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The Dead of Knight

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As Eligos is about to head into the secret passage, something grips his leg. The events of the day, especially the past few minutes have set his nerves on edge and the sudden grip on his leg sends him over the edge. A short, thin shriek escapes his lips and before he can control it, he feels a surge of power course through his body, pointing his hand downward, he releases a quick burst of fiery energy at whatever creature has attached itself to him.


Cast Magic Missile

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As Tempest bolsters her defense, Eligos cuts loose with the magical forces at his disposal. The magical energy erupts from his fingertips with unbridled fury, and slams into the target beneath the smoky waves. The grip on his leg goes limp and the figure lays motionless at his feet. With a quick wave of his hand, he parts the fog enough to see the visage of the ranger that he watched tumble to the floor earlier. A red swelling bruise rest upon the rangers brow.


Need Listen Check DC15 from Eligos and Kurith (if she moved back into the banquet room)


you hear a light scratch coming from the barricaded door.

Listen Check Spoiler

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Looking down at the ranger, Eligos lets out a moan. "What have I done?!?" He drops to one knee and checks for any other sign of life.


In his remorse, Eligos is once again oblivious to the world around him. I may never know what's under any of those darn spoiler boxes!!! Listen Roll = 5

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"Unless you are planning on dragging them all along, get up and get moving, tiefling!" Tempest calls out. In a bit softer tone, she adds, "we can't save them all, and we'll be lucky to save ourselves unless we hide." Not waiting to see if Eligos follows, Tempest turns her back on the banquet room. Looking over the items, she hestitates for a split second before scooping up the pack. Never look a gift unicorn in the mouth, she muses. Perhaps something inside will prove useful in our escape. With the pack slung over her other shoulder, she begins to ascend the ladder.



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"You killed Darius! You bastard!", Kurith observes to Eligos as the Tiefling attempts to revive the human ranger lying upon the floor with a knot rising on his forehead. For all Eligos' efforts, Darius neither stirs nor utters a sound.


Kurith is about to avenge the death of her newfound-friend when she hears a noise that momentarily stays her wrath.


Listen check 1d20718


Tempest's commanding voice calls from the smaller secret chamber, ""Unless you are planning on dragging them all along, get up and get moving, tiefling!"


Collecting her axe from the corner where she had stood it earlier, she steps over Darius' unconscious form, only pausing briefly to pay her respects.


"Tidugh, khami. Saya kebhi rakhaghekhu"


(Translation "Sleep, friend. I will make war on our enemies.)


Knowing that no true warrior would allow himself to be a liability to his comrades in life or in death, Kurith leaves Darius and the others behind and joins Tempest.

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A Bards Tale!…


“I see before me an ancient blade, its history is either lost or forgotten. It’s secrets buried within the pages of an ancient tome. A well kept secret rarely spoken of, and its abilities are said to function and revealed only to one of Dwarven or Orcish blood, which must flow from a warriors heart.”


“In days long forgotten, when Toril was young, far to the north, in one of Toril’s three coldest regions. The Reghed Glacier, beyond the Spine of the World, The High Ice beyond the sands of the Anauroch Desert, or The Great Glacier beyond the lands of Vaasa and Damara, a clan of Dwarves and Orcs shared the mountains and its surrounding lands.”


“As this is a seldom told tale, my recollection of it may not be entirely accurate.” He chuckles with a smile. “It may have only been a single Dwarf and Orc that formed this unusual understanding of one another.”


“After many years of attacks, after attacks, by a great White Wyrm, the Dwarves and Orcs sought to put an end to the devastation the Wyrm always left in its wake. The battle was their greatest glory and their doom as well. After two days and three nights of exhausting confrontations with the Wyrm, they slew the mighty dragon. All whom remained in the final twilight of that night were two forms, a Dwarf and a Orc! The countless years at the forge had crafted the strongest of their respective races. Master crafters in their own right, they worked in unison to create a weapon that would withstand the ages and reflect the strongest qualities of their races. They fashioned the weapon from an obsidian metal which was imbedded in the walls of the Wyrms lair. They labor long and for many years to forge this mighty weapon, quenching it over and over in the Wyrms blood that they had drained.”


“So magnificently and beautifully crafted is this weapon that some believe it belonged to one of the gods, or, at the least they had a hand in its making, but that too is either forbidden knowledge or lost to the present day races. It is hinted that the weapon naturally grows in power to match its wielders hand. The oldest of both races whisper to one trusted advisor that the weapon may even have a soul of its own, able to communicate with its master. Only under powerful identifying magics will it reveal its secrets. Its rumored to be inlaid with the symbol of an Orc on one side and that of a Dwarf on the other, or perhaps it’s the emblem of their respective deities. It’s runes run along both sides of its blade and down its metal handle. In the coldest of nights the visage of the Wyrm is claimed to appear on the blades surface. But none living can be sure, as that knowledge is written in a tome, that’s bury beneath a mountain, in a grave shared by an Orc and Dwarf, or so I am told.”


