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The Dead of Knight

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To Kurith's questions about finding the remaining staff pieces the knight holds up the shrunken head. To her last question it shrugs its shoulders.

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"Fine... so lead the way before I change my stinkin' mind about following ya."


Then Kurith recalls something from the dream about the head.


"You know what magic things do, right?", she asks the head and points at the sackful of stuff. "You knew what that gold rod was..so how'bout tellin' me what this other stuff does."


Kurith points at the door to the Underdark Inn.


"We can go there where ain't so many un-..umm...so many half-elfs with rapiers walkin' round. Then we can maybe go find that other piece o' staff you sez is in the South Ward.

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Undead Knight…

The knight tilts its head slightly to the left as if thinking over your suggestion, then it nods yes, then it follows you towards the inn.


”you thinking of having a spot of tea while your in there as well, eh? Don’t worry, I’m confident the city won’t go into ruin while you and your sweetheart get better acquainted. Besides, I bet the other undead looking for the staff are also taking time out for a luncheon with friends. Are you inviting others as well or is this a private function?” the weasel rattles on as you two make your way to the inn


”if this is what it’ll take to have her come along then so be it. A bit of time waste here and now could well save us lots of time later. The lich said by midnight tonight, that leave twelve hours remaining to find the staff pieces. That’s roughly one hour available per piece and we already have the gold piece” the knight replies


”you mean she has the gold piece don’t you” the weasel quickly restates


”alright already, she has it, ok, happy now?” the knight replies


”I’ve seen better days.” the weasel says with another of it’s irritating jibes


”besides, Abraxa said that Haurrant’s servants have likely found some of the staff pieces already, so we’ll look about and hope for the best.” the knight adds




On your way to the inn the undead knight’s thoughts fall onto the lich Haurrant, you feel a jolt to your psyche as a memory enters your mind. Afterwards you realize that it wasn’t one of your own memories but that of the knight’s. It would seem there is still some residue connection between you. Though the knight also recalled this memory, it is otherwise unaware of this unique experience that you share with it.



Memory Trace...

You ventured down beneath the ruins of an ancient castle, seeking what? A beautiful woman beside you, wearing a medallion with the sign of a gauntlet. Others behind, a muscular thug, a bearded man in robes, and a short, silent one, barefoot, dim in the shadows. They're dead now. Haurrant.., Haurrant killed them!


Tall, skeletal, dressed in ocher robes, a gold headband circling a misshapen skull, ruby and emerald rings on withered fingers. You remember Haurrant. The lich incanted a spell, gesturing broadly over you while you looked up, helpless and tired. Where? What was the spell?


Then the memory slips away.



DM Question: What entrance into the Underdark are you taking, down into the basement level or first floor?

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"No..not that one..this'un here!", Kurith yells to the undead knight as he starts for the door to the upper level. "There's a secret room where can't nobody bother us. You just can't stand up too good down there."


Once in the little room, Kurith will empty the bag onto the table, asking first about the various things that can be worn, then the weapons, then the stones/gems, then potions..and then anything left.

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You lead the way down into the Underdark tavern with the knight trailing behind. An odd feeling crosses you as you hadn’t expected to return to this place so soon, well at least not till Thor Irongullet was back on his feet so that you could punch him in his mother loving mug and send him sprawling back onto the floor.


Once more you go through the process of opening the door to the hidden room. The door glides silently open and you reclose the hatch on the wall then begin to move to the entrance…


Kurith DC20 Listen check..

Before you move to the hidden room entrance you hear an odd noise, like a low moan or snarl, coming from within the hidden room.

Read upon Successful check or Spoiler (roll made by DM, see below)


Once Kurith moves in front of the hidden door she finds herself being attacked by a creature that leaps onto her, biting and clawing at her flesh. It’s a Ghoul! In that instant she realizes that this is likely the very same ghoul she saw entering the Underdark earlier. Kurith only now recalls that she had never shut the trapdoor that led into the bedchamber above the hidden room!


