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The Dead of Knight

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Kurith…, Tempest…

As the healing potion works it way through Kurith system there is some minor discomfort as her wounds slowly start to close. The wounds that do close leave scars behind. After the itching has subsided, there is a moment of flushness that washes over her, not so common of a thing to happen after a drinking a healing potion. None-the-less the curative solution did it job.


All of Tempest attempts at waking Eligos are unsuccessful and she can only imagine what terrors and horrors he must be enduring. Even as Tempest contemplates Eligos condition, Kurith is seeking the trapdoor once more with no luck. After hearing a response from her repetitive calling and banging, a rhythmic squeaking sound is heard coming from the general direction of the hallway, more exactly its coming from the common room area.


Tempest, not knowing when the next opportunity to inspect the second backpack will present itself proceeds to go through its contents. Afterwhich she notices many similarities between her own backpack and this one.


Backpack Contents:

Potions and Oils: All labeled

Three Cure Light Wounds

Two Cure Moderate Wounds

Elixir of Hiding

Elixir of Sneaking

Beetle Elixir

Camouflage Paint (Jar)

Elixir of Flaming Fist

Healing Salve (Jar)

Porcupine Elixir

Keoghtom`s Ointment (Jar)

Salve of Minor Spell Resistance (Jar)


Scrolls: Divine (Pick or Roll them)

Three of 1st Level

Two of 2nd Level

One of 3rd Level


Scrolls: Arcane (Pick or Roll them)

Three of 1st Level

Two of 2nd Level

One of 3rd Level


Scrolls still require a Read Magic spell or Spellcraft Check


Map or Scroll case


Marvelously crafted white wooden flute


Small pouch


Trail Rations: Three days worth for two


Gold tipped Wand


Leather belt, bears a platinum buckle set with three small black pearls


A silky black piece of cloth


Piece of Amethyst, carved in the shape of a dragon scale, foggy images of runes swirls within


A fist-sized chunk of unworked stone


A shiny black leather shirt bears small golden sun and skull emblems around the collar, shoulders and cuffs.


A worn looking craft knife


Waterskin, unremarkable but looks to be made from camel hide


50’ Rope, has slight pungent odor, feels rubbery and has a complex knot at one end.



I may place a few pictures of a few items afterwards.



Rothgar…, Darius…

With the exhilaration of combat subsiding you both feel a bit of a chill set in, at this time you can only attribute it to the rain storm that it may have brought some cold air in along with it. As you both make your way into the hidden room you step upon some cloth material that had been laying across the threshold of the room.


Expecting to find the room in disarray you are pleasantly surprised to see it in an orderly manner.


Hidden Room… (copied from earlier posting with items previously taken removed from list)

This 10ft by 10ft room is well organized and clean. There is a table in the left side on the far wall, with a stool slid in just beneath it. A sturdy looking ladder is built right onto the wall across from the entrance that leads up to a trap door in the ceiling. The table has many items atop of it. (possibly more info upon closer inspection of different items)


To the left of the entrance is a pristine looking large keg barrel, well two actually, they’re stacked, the second is mostly covered in the fog. You can see that the top one has been tapped. To the right of the keg barrels on the wall is a lever angled to the right. As the fog shifts you can see a couple crates along the floor against the wall.



Items on top of the table…

There are several neat stacks of coins (2-3 of each): Gold, Silver, Platinum, and a small of pile gems and some copper coins are spread about (minus the coins that the others have taken)


A pair of tankards

One golden in color

the other is clear


A nice sized book, a ledger from the looks of it style, a silver ring and rod sit atop of it


A writing set consisting of a metal tipped pen-quill and ink bottle sit just up and off to the right of the ledger


A folded sack (previously contained the four different cloaks)


A small pin, shaped like a harp, (being used a ledger bookmark)


A smooth hemispherical stone


A silver pendant, in the form of Unicorn’s head


A bone colored mask, shaped like a skull, painted black around the eyes


A copper chain with six coin sized copper scales


A pair of leather bound armguards


A pair of steel armbands


A leather circlet, has a silver headpiece


The different pieces of hand-wear below are all nicely stack and partial overlapping one another

A pair of fine leather gloves

A iron wrought gauntlet

A black gauntlet of sturdy black leather, has two large green gems mounted on the back


A circlet of serpentine stone, three small lusterless black sphere, a pair of small serpent figurines, a thick gold coin, a dagger, all rest atop of a greenish-brownish-blackish pile of folded leather.