“The name of this weapon is unknown to all, save the one who’s hand it resides in. To end my tale, I’ll confide in you this, the weapon has resurfaced and it has been found. I can say no more…”

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Once everybody is inside the room, Kurith restates her question to Tempest.


"Didja find out how to close the door from..."


Then she spots the greataxe on the table. She pauses, and then walks over for a closer look.


"This ain't the axe that stingy-mingy showed me upstairs.", she says to herself, though still plenty loud enough to be heard. She picks it up, half expecting yet another dwarven boobytrap to be sprung.

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Hidden Room…

This 10ft by 10ft room is well organized and clean. There is a table in the left side on the far wall, with a stool slid in just beneath it. A sturdy looking ladder is built right onto the wall across from the entrance that leads up to a trap door in the ceiling. The table has many items atop of it. (possibly more info upon closer inspection of different items)


To the left of the entrance is a pristine looking large keg barrel, well two actually, there stacked, the second is mostly covered in the fog. You can see that the top one has been tapped. To the right of the keg barrels on the wall is a lever angled to the right. As the fog shifts you can see a couple crates along the floor against the wall.



Items on top of the table…

There are several neat stacks of coins (2-3 of each): Gold, Silver, Platinum, and a small of pile gems and some copper coins are spread about


A leather backpack, though obliviously has seen much use, appears well made. The simple brass hardware and buckles show that a bit more was spent on it crafting, likely a gift at some point that has been well looked after.


A pair of tankards

  • one golden in color
  • the other is clear

A nice sized book, a ledger from the looks of it style, a silver ring and rod sit atop of it


A pair of thin, six inch long pieces of wood rest to the right of the ledger. One is pearl tipped, the other gold tipped


A writing set consisting of a metal tipped pen-quill and ink bottle sit just up and off to the right of the ledger


A greataxe, made entirely of metal, the blade is obsidian in color.


A sack with four different garment pieces, partial pulled out. The greataxe rest on this pile

  • One is white and trimmed with white fur
  • Another is jet black
  • One gray-green
  • And lastly, one of white silk

A small ornate curios box (looks like a cute small chest), has a dull gray Ioun Stone crafted into its center


Five rings, in no particular order, sort of just bunched together

  • Ivory Ring
  • Platinum ring: set with large diamond, surrounded by a circle of smaller sapphires and rubies
  • Gold Ring
  • Bone Ring
  • Tarnished Silver Ring

A metal amulet, shaped like a dragon’s skull


A small pin, shaped like a harp, (being used a ledger bookmark)


A smooth hemispherical stone


A silver pendant, in the form of unicorn’s head


A bone colored mask, shaped like a skull, painted black around the eyes


A copper chain with six coin sized copper scales


A pair of leather bound armguards


A pair of gold wristbands


A pair of steel armbands


A silver circlet, has a diamond centerpiece


A leather circlet, has a silver headpiece


The different pieces of hand-wear below are all nicely stack and partial overlapping one another

  • A pair of fine leather gloves
  • A iron wrought gauntlet
  • A black gauntlet of sturdy black leather, has two large green gems mounted on the back

A circlet of serpentine stone, three small lusterless black sphere, a pair of small serpent figurines, a thick gold coin, a dagger, all rest atop of a greenish-brownish-blackish pile of folded leather. A shortsword is cradled in the furthers left corner of the table were this piles sits


A single quarrel and a 2ft rod, rest atop a small pile of four neatly folded garments (this pile rest besides the leather pile mentioned above)


A normal sized pair of traveling boots rest on the floor beside one of the table legs (though you can only really see the top of them)




You look across all the items on the table, feeling a need for urgency you weigh the value of your life compared to the items before you. Figuring that something is better than nothing and not wanting to delay any further you grab up the backpack and make your way up the ladder. Seeing as the ceiling is only 5ft you reach the trap door in only two steps. You hear scurrying about above you, and after having called back to Kurith you start to feel that perhaps you wish you hadn’t because the scurrying suddenly stops.


Listen Check DC20

you hear a soft scrap along the ceiling drawing nearer

Listen Check Spoiler




You enter the small hidden room intent on sealing the exit behind you. Tempest is making for the ladder with the backpack from the table, its obvious her intent is to get the hell out of dodge, to the point that she doesn’t concern herself with sealing the entrance herself or bothering to see if any of the other items may be of use, for a moment you wonder if she’s only really concerned with protecting her own hide.