The ghoul sinks its teeth into Kurith’s right shoulder, it pulls back and its jaws are covered in blood.



Coordinates & Initiative Order

Kurith = C10; Init 19 (deduct 2 if not carrying Darius bow)

Ghoul = B10; Init 18

Knight = C8; Init 6


Kurith’s Listen check = 11

Ghoul’s Bite attack = AC14; Damage =

Read for Damage Spoiler

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The ghoul's advantage of surprise is short-lived however. Kurith, with her axe already in hand, dispatches it with a single blow to its chest. Ghoul-juice goes everywhere, even so far as to besplatter a few of Irongullet's little enterprise who had succumbed to the strange mist the night before.


After that, Kurith nonchalantly dislodges her axe from the ghoul's chest cavity and stands it in the corner. Quickly she moves over to the ladder and closes the trap door.


"Makes us even, don't it.", she tells the undead knight with a wry grin. "Get in here 'fore another one comes."


Once everybody is inside the small room and the door is closed, Kurith empties the entire contents of her sack, her pack and even her pockets onto the table, casually sorting them out by type. Smaller weaponry goes in a pile in one corner. Items that can be worn go to another corner, coins, gems and stones go in the middle, and the various bandoleers of potions in what space remains.


"Most of it's magic, but I dunno what it does", she informs the head, and as an afterthought thinks to ask, "You got a name? Can't call ya Mister Head." Kurith recalls the head once belonging to that lich, and still feels somewhat suspicious of its involvement in the quest for bits of the staff. Still, she gives it the chance to earn some trust because her other options are nonexistent.


"Oh..and there's my axe...an' the boots... an' this dagger... an' these snakey-bracers...an' these gloves....", Kurith rattles off the list of magical stuff that is on her personage. "... but the rest of what I got on's jus' stuff I had.. ..nothin' magic."

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If an item is not listed below the shrunken head says “Znogood” (unless I missed something?)


The Cerebricule will sniff every item presented to it (with the knight’s constent), it will state the items name, also a recent history of item (though I’m not including histories for the items, but Kurith will learn that said items have been gathered by Thor Irongullet for his behind the scene black-market magic items shop. I’m not saying that Thor is a cutthroat, just that this second occupation is not publically known.)


Leather backpack:

“allow’z perzon to carry many more itemz” (Heward's Handy Haversack DMG259).


Clear Tankard:

“tellz the type of liquid poured into it, such as poison, holy water and so forth, alzo ztrength of liguid” (Testing Chalice A&EG137)


The ledger:

“makez pagez in book and keepz information neat and organized, gift from wizard Elimister” (DM Item)


Silver ring and Rod:

“Itemz work together to open zmall dimenzional pocketz” (DM Item)


Pearl tipped wand:

“identifize maaagic itemz in one minute, three chargez remainz” (DM Item, same as identify spell but does so in one minute)


Gold tipped wand:

“detectz maaagic, one charge remainz” (Standard Detect Magic wand)


Metal tipped pen-quill and ink bottle:

“increasez chance of writing forgeriez, and remembers up to three different typez of handwriting” (Combination of Stylus of Masterful Hand CAdv136 and Wondrous Writing Set OA142).



“Holdz many itemz” (Bag of Holding type II DMG248)


Spider design cloak:

”Letz wearer climb like spider, castz holdz perzon zpell 1/day, and increasez resistance against poizon” (White Cloak of the Spider MIC148, MagFR167)


A small ornate curios box (looks like small chest): “Znogood”, Looking inside Kurith finds several Ioun Stone (DMG260)


Ioun Stone, Clear [spindle]: no need for food or water

Ioun Stone, Dark Blue [Rhomboid]: Alertness feat

Ioun Stone, Dusty Rose [Prism]: +1AC insight bonus

Ioun Stone, Dark Gray [Prism]: Resistance +1

Ioun Stone, Iridescent [spindle]: sustains a creature without air

Ioun Stone, Orange [Prism]: +1 caster level

Ioun Stone, Vibrant Purple [Prism]: 3 spell levels


5 Rings:

Ivory Ring: (carved to resemble a snarling cat’s face):