A single quarrel and a 2ft rod, rest atop a small pile of four neatly folded garments, this pile rest besides the leather pile mentioned above


A normal sized pair of traveling boots rest on the floor beside one of the table legs, though you can only really see the top of them



I’ll need to know who grabs what and such, your initial searches revealed that the both crates along the wall had padlocks on them.

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She bangs three times again, then pauses, then bangs thrice more.


"That you, Toldin?", Kurith calls to whoever is below. "...Vargus? .... Thor?...Darius?.."


Rothgar pauses from looking through the storeroom and looks at Darius.

"Were you expecting company?"


Taking note of Darius' facial expression and comments about shopping, Rothgar feels some obligation to try and save some of the Irongullet's wealth.


"Although this does seem a bit of a treasure trove, and much as I might love to clean it out, truth is, the Irongullets are like kin to me. They, and I, would appreciate it greatly if we only took what we needed for the time being. Especially since we don't know whether they have managed to survive what has happened here. Let's hope this ledger has some information in it about what items do what to save us some time, since I doubt you happen to be carrying a pet wizard in your pocket."


Rothgar flips open the ledger and starts skimming through the pages to find information on the various items present.

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After a quick determination that there is nothing likely to help Eligos among the various potions and ointments, Tempest wastes no time in transferring the most useful of them to her potion belt and bandoleer for easy access later. She scans the scrolls next, placing the divine writings back into the pack along with the rest of the items, then turns her attention to the 6 scrolls with arcane writings. She begins trying to decipher what they say...



[Transfer 2 of the potions of CLW, 2 potions of CMW, and the Elixers of Hiding and Sneaking to her potion belt. Transfer the jars of Healing Salve, Keoghtom's Ointment, and Salve of Minor Spell Resistance to the bandoleer. Begin using Spellcraft to decipher the scolls: Spellcraft check DC 21 for Enlarge Person, Hold Portal, Identify; Spellcraft check DC 22 for Mirror Image, Scorching Ray; Spellcraft check DC 23 for Haste]


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A smile starts to spread acorss Rothgar's face as he realizes the ledger is exactly what he hoped it would be.


"Perfect!" Rothgar snaps the ledger shut loudly enough to attract Darius' attention.


"Darius, this is going to be extremely helpful. God I love those two old trouble makers. If you can give me a minute or two, I should be able to find exactly what's in here, what it does, and how we can use it. Thank the Gods the Irongullets are so pragmatic and organized."


Rothgar takes a seat on a crate, his back against the wall, facing the doorway. His axe is left in easy reach, ready to grab at the slightest provocation as he begins to thumb through the ledger.

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Kurith ceases her banging when she realizes that Tempest is no longer trying to revive Eligos. Instead she appears to be reading one of several scrolls which Kurith assumes were either once Eligos' or had beein the backpack that Tempest looted from the secret room below. It occurs again to Kurith that there were many objects in the secret room that might still be of use, 'but we can't use 'em if we can't get at 'em.'


As a precautious afterthought, Kurith takes up her axe which she had propped against the bed. Whoever was below was probably not an ally of the undead, but not necessarily an ally to Tempest or her either. Kurith decides it is time for a more cunning approach. She is about to bang again when she notices the axe. It has changed. The axehead, which at one point appeared to be an unornamented but well-crafted smooth metal surface, now reveals the visage of a dragon. Though for a moment the change took Kurith by surprise, Kurith thinks 'maybe it had been there all along.'. The dragon certainly seemed familiar to her, 'maybe from a dream'.


Crouching in the general area of the trap door, Kurith keeps her axe ready in one hand and leans over to give the door three more raps with the other fist.



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Rothgar looks up from his reading for a second and shakes his head.

