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The Dead of Knight

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The spider lets out a shrill of a scream that pierces one very core as the mighty Akhir-Yarakh bites deeply into it. Had this monstrosity been a living creature, it would recoil and retreat.


As Kurith pulls her axe free, she indeed now sees the atrociousness which she is now confronted with as the creatures wound begins closing. She must now wonder if the rock which she seeks was worth facing this terror of the night, this monstrous vampiric spider!


Having felt the brutal attack from the half-orc the spider reacts to the threat and attacks Kurith. It is a vicious bite to her right arm which surely would have caused Kurith great pain had she not managed to fend the spider off her before it could do further harm. As it is, the bite, while was deep, she is left with the use of her arm. But the spider’s had delivered its deadly poison with its attack and Kurith could even now feel the spider’s venom coursing through her vines.



Kurith Fort DC13…

roll 1d6, this is the amount of strength point damage you have taken

Read on Failed save or Spoiler


Spider’s Attack Roll: Click Here: Confirmed Crit roll: Missed



Next round…


The knight swings its sword once more, but again, the confines of the low ceiling causes it to just miss its mark.



Knight’s Attack Roll: Click Here


Initiative order:

Knight: acted already

Large Monstrous Vampire Spider 1: acted already, though not posted because its actions would be unknown


Large Monstrous Vampire Spider 2:

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Deciding that a prolonged battle against this undead vermin versus the usefulness of the stone in Thor’s office is isn’t worth the trouble, Kurith turns an bolts for the exit, leaving the knight alone in a one on one confrontation against the creature. In her hasty retreat Kurith sustains a nasty bite injury across her left shoulder.


As the knight is the only target left, the spiders instinctual nature remains true and it attacks. The knight manages to defend itself enough and the spiders bite is averted. But it moves to its left as if in an attempt to prevent the knights own escape.




Seeing as Kurith has exited the tavern, the knight sees no reason to stay and fight this creature. Trying to take advantage of the spiders recent missed bite, the knight bounds for tavern exit. His getaway also leaves him e xposed to an attack from the vampiric creature, but unlike his fast moving companion the knight doesn’t make it quite out of danger as it would have hoped. The spider advances on the knight whom is having difficulties in the cramped tavern and manages to bite the knight yet again.


The tavern exit lays just within feet away, for a moment the knight thinks of standing its ground and facing the spider. But with the weasels urging he realizes that his battle is not with this undead creature but with the lich’s, and completing its quest is to save Waterdeep!


Guarding himself from further attacks, the knight carefully Withdraws from the battle and makes his way to the street above.


The vampiric spider being bound to the Underdark does not pursue, a moment later its companion also enters the lower level of the Underdark and both spiders begin gathering the corpses below and carrying them off back to their lair on the upper floor.




You see the knight emerge from the depths of the Underdark, its plain to see that the knight has sustained a fair amount of injury in its own escape. It gives you a glaring look.


"What happened?" the knight asks


"do you think it was your looks that drove her to run off like that, or did you think your charming personality would win her over?” the weasel says mockingly



Spiders AOO against Kurith: Previously rolled: AC23 and did 14 points of damage

Spiders attack against knight: Misses

Spiders AOO against knight: Hits

Spiders attack against knight: Hits

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Whether your adventure ended in the darkness of failure, by pain of death, in the servitude of the demon lord Orcus, or in the blinding light of the gods, in the span of a hearbeat you find yourself right back where your adventure had started, the banquet room of the Underdark!


You feel as if you are just waking from a daydream. The events which you experienced quickly flee your mind as if they had never happened. You are left with either a mild euphoria or despondency. In either case, a thrill of electrical excitement accompanies the sensation, as if a cool breeze had blown across your bare flesh and giving you goose bumps.


Once more your thoughts fall upon your dwarven host and what could possibly be the reason for his delay in getting the meeting underway. Suddenly the door of the banquet room swing abruptly open and the half-elf named Quintilas Duskwander enters. He has the look of wanting to say something of dire importance but his thoughts of those events have faded away too and you all feel a sense of déjà vu. The half-elf demeanor changes and he simple asks for his brothers whereabouts.


Kurith suddenly experiences an itch across her chest and the palm of her hands, later she’d find only the finest mark of a scrape, perhaps an overlooked remnant of her drunken stupor after the incident at the Sailor’s Corner.


Darius for unknown reason finds the new bow giving to him that night lacking in some fashion, while exception and well made he can’t place his finger on the sensation of his displeasure.


The others involved in the adventure also feel a similar experience.


That night when Tempest arrives at the Hawkwinter’s estate she finally reads through the journal of Jander Sunstar, she too feels that sense of déjà vu. Later she makes a point of learning more of this Sun Elf and the mysteries surrounding the realm of Ravenloft. An unexplained curiosity in this pursuit that will lead her to travel north.


Later that night after the stagecoach mess and abandoning the cryptic mission Thor had set upon them, several of the companions find themselves in another of the multitude of taverns in the City of Splendors.


Quintilas, wanting to appeal to the others sense of adventure, while also serving his own pursuit of tracking down his brother Dagan, recites several galas of high adventure, riches to be had and of fabled treasure lost and yet unfound. Of these tales he mentions of a mighty bow that once belonged to a reclusive near forgotten Elven druid, and of a powerful greataxe made from a fallen star.


There journey will take them north, either to the town of Neverwinter or the Icewind Dales, where our heroes go remains unknown as that is another tale for another time!



Thank you all that participated in The Dead of Knight!


Till next time…

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