“automatically castz Healz zpell if dying, May inztead expend charge if overcome by zpell and zuch (meaning upon a failed save you may instead expend a charge to succeed on the save), one charge remainz” (Nine Lives: MagFR146)


Platinum ring:

“castz Light zpell at will”: (Bright Evening Star WoL40)


Gold Ring:

“Allowz wearer to move about without constraintz (Freedom of Movement DMG232)


Bone Ring:

“preventz energy drain and ability drain, two chargez remainz” (Bone Ring GW67)


Tarnished Silver Ring: inscribed with images of closed eyes:

“wearer of the ring is invizible to darkvizion” (The Darkhidden MagFR146)


Metal amulet, shaped like a dragon’s skull:

“Uzer and up to two otherz creaturez touching the talizman become invizible to undead for 30 minutez, can uze 3/day.” (Dragonskull Talisman MagFR157)


Small pin, shaped like a harp:

“makez wearer immune to detect thoughtz, dizcern liez and any attempt to magically dizcern alignment” (Harper Pin, lesser MagFR159, functions as Ring of Mind Shielding DMG232)


Smooth hemispherical stone:

“wearer is better able to focuz mind and memory, allowz to better remember information. (In game terms, this results in a +2 competence bonus on all Knowledge skill checks), alzo functionz as a zpellbook” (Kiira MagFR162)


Silver pendant, in the form of Unicorn’s head:

“Zymbol of Lurue, unicorn deity of talking beastz. Wearer can cure moderate woundz and neutralize poizon 1/day. Increasez a paladinz lay on hands ability.” (Unicorn Pendant MagFR166)


Bone colored mask, shaped like a skull, painted black around the eyes:

“makes wearer head look like zkeleton. Increasez reziztance againzt diseaze, fear, and paralysiz, and makez immune to energy drain attackz. Zee thingz as undead do.” (White Skull Mask MagFR167) Items Name and Reference Source


A copper chain with six coin sized copper scales:

“touching one of the zcales, zpeak “tutamen” and you gain endure elements (acid) for 24 hourz” (Necklace of Copper Dragon Scales MagFR164)


A pair of leather bound armguards:

“Crafted from the zcaly red hide of a large reptile. grantz minor reziztance to fire and toughenz zkin (Crimson Dragonhide Bracers MIC90)


A pair of gold wristbands:

“createz invizible tangible field of force around wearer, makez more difficult to be hurt” (Bracers of Armor +2 DMG250).


A pair of steel armbands: Each of these steel bracers bears the image of a stacked pair of daggers pointed in opposite directions.

“twice per day free attack againzt zomeone who attackz you and missez” (Counterstrike Bracers MIComp90)


Silver circlet, has a diamond centerpiece:

“rezt on forehead, cazt detect Undead at will” (Diamond Eye Circlet CW70)


Leather circlet, has a silver headpiece: shows crescent moons on either side of a seven-pointed star.

“increasez zpellcazter focuz (+2 competence bonus on Concentration checks). Alzo expend chargez to avoid losing zpell, haz three chargez (Circlet of the Mages: MIComp86)


1 charge: Retain a spell of up to 1st level.

2 charges: Retain a spell of up to 2nd level.

3 charges: Retain a spell of up to 3rd level.


A pair of fine leather gloves

“allowz wearer to figthz more effectively with two weaponz” (Gloves of the Balanced Hands MIC105)


A iron wrought gauntlet:

“createz invizible tangible field of force around wearer, makez more difficult to be hurt, Once every three dayz wearer can cazt magic mizzile zpell Alzo once every three dayz, wearer can make bowerful attack (melee touch attack), doez force damage and can stun and knockdown target.” (also can use the gauntlet once to automatically get a result of 50 on a single Strength check. Using this power makes the gauntlet crumble to dust.) (Gauntlet of Fury MagFR158)


A black gauntlet of sturdy black leather, has two large green gems mounted on the back that resemble staring eyes:

“Letz wearer zee in dark out to zixty feet, gemz can glow with a light zpell once per day. Doez not interfere with zpellcasting.” (Xvim’s Green-Eyed Gauntlet MagFR168):


A circlet of serpentine stone: carved to resemble a septet of intertwined snakes, each devouring the tail of another. The serpents’ eyes are tiny emeralds, and silver filigree sets off each snake’s individual scales.