You eye the greataxe on the table as Tempest calls out to you, her words fall on deaf ears. You approach the table and immediate note the runes on the axes blade, they’re not dwarven, they’re Orcish! Though whose meanings you know not because they’re of an older variant in script than what present day orcs use, well to your knowledge anyways, you only scantly recognize these because you are also from the northern regions of Toril. You curse Bellrose for thinking to keep this axe while offering the dwarven made one he tried to push on you. The axe starts to appear familiar as you recognize some of the ornate design running along it, and find yourself thinking the same thoughts you had of the axe Bellrose showed you. “It appears to be similar in size and shape to my own, but the handle is shorter”. When you first handled the axe upstairs your warriors heart was not in it, you had no desires to claim the weapon as your own. As if sensing your heart and thoughts you watch as the handle grows in length, a breath of mist escapes from it, you feel a slight chill in the air as your hand passes through it as you reach for the axe with some trepidation. You dismissed the spray of mist as part of the wisps of smoke that accompany this fog.


As soon as your fingers touch the weapon your world fades away, for a moment your senses tell you that you are soaring through the heaven. Then abruptly the scene changes and you find yourself in an unbearable heat and there is a rhythmic pounding all around you. A joyous release pass though you as you are quenched with a life giving draught.


You see yourself as through someone else’s eyes, atop a knoll holding a mighty weapon aloft in victory. The scene continues to change many times over as you relive a snapshot of the lives of those whom wielded this weapon before you, some scene are horrific, some are honorable, others glorious, few are tranquil. In one instant, a vision passes your sight of a young warrior reaching for a weapon, he is instantly struck down as an arch of energy leaps forth, unable to endure the ordeal he remains motionless.


Slowly and unconsciously you grasp the handle of the greataxe. in your hand you now hold a weapon of the ages, your warriors heart calls out to it and the pact is sealed!…




You turn to enter the hidden room, what you didn’t hear before, now becomes more apparent. You hear the table scruff slight across the floor and realize your time in this room is over. You hope your time living isn’t close behind as now you hear commotion coming from the main tavern room. A hard crash against the door is all the motivation you need to move quietly and quickly, to follow behind the women. With the exception of Kurith all of the fighters that were present at the meeting are indisposed of, you count the odds as being against your group if there is heavy combat to follow. You know you own capabilities and limits, what of the female named Tempest? The half-orcs are obvious, but you wonder even how much can she endure without the aid of other skilled fighters for combat support, or even a healer for that matter. You’ll be fine once your out of here and back onto the city streets. The City! What of the rest of the city you wonder, is this happening all over? If so, you hope that there are other patches as yourselves somewhere in the city that may be of assistance, in your heart you truly feel as if your group is all alone, but all you can do for now is hope it isn’t so and pray that this is just a localized effect. You now realize the powerful storm of the night has stopped, for how long you wonder, you hadn’t even noticed it had stopped till now. You imagine slapping yourself saying “get with it man!, and what the hell reasoning could you have for even thinking this is a localized effect, pretty dam specific if so!”


You enter the hidden room to find Tempest climbing the ladder and calling out something about a latch, you glance about and see the lever against the wall. Kurith says something and then goes quiet, oddly quiet and she remains perfectly still while she rests her hand on a greataxe on the table.


You wonder where Tempest wants to head off to? Back outside? That’s where she came from in a fright, and now she wants head back out there? Or is her intent on trying to hold out somewhere inside the inn?


Then, unexpectedly Kurith bellows forth a cry and is thrown back across the room with both axes in hand, you watch in amazement as the crackling energy shoots forth from the obsidian blade. You see smoke rise from beneath Kurith armor as the energy arcs across the gap between them like a finger, searing deep into her flesh. You can only imagine the pain as her body lurches and her back arches forward, her eyes have either glisten over with white ice or have rolled up into her head, a grave sight indeed. Simultaneously you witness the energy grasp around the other axe, it crumbles to dust in a crackling maw.



Kurith takes searing damage Spoiler Damage, take a looks see spike

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Though only a few slim seconds pass, Kurith's ordeal seems to fill an eternity within those seconds. Images and sounds flood her mind as though she were dreaming a thousand dreams at once. Some are good, and others are made of the stuff of nightmares, but just as her dreams often end, she feels herself being hurled through the air toward an inevitable awakening.