"I hope she has enough sense to realize we're not going to just go running up there and greet her with open arms because she has a big pile of coin. I don't even think the hobgoblin parts I left in the taproom would be dumb enough to fall for that, and they are mindless."


"Darius, she's mentioned your name previously. Do you know whoever it is that's doing this yelling? If so, maybe we can invite her in before she brings the entire Negative Plane down on our heads. I know how to operate the doors."


Rothgar hops off his crate and triggers the locking mechanism to close and secure the door to the meeting room where he met Darius.


"There, one last thing to worry about. I'm going to finish going through this ledger now. If you know that loud mouth, and feel comfortable letting her in, let me know and I can open the trap door."


Rothgar returns to the crate and resumes reading through the ledger, comfortable with the fact that he's relatively safe in the room for the time being.

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Kurith…, Tempest…

As both women continue with there own agenda’s the rhythmic squeaking grows slightly loud than steadily fades away. The sound of crashing furniture is quite familiar to Kurith having heard it enough at the Sailor’s corner, it filters into the room from the general direction of the common room then all goes quiet to an eerie dead silence.




Kurith can distinctly hear own heavy breath from her frustration of being denied access to the hidden room and its many treasures that were once within her grasp. With the still quietness about them Kurith bets she could even hear Tempest breathing, being that she’s just several feet away. Giving Tempest a glance, she now notices that there are no buffs of cold air escaping from between the blue skin woman’s lips!


Only now did it start to hit Kurith, how much did she really know about this woman called Tempest. Recalling the scene in her mind she ponders, what was Quintilas going to say before he collapsed? Tempest was right behind him, but was she aiding him or chasing him? Why is it that she has been unconscious twice and risen again with no apparent ill affect, but yet, Eligos lays near her and has yet to even stir? She was the one who found the hatch to the secret room, and also led your party up here after quickly grabbing just that pack while there were plenty more riches to be had. What is her role in all that has transpired?


The pretty cloak that Eligos had claimed from the treasure room now rest partly tucked into her other backpack. (or absent if Tempest did stow it away)




As you finish your scrutiny of the two odd potions from the pack you glimpse Kurith looking to Eligos then back to you. Its common enough knowledge that most half-orc aren’t to bright and you haven’t seen much from Kurith that would tell you different. The half-orc did speak better common than most of her kind and is obviously thoughtful, since she did offer some of her own healing potion even while she herself still sustained more injuries, this you gathered from the several marks of blood displayed across her.


The look upon your large companion is one of aggregation and frustration, you figure she’s likely going to ask you to explain something, since most people always believe wizards have the answers to most quandaries.



Rothgar…, Darius…

Darius finds himself in a pickle as the doors to the secret room close, the room goes totally dark as what little light from the banquet room that entered is cut off.


The ledger is light for one of its size and upon opening it Rothgar sees that it is written in Dwarven. A quick browse through reveals it is a very well organized listing of magical items, with various notes and sections within. It should only take Rothgar a couple minutes to browse through it, while reading and cross referencing items, many which have notes alongside them. Some items state whether they’ve been sold, trade, given as a gift etc... All items inside state the items function and command words if its known or not. The ledger would have many more items listed, but all are no longer available.


The ledger is broken down into two main sections, the front first part simply lists all the items, followed with a reference page number, the second back part lists the item functions and other details, other sub sections contain shipment and other cost details etc…


After a few minutes of reading Rothgar discovers that most nearly all the items listed in the ledger do not match the items on the table and are not seen anywhere, only a few items on the table are listed inside. Those being


  • Stylus of the Masterful Hand (3,000gp): A&EG137: metal tipped pen-quill
  • Wondrous Writing Set (2,060 gp): OA142
  • Testing Chalice (4,000 gp): A&EG137
  • Hearty Replenishing Keg: GM item: reproduces the finest dwarven ale of old, slowly refills over an 8 hour period, heals all temporary Con damage, heals 1d4 points or 1d8 non-lethal damage (either once per day).

The pin marker is set to a series of several shipment of items that recently arrived and are spread out across the table. This only states what the items are... Cloak, Boots, Vest, Rings etc etc, basically what i typed out as what’s on the table, it shows that these items have yet to be even checked if they're magical or not.