“wearer of the circlet can use charm zerpents and cazt true ztrike once per day each, and mage hand and open/close at will (range 25 feet for both) (Circlet of Seven Serpents SK153)


three small lusterless black sphere: The surface of these sphere are graven with a pair of fangs. The user can throw them up to 60ft with no range penalties.

“touched fingerz simultaneously (a free action) on fangz to active just before hurling, upon sharp impact it burstz, tranzforming into eight Tiny Viperz that attack nearezt living creaturez other than thrower.” (Fang Bead SK153)


a pair of small serpent figurines:

“Drainz blood from wearer to function, allowz wearer to castz zpell without chance of falure if wearing light armor” (DM Item)


a thick gold coin: This yuan-ti device resembles a thick, heavy gold coin about 2 inches in diameter. One side of it is usually graven with numerals and a device such as a crown, a monarch’s head, or the arms or badge of a country. The other side, however, is a jet-black, glossy serpent’s eye. The last Yuan-ti that touched the Eye is aware of the first person touching it.” (Eye of Sseth SK153)


a dagger:

“once per day temporarily tranzformz blade into a zmall viper.” (wielder uses his own attack bonus or that of the viper, whichever is higher, when making an attack with the transformed weapon. The damage dealt is always equivalent to the base damage for the bite attack of the appropriate kind of viper, plus the weapon’s enhancement bonus and any other applicable modifiers. A successful attack also delivers the viper’s poison. When thus transformed, viper weapons are always treated as piercing weapons.) (Viper Dagger +2 MagFR145)


Greenish-brownish-blackish pile of folded leather:

“Made from the hide of an ophidian, thiz armor is common only in human communitiez near the Zerpent Hillz. Chameleon leather retainz some of the ophidian’z color-changing capacity, granting wearer an increaze chance to Hide.” (Chameleon Leather armor +2 SK148)


The Cerebricule also tells you that the Chameleon Leather along with the assortment of items that was with it belonged to a rogue spellcaster that met his end on an adventure when he was ambushed by a pair of serpentfolk in the Serpent Kingdoms.


A single quarrel:

“turnz into lighting bolt when fired” (Stormbolt 5d6 lightning bolt, DC14)


Small pile of four neatly folded garments

Garment 1: “increasez chance to openz lockz and ezcape holdz” (Vest of Escape DMG268: +4 open locks and +6 to escape checks)

Garment 2: “givez wearer temporary increazed life” (Vest of False Life S&F77: +10hps)

Garment 3: “makez wearer more rezilent to zpells and other effectz” (Vest of Resistance +1 CA150: +1 Saves)

Garment 4: “makez wearer zkin tougher” (Vestment of Natural Armor +2 DMG246: +2AC)


A normal sized pair of traveling boots (worn by Kurith):

“bootz increaze wearer’z zpeed. Once per day wearer may double zpeed for five minutez. Once per tenday, can cazt find the path zpell”. (Shaundakul’s Boots MagFR165)


2ft rod (don’t recall if kurith took this): This iron-shod oaken rod is blackened and weathered, yet sturdy.

“itemz crafted from wood exposed to the Negative Energy Plane, (functions as +1 heavy mace). Attackz alzo inflicts negative energy damage (1d8+5 damage; Will DC 11 half. If you score a critical hit with the rod, the creature is instead subjected to an inflict serious wounds effect (3d8+15 damage; Will DC 14 half). Increasez in power when in minor or major negative-dominant plane.” (Rod Of Enervating Strike MIC57)


Backpack Contents:

Potions and Oils: All labeled (some items may have already been used)

Three Cure Light Wounds: “Healz woundz”


Two Cure Moderate Wounds “Healz woundz better”


Elixir of Hiding “allowz better chance to hide”


Elixir of Sneaking “allowz better chance to move quietly”


Beetle Elixir: “makez zkin tougher and allowz perzon to zee in dark”


Camouflage Paint (Jar): 3in diameter and 1in deep. 5 applications. “zpread acrozz face, changez color of zkin, clothing, and gear to that of zurroundingz, increaez chance hiding for two hourz.”