She wakes, but unlike the magical effects of the mist, she feels only pain. It is as though she had walked through fire. Every bone and muscle in her body aches, and she can actually hear the pounding of her own heart. She almost speaks the word that is lingering on the tip of her tongue, but something tells her not to. The dream, or what she thought was a dream, dimminishes and yields to the here-and-now. Kurith looks up and sees Eligos' peculiar yellow eyes staring down at her. She is now sitting on the floor amidst the wavering fog. In one hand she holds the black axe. Her other fist still clenching ahold of something that is no longer there.


"It.... it's been waitin' ... it found me.", Kurith says in a quivvering and timid voice as she gets to her feet. The very first time she looked at it she thought it might be magical, but now she is certain of it, but has not the least idea about what sort of magic it posesses nor how it came to be in the treasure trove of such unworthy creatures as Thor and Bellrose.


She tries to recall what it was that she was supposed to do before she picked up the axe. She suspects the blue-skinned lady would remind her again if it was important.

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As Kurith gets scorched by the power of the axe, and Eligos finally steps into the hidden room, Tempest looks back at them. Damnable fools, Tempest's thoughts flash, must I tell them how to do everything? Then she hears the noises above her...


[Listen Check DC 20: 1d20+4=23]


Does nothing go right this evening? She gestures frantically to Eligos to flip the lever to close the secret hatch, silently hoping that it is in time, and that Kurith will survive the blast from the axe. Again, Tempest reviews the arcane energies available to her, pondering the nature of the noises above her. Still unsure whether they might find other allies within the upper floors of the establishment, she opts for an offensive but non-lethal approach. She jams the wand back into her own pack and calls forth the energies of a spell, holding it in the forefront of her mind.


[Move equivalent action: stow the wand. Standard Action: Ready action (cast Blindness/Deafness at the first target should the hatch above her open).]



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Snapped out of his dazed state by the scream of Kurith, Eligos quickly pulls the lever that shuts the door again. He rushes over to the half-orc quickly to see if there is some way that he may be of assistance to her.

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"It didd'n hurt me too much...not really.", Kurith lies as she moves back over to the table and hastily loads her pockets with those smaller trinkets she estimates to be of the most value, starting with the stacks of coins and the collection of rings. The dragon-skull amulet catches her eye as she is going about her looting and so she grabs it also. She shakes out the bag full of clothing that was laid beneath the greataxe on the off-chance it might contain either more valuable items or at the very least a dry shirt or cloak.


Once she is satisfied that she has compensated herself for all she has been through and all that likely awaits, she turns to Eligos and smiles widely.


"Dwarf be-betaghesamagh..ourghtta known better'n let a hafforc up in here."


Whether the others are ready to go or not, Kurith takes a little extra time to equip her new axe so that it can be properly slung so that she can free both hands for climbing the ladder. She then moves over to the bottom of the ladder and silently waits for Tempest to finish listening at the trapdoor.


(Translation - be-betaghesamagh = sisterf***ers )



I posted more actions than a typical gameturn should allow, but like I say, even if everybody else takes another action, she's still fiddling with that axe of hers


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A longer scuffing sound, followed by a series of crashes is heard from the banquet room as the secret door closes as smoothly and quietly as it had opened previously.


Above, there is a thud thud sound, a short pause , then another thud thud sounda bit closer, ending very near to the trap door.


Eligos fusses over Kurith a moment, as he tries to come to terms with the ordeal he witnessed her endure.


As Kurith rises and opens her hand, the remains of what once served as a weapon in her clenched fist now flutters to the floor as dust. Grabbing up a couple handfuls of the platinum stacked coins and gems, Kurith spills some of the other stacks of coins onto the table. After helping herself to some other items of interest she proceeds to dump the contents of the bag onto the table covering up the hand-wear and arm-wear. She makes them all out as cloaks as she sorts through them quickly.


The white silk cloak is embroidered with a large gray spider on the back and webs radiating across its surface


The jet black cloak is full-cut (also called a weathercloak) hangs to mid-boot. Cut to overlap on the chest and cover the wearer’s arms, it has a high collar and a separate pullover hood. It is embroidered with a white upraised human palm in a circle on the right collar, a purple dragon on the left collar, and another on the center point of the hood (so that it is displayed to the rear when the hood is pulled back).


The gray-green cloak is lightweight and has the weathered looked that will protect the wearer against some of the hazards and discomforts of outdoor travel, by keeping the area of the body dry that’s covered by the cloak (head to knees)


The white cloak that’s trimmed with white fur is of average size which will cover from head to waist (its more of a pullover poncho)



Within a few moments the same destructive noises that where heard from the main tavern room proceed to take place in the banquet room.

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