One such note mentions an expedition for a staff belonging to a long dead wizard known as Kerrigan the Arcanist.


Another note states to pack in the Beetle Elixir and Porcupine Elixir for the Staff of Kerrigan expedition, saying “let them figure for themselves what they do, no need in expending our own resources” written from Thor to Bellrose


Another note list a series of items that will be part of a payment for the group undertaking the Staff of Kerrigan expedition.


Another note mentions a special silver ring and rod with a cost assigned, but no other info on them is reference.


Rothgar eyes widen as he reads a final note. It states that the larger crate along the wall has been trapped as Thor request until the items inside can be properly secured for delivery, considering the nature of said items no paperwork will be drawn up. Rothgar looks to his right and makes a note of that crates size, then looks down between his legs and wonders oh why he didn’t just use the stool slid beneath the table.



The Ledger

Potions and Oils

Potion of Cure Light Wounds x2


Potion of Cure Light Wounds x3: Staff of Kerrigan expedition


Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds x1


Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds x2: Staff of Kerrigan expedition


Elixir of Hiding (250 gp): Staff of Kerrigan expedition


Elixir of Sneaking (250 gp): Staff of Kerrigan expedition


Keoghtom`s Ointment (Jar) (4,000 gp): DMG261: 5 applications, Cures damage 1d8+5, and neutralize poison: Staff of Kerrigan expedition


Salve of Minor Spell Resistance (Jar)(1,250gp): This salve is based on a drow formula. The user must take a full-round action to spread it on his skin, after

which it grants spell resistance 17 for 5 minutes. Staff of Kerrigan expedition


Beetle Elixir: Staff of Kerrigan expedition


Camouflage Paint (Jar): Staff of Kerrigan expedition


Elixir of Flaming Fist: Staff of Kerrigan expedition


Healing Salve (Jar): Staff of Kerrigan expedition


Porcupine Elixir: Staff of Kerrigan expedition




Divine: Staff of Kerrigan expedition

Three of 1st Level

Two of 2nd Level

One of 3rd Level


Arcane: Staff of Kerrigan expedition

Three of 1st Level

Two of 2nd Level

One of 3rd Level



Magic Rings

Animal Friendship (10,800 gp)

DMG230: cast Charm Animal


Arcane Might (20,000 gp)

CArc144: +1 caster level: made of bronze, forged in the shape of a serpent devouring its own tail.


Armor (light) (8,000 gp)

CtyWar148: Protection +1 and Light Fortification 25% avoid critical hit


Climbing (2,500 gp)

leather cord


Counterspells (4,000 gp)

DMG230: one stored spell, countered when cast upon wearer.


Evasion (25,000 gp)

traded for services of Kolat Brothers


Feather Falling (2,200 gp)

DMG232: crafted with a feather pattern all along the edges


Force Shield (8,500 gp)


Friend Shield (50,000 gp)

shield other spell


Jumping (2,500 gp)


Lockpicking (7,700 gp)

A&EG125: +5 open locks and cast knock 3/day: made of tiny prongs and wires (wrapped wires)


Mage Armor (12,000 gp)

S&F77: +4AC


Protection +1 (2,000 gp) DMG232:


Protection +2 (8,000 gp)


Regeneration (90,00gp)

White Gold


See Invisibility (15,000 gp)


Spell Storing, Minor (18,000 gp)

DMG233: 3 levels


Sustenance (2,500 gp)


Swimming (2,500 gp)


Wizardry I (20,000 gp)

DMG233: Doubles 1st level spells




Amulet of Health +2 (4,000 gp): Con+2


Amulet of Mighty Fists +1 (6,000 gp): +1 Attack and Damage with unarmed attacks


Amulet of Natural Armor (+1) (2,000 gp): +1AC


Amulet of Natural Armor (+2) (8,000 gp): +2 AC


Amulet of Resistance (+1) (1,000 gp): +1 to Saves


Bag of Holding, type II (5,000gp)


Belt of Dwarvenkind (14,900 gp): DMG248: +4 Cha (dwarves), +2 Con and can Speak Dwarven


Belt, Monk`s (13,000 gp)


Boots of Elvenkind (2,500 gp): DMG250: +5 move silently


Boots of the Winterlands (2,500 gp): DMG250: Travel in any winter conditions


Bracers of Archery, Lesser (5,000 gp) : DMG250:


Bracers of health (+2) (8,000 gp) +2 Con


Counterstrike Bracers (1,250gp): MIComp90

Each of these steel bracers bears the image of a stacked pair of daggers pointed in opposite directions, twice per day receive a free AOO against someone who attacks you and misses.