Elixir of Flaming Fist: “makez fizt erupt with fire for three minutez”


Healing Salve (Jar): 3in diameter and 2in deep, 10 applications, “curez injuriez, the thicker itz applied the more effective it is” (1-3 layers, cures 1d8+1, 2d8+3, 3d8+5 respectively)


Porcupine Elixir: “toughenz zkin and can cause injury with quills when grappling, last one hour”


Keoghtom`s Ointment (Jar): 3in diameter and 1in deep, 5 applications “removez poison and disease, curez woundz”


Salve of Minor Spell Resistance (Jar): “providez reziztance againzt maagic for five minutez”


Gold tipped Wand: “detectz maaagic, one charge remainz” (standard Wand of Detect Magic)


Leather belt, bears a platinum buckle set with three small black pearls: “helpz avoid being caught off guard in combat and allowz occasional burstz of extra activity. Alwayz allowz you to react quicker in battle (+2 competence bonus on initiative checks).Belt has three chargez, renewed each dawn, each charge letz you do more in combat” (Belt of Battle MIC73)


1 charge: 1 move action.

2 charges: 1 standard action.

3 charges: 1 full-round action.


Spending 1 or more charges grants you an extra action, which must be taken immediately (before you take any other action)

Each time you activate the belt, one of the black pearls set into its buckle turns white. The pearls return to normal when it’s recharged anew


Piece of Amethyst, carved in the shape of a dragon scale, foggy images of runes swirls within: “allows sorcerers access to a spell level for which this item was crafted for, functionz once per day” (Memento Magica MIC!64)


Fist-sized chunk of un-worked stone: “item comez in pairz. Once per day, the bearer of each stone can zend a message (as the sending spell) to the bearer of the other ztone. If a ztone's mate is not in a creature'z pozzezzion, no mezzage is zent and you knowz the communication haz failed.” (Sending Stone MIC184)


A shiny black leather shirt bears small golden sun and skull emblems around the collar, shoulders and cuffs.:” when activated, you gain benefit of hide from undead zpell at will, undead cannot rezist effect.” (Shirt of Wrath Stalking MIC216)


Waterskin, unremarkable, looks to be made from camel hide: “refillz with water every few hourz” (1d4hrs) (Replenishing Skin Sand135)


50’ Rope, has slight pungent odor, feels rubbery and has a complex knot at one end:

“Once per day the rope can be commanded to grow up to 350ft in length. Any length beyond the original 50 feet decays into nothingness after seven hours. If the large knot is ever untied or cut open, the rope’s magic is destroyed.” (Troll Gut Rope MagFR166)


Small stone: “zpeaking ztone, allowz for communication between different beingz, recent gift from wizard Elimister”


Thor Irongullet’s Dagger: “minor enchantment, eazier to hit enemiez” (Dagger +1)

Thor Irongullet’s Ring1: “Znogood”

Thor Irongullet’s Ring2: “Healz woundz over time” (Ring of Regeneration DMG232)


Items from Keg barrel

Leather Helm with ivory horns/deer antlers

“grantz wearer a natural zecondary gore attack” (deals 1d8 damage plus half Strength bonus. The antlers are treated as a magic weapon for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.) (Horned Helm MIC112)


Heavy Steel Bracers:

“After you activate bracerz, the next attack you make (before the end of your turn) includez a cure moderate wounds effect (You can't use these bracers as part of a touch attack only as part of a normal melee attack.) ability functionz three timez per day.” (Inquisitor Bracers MIC113)


Broad Leather Belt:

“increasez chance of binding and surveying woundz. Belt has three charges, which are renewed at dawn. Every charge allowz you to channel pozitive energy and heal damage with a touch. (Healing Belt MIC110)


1 charge: Heals 2d8 points of damage

2 charges: Heals 3d8 points of damage

3 charges: Heals 4d8 points of damage


Kurith’s Greataxe: The Cerebricule will just cover what was already disclosed, any other properties it cannot perceive, my intention was that Kurith’s Greataxe bordered on being an artifact, if not actual one. Otherwise Kurith already knows more than what the shrunken head could tell her.


