couldn't be easy... "Close and barricade this damn door if we're going to have any chance," she says as she slips past the half-orc. Tempest makes her way to the section of the wall that appears to be a secret door, producing Ingot from a pouch as she does. Help me find the door, my little friend, she mentally commands. Tempest and Ingot begin searching the wall together for some means of opening it, Tempest cursing the fact that the half elf is passed out and of no help.


[Move action: move from C7 to C10, producing Ingot from familiar pouch while moving. Free action: address Kurith to block the door, address Ingot to help search. Standard Action: search 10' area that includes C9, C10, D9 and D10 for a means to open the secret door in the wall between C10 and B10. Tempest's Search check, unknown DC (1d20+8=25), Ingot's Search check, unknown DC (1d20+3-2=20).]



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Noticing that the others are all dropping like flies and realizing that there is nothing that he can do for the half-elf, Eligos gently lowers Quintalas to the floor and heads towards the genasi to see if he can be of assistance. "How may I be of aid, m'lady," he asks quietly.

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Clearly not accustomed to being addressed as "m'lady", it takes a second for Tempest to register that the soft-spoken voice is directed at her. With barely a glance towards the door the half orc stands in front of, she states, "if you can't open this hidden door, go help the she-orc."



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Listen check plus modifier [4,7] = (11)


Kurith intially watches in disbelief as it becomes apparent that the fog has brought with it undead goblins. She looks around the room, knowing that there are more than just the two that she can see, but the fog is quite thick and is deep enough to virtually conceal a goblin. She grips her axe, but in doing so recalls a very important detail, that being the low ceiling. Having to fight them all while bent over like she was would place her at a disadvantage even if she could see all of them.


Behind her, Kurith can hear the blue-skinned creature tall her to close and barracade the door.


"Help me with this table.", Kurith says to Eligos as she quickly closes and bars the door (if the door can be barred from within). Whether the teiffling gives any assistance or not, Kurith pushes the chairs out of the way and begins pushing the table toward the door to reinforce it against the goblin menace.


Strength check to barracade door - DC unknown (1d20+5=20)

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