Brooch of Shielding (1,500 gp) : DMG250: 101 points of magic missiles


Cape of Winter: (6,200 gp)


Cloak of Blackflame: (11,800): GW70: This cloak resembles a tangle of thick, black cobwebs when not worn, but smoothes into a woven black cloak of coarse

threads when donned. It absorbs up to fourteen energy drain attacks before losing its magical properties.


Cloak of Charisma +2 (4,000 gp)


Cloak of Elvenkind (2,500 gp) : DMG253: +5 Hide checks


Cloak of Resistance +1 (1,000 gp)


Cloak of Resistance +2 (4,000 gp)


Fire Elemental Gem, Small (750 gp) sold


Gloves of Fearsome Grip: S&F77: Flexible leather gloves: +5 Climb and Grapple, and opposed disarm attempts (offensive or defensive)


Gloves of Dexterity +2 (4,000 gp) DMG257


Heward`s Handy Haversack (2,000 gp): DMG259: Staff of Kerrigan expedition


Knife of the Bowyer (2,055 gp): MagFR162: This masterwork tool gives the user a +10 circumstance bonus on Craft (bowmaking) checks: Staff of Kerrigan expedition


Pearl of Power, 1st-Level Spell (1,000 gp): DMG263: sold


Rod of Defiance (13,000 gp) Sold


Replenishing Skin (1,000 gp): Sand135: refills with water 1d4hrs: Staff of Kerrigan expedition


Testing Chalice (4,000 gp): A&EG137


Stylus of the Masterful Hand (3,000): A&EG137: metal tipped pen-quill


Wondrous Writing Set (2,060 gp): OA142


Troll Gut Rope: This braided 50-foot rope has a slightly pungent odor, feels rubbery, and bears a large, complex knot at one end. Once per day the rope can be commanded to grow up to 350 feet in length. Any length beyond the original 50 feet decays into nothingness after 7 hours. If the large knot is ever untied or cut open, the rope’s magic is destroyed. Staff of Kerrigan expedition


Wand of Detect Magic: unknown number of remaining charges: Staff of Kerrigan expedition


Belt of Battle (6,000gp): MIC73: Staff of Kerrigan expedition


Memento Magica (6,000gp): MIC!64: Staff of Kerrigan expedition


Sending Stones (700gp): MIC184: Staff of Kerrigan expedition


Shirt of Wrath Stalking (3,000gp): MIC216: Staff of Kerrigan expedition


Greataxe +1, named Great Ice in common


Wand of Detect Magic: 2 charges remaining


Wand of Improved Identify: 3 charges remaining: GM made, allows for identification in 1 minute



The inside of the ledgers front cover is dedicated to the Irongullet clan from Elimister himself.


Need DC15 Listen Check for Rothgar and Darius: Spoiler

during the time Rothgar reads the ledger some movement is overheard in the banquet room, then its gone


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When a second attempt to get somebody to open the door from below fails, Kurith stands up to formulate a new plan. She takes a second good look at her axe, and it would seem that the axe might be instrumental in Kurith's new plan to gain entrance to the room below, but a noise from beyond the hallway thwarts her plan before she can enact it. It sounds to her like somebody is smashing up a table or some chairs.


She leans a keen ear toward the door, but the ruckus stops. Kurith imagines for a moment some undead hobgoblin in some othe room trying to locate whoever it is that is doing all the shouting and banging, 'but undead don't have ears. They can't hear nothin', can they?'