Darius Bow and Quiver w/arrows: still to come via PM, but the Cerebricule confirms the tale Darius recited. There’s also to much for me to put into the shrunken heads own words.

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Kurith listens as the talking head explains each of the items.


"Uh-huh", she nods regarding the backpack. "Like the sack, but better." After that, she sets to stuffing the items back into it as the head explains them. (unless otherwise stated)


Regarding the testing chalice, "Yep..so Darius drunk poison then?"


The ledger - "Elminster..I heard of him"


Silver ring and rod - "Might come handy later"


Pearl tipped wand - "But that's what you're for, ain't it?"


Gold tipped wand - She just nods


Pen and Ink - Kurith sighs.


Sack - "Yep, like the backpack" Kurith says, setting it aside for to put healing items in.


Spider cloak - "Might get some use of that too.", she says, and puts it on.


The box of ioun stones - "Heard of them too...hmmm", she says, and sets them aside, except for the orange and prism, which she returns to the box and will eventually place in the backpack. She then finds a coin purse and puts the five ioun stones in, then sets the coin pouch aside.


Five rings - "I don't like rings", Kurith says, though she still puts the ivory one on her left hand and the bone on her right. The other three she sets aside to be placed in the ioun stone box and eventually in the backpack


Dragon amulet - Kurith hangs round her neck


Harp pin - Kurith pins near the clasp of her cloak, though she is not sure if she is wearing too many magic things already


Smooth hemisphere stones - "Umm... maybe later"


Dragonscale chain - "Acid? Huh?", Kurith says nervously.


Dragonhide bracers - "Looks kinda like snakeskin..but bigger"


Bracers of armour - "Nah..I got armour arready"


Silver circlet - "Why? Ain't nothin here BUT undead!", she laughs, but puts it on anyway.


Leather circlet - "All this magic-users' junk...but ain't nobody here can use it."


Gloves of balanced hands - "Pth..I arready can do that."


Gauntlets of Fury - Kurith dons these. "Things jus' keeps gettin' better!"


Xwin's green eye gauntlets - "Won't help a hafforc none...but they do look kinda pretty."


Circlet of seven serpents - "Ugh... I hate snakes"


Fang beads - Kurith sighs again. "Ain't no livin' people anywhere round here."


Pair of serpent figures - "Why's it always gotta be snakes?"


Eye of Sseth - Kurith sighs. "THAT must be why!"


Viper Dagger - "I still hate snakes", Kurith grumbles as she adds the dagger to her bandoleer.


Chameleon leather armour - "I got a chain shirt arready. Want it?"


Stormbolt - "It won't work with Darius' bow I don't think. Be better if I could jus' throw it"


Garments - Kurith puts on garment 4. "Might run up on that mud-blooded haffelf again"


Shaundaku's boots - "Fit pretty good too."


Rod of enervating strike - "Looks like a dwarf walkin' stick", Kurith quips, but adds it to her armament alongside her old sap (provided the rod has a means of being suspended or otherwise worn from her belt. If not, she'll just tote the thing like a drunkthumper and stuff it in her belt)


All "cure" potions - "LIke hell they do!"


Elixer of hiding - Kurith adds to the MW potion belt


Elixer of sneaking - Kurith adds to MW potion belt


Beetle Elixer - Kurith adds to MW potion belt


Camouflage paint - She puts in the backpack


Elixer of flaming fist - Adds to MW potion belt


Unicorn pendant - "Might need this", she says, and seeks out a second coin purse from amidst the loot in which to put it along with any other small healing items.


Healing salve - Kurith sets aside for the moment. "Might jus' do me some good...maybe?"


Porcupine Elixer - Kurith adds to MW potion belt


Keogtom's Ointment - "Wish I'd known 'bout this before. Maybe couldda helped Darius with it.", she says and sets it aside too.


Salve of spell resistance - "Hmmm...maybe later"


Gold tipped wand - "Two of 'em?"


Belt of battle - "This is good". Kurith changes her old mundane belt for this one.


Mememto Magica - "You a sorcerer", she asks the undead knight ruefully.


Sending stones - "Might come handy later too"


Shirt of wraith stalking - Kurith holds it up to her torso for size, considers how good it would look and feel on.. but decides to stick with her tough-skin vest instead.


Replenishing skin - "Water's good to have."


Troll gut rope - "Hmm.", Kurith says as she runs a segment of the rope between her fingers. "Feels kinda like a..." She pauses. "What does those do?", she asks impatiently, pointing at the purple swirly stone.


Speaking stone - "Well why didd'n you say so b'fore!", she says as she looks up at the undead knight and points toward the stone. "If ya got somethin' to say, go on an' say it." She keeps the stone handy.


Thor's dagger - Kurith returns to its scabbard and fastens it to her left leg again.


Thor's ring 1 - "Irenda might like it. Crazy haff-human prob'ly wouldda shagged a dwarf like Thor for less.", she says, and sets it aside with the other rings.


Thor's ring 2 - Kurith puts it in the coin purse with the unicorn pendant.


Horned helm - "Kinda ugly..but.." Kurith starts to put the helm on, but remembers the circlet and decides she likes the circlet better.


Battle belt - "Yep..gonna need this soon too"


Kurith's axe - "Uh-huh", Kurith nods. "It told me arready."


Darius' bow - "He told me to keep it safe from 'em.", she says sadly. "I ain't good with bows..not like he was...but I'll try." Kurith keeps the bow so that she may sling it (somehow) with her other equipped weapons.


Next, Kurith decides to apply a bit of the healing salve. She is pretty banged up so she guesses three layers should do the job.


Once she is finished with the healing salve, she puts it and the other ointment in the Bag of Holding along with the coin pouch containing the unicorn pendant and Thor's other ring. She then puts the ioun box and its contents in the backpack.


"Well... let's go."



effects of healing salve (3 layers used)


(edit) Character sheet updated more or less

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Regarding the testing chalice, "Yep..so Darius drunk poison then?"

The knight looks on in bewilderment since it has no idea what Kurith is speaking of.


”you think she taken one to many hits, she looks it if you ask me.” the weasel says



Silver ring and rod - "Might come handy later"

“itemz will only work in thiz room” the shrunken head say after taking another sniff



Chameleon leather armour - "I got a chain shirt arready. Want it?"

The knight shakes his head left and right.



Gold tipped wand - "Two of 'em?"

”Well at least you know how high she can count..” the weasel chimes in again



Speaking stone - "Well why didd'n you say so b'fore!", she says as she looks up at the undead knight and points toward the stone. "If ya got somethin' to say, go on an' say it."

”she’s not snarling now so go and pick it up already before she goes and changes her mind” the weasel say quickly


The knight reaches down and grabs the stone, a moment later you hear its heavy voice


“are you nearly done? I imagine we’ve been at this for some time now. I am hoping you are more familiar with the city than I?”


The knight also tells Kurith of its quest to acquire the staff pieces to use against the liches.



afterwards when Kurith applies the healing salve, her wounds close very slightly and she feels her vitality return (Kurith recovers the 20hp’s rolled placing her at 43/64



I’m stopping here in the event there’s anything else Kurith needs/wants to do

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"Ya can jus' hope s'more then, cuz these parts ain't where I'm from...but I know the docks enuff."


Kurith is of a mind to snatch the stone back from the knight, but decides his high-and-mighty knightly speech is still better than watching him leer at her in silence.


"Well...whatever your name is, ..." she starts as she collects up the various packs and weaponry. "...I seen the other one of the sending stones down here las'night...an' whaddaya wanna bet there's a roomful of motherlovin' meat-puppets out there waitin' for us.




Kurith uses the diamond eye circlet's powers before opening the secret room door to see if and how many undeads are between her and Thor's office...and takes a second round to scan the part of the main room toward the street exit.

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“Name?” the knight says, then stands quietly for a moment “I do not recall my name, or much of anything else for that matter.”


Using the diamond eye circlet's power, Kurith detects two auras which are of equal strength and both are on the move. The first is upstairs in the common room (area I, around J8), the other is downstairs in the common room around H4. But perhaps what is more terrifying to Kurith is the rather large quantity of auras, but lesser in strength, emanating from the upper floor in area L



Though not in actual combat, please post according to action limits. Right now you have a free single action which you may use before we follow the initiative order which I’ve already rolled everyone.



Upstairs Map

Downstairs Map

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"There's one of 'em out in the common-room....'bout right where we gotta go.", Kurith warns the knight before opening the door. She already has her axe ready.

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The hidden door glides open once more, the banquet room is a dismal reminder of where all this trouble started the night before. The pursuit of coin is often times more trouble than its actually worth. Though the excitement of battle fuels your very blood, you wonder if you’ll ever see the Sailor’s Corner or Irenda again. You wonder if you really want to.



Kurith Listen check DC15…

You hear a skittering coming from the above bedchamber, there is also a particular tick-tick noise as well…

Read upon Successful check or Spoiler




The knight moves into the banquet room seemingly unconcerned with Kurith’s words of other undead roaming about.


“The city is roaming with countless undead, they will be occupied as we are in searching out the staff pieces, we should have little problem moving about. I suppose the one we encounter in here suspected we were encroaching upon its area.”


The knight then moves out into the tavern’s common room (C7)


“I see no other undead about, let’s hurry” the knight adds as it looks around



Initiative: Click Here

Knight: acted already

Creature 1: acted already


Creature 2:

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Kurith hears the noise above, but thinks nothing of it. '"Rats up there."', she informs the knight as she steps through the door.


After taking itme to close the door and make sure the secret opening mechanism is properly concealed, Kurith proceeds toward Thor's office (G6). She has her axe in hand, but upon the knight's advice, she tries to assume a more undead bearing. "Maybe he jus' let us walk right by.", she whispers to the knight before they enter the common room.

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As you reach the hallway opening that leads towards Thor’s office, out the corner of your eye, off to your right and low to the ground you catch a sudden movement. The creature is black as midnight and its many eyes are blood red. The creature moves swiftly even in this low ceiling which doesn’t seem to hamper its 2ft height. It hisses and you notice its overly large fangs are dripping with venom, its four pairs of segmented legs lurch it up as it moves to attack you. It’s a large spider, but unlike any you’ve seen before. You recall the tiny skeletal spider you stepped on earlier and wonder if this monstrosity before you had anything to do with it. If so, that would make this spider that much deadlier!


The spider’s bite attack misses as it tried to attack from atop of the bar counter. The spider occupies G4-5 and H4-5




”Well, don’t just stand about you dolt, help her...” the weasel exclaims


For a moment the knight thinks to rush around the bar to attack the spider from the rear but realizes that it would not be able to reach the spider to attack before the creature has attack the half-orc yet again.


”you’d better not take a chance, that thing looks pretty nasty and your playmate looks to be the main course at a kings banquet!...” the weasel adds


Not wasting any more time, the knight chooses to rush at the creature from behind the confines of the bar (F6). But in its haste and ridiculous fighting stance it must assume from the low ceiling the knights attack is absurdly off its mark.


Initiative order

Knight: acted already

Large Monstrous Vampire Spider 1: acted already, though not posted because its actions would be unknown


Large Monstrous Vampire Spider 2:



Spider’s Attack Roll: Click Here

Knight’s Attack Roll: Click Here

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