Never the less, Kurith pauses. The blue mage continues her inspection of the scrolls and other items from the backpack. The woman seems so fragile, '...but she made it to The Underdark alive still...right behind the haffelf..and he didd'n make it... and the poison trap didd'n kill her...


Kurith looks again toward Tempest. Of all the diverse creatures in Waterdeep, Kurith is fairly certain she has enver seen another of Tempest's kind anywhere. She pulls her eyes away from the mage for the moment and pretends to be examining her axe. Something just was not right about her, appearances aside.


'It was her that was first through the trapdoor... it was her then the tiefling an' they left me down there to get killed...'


Still something did not make sense. If Tempest had been after the Irongullet's treasures, why was she in such a hurry to open the trapdoor, and if she had wanted Kurith, Eligos and the others out of the way, ..then why did she help us fight all them undeads?'


....she didd'n help much. When I come up here, she was laid out like a dead fish... an' seems funny she don't even need a swig of healin' an' the tiefling's prob'ly dead...'


Kurith steals another glance at Eligos.


'He shouldnna gone down so easy. I didd'n hit him so hard.... or maybe it was magic that done him in.... that's it... so she could get all his stuff...'


Kurith looks straight into Tempest's eyes and speaks.


"Where'd you come from anyways? You wasn't on Toldin's list..an' you shure picked a fine night fer showin' yerself the city."

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Not once, but twice the half-orc interrupts Temepst as she is attempting to decipher the writings on the scrolls. Those two will have to wait, she conceeds, until I have the time to examine them more properly. With a sigh of exasperation after the second interruption, Tempest turns her attention fully to Kurith.


"I was not 'showing myself the city', but rather was on my way home to the Hawkwinter Estate from work when the fog came rolling down the street. I could see the figures in the mist and had heard rumors of such events before, the outcome of which were never pleasant. So, when I spotted two people standing outside this Inn, I headed towards them seeking shelter. This was, perhaps, a mistake, considering how things have turned out. Regardless, just as I reached them, the fog overtook them and one, a dwarf, collapsed. The other, a half-elf, implored me to help bring the dwarf inside the tavern. After dragging the dwarf into the taproom, I closed the door and bolted it. It would seem that doing so was of little help, as the mist seeped in anyway. As it began to claim the taproom's occupants, the half elf opened the door to the room where I found you, and you know the rest from there," Tempest pauses for a moment, then adds, "as for Toldin, or any list, I have no idea what you are speaking of. It would seem that it is the gods that have cast our lot together this evening."


She gestures towards Eligos' prone form, "I cannot tell what ails him, other than that he seems to be caught in some sort of deep slumber, most likely magical in nature. I have examined the contents of the backpack from the room below, and while there are several things that might help us survive the night, I was able to find nothing that, in my opinion, might help to revive him. It is most unfortunate; while my abilities are not inconsiderable, my resources are finite, and I would feel more comfortable having another skilled in the magical arts to aide us. Perhaps it is time to find out who is below us?"


Tempest begins to search the area around the trap door for a release to open it again.



[search check to locate trap door release, unknown DC: 1d20+8=20]




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Kurith listens to all of Tempest's lengthy and rather verbose explanation of the night's events and gathers from it that Tempest was on her way home, got caught in the fog, followed Qunitilas and some dwarf into The Underdark, and had nothing to do with Toldin's list or Thor's meeting... 'or least that's what she sez.'


It would seem that it is the gods that have cast our lot together this evening."


Kurith nods, "Uh-huhhhhmm", she says, though her tone suggests that she does not believe much else of the lady's explanation. It gives Kurith some comfort to know that Eligos is in a deep sleep rather than dead, but the circumstances are none less suspicious. Kurith will have to keep at least one eye on the strange lady eery second from here on.


When Tempest begins searching for the hidden door, Kurith stands aside. "I tried that ... didd'n work.... tried that too..... didd'n work neither.", Kurith coaches the lady in her hunt, and as Kurith expected, Tempest finds nothing new.


When Tempest is not looking, Kurith quickly searches one more place, but only finds herself getting more frustrated and angry. She mutters a string of curses, some of which are in Common, others of which are in Orcish, and a few of which she has invented on the spot specifically for this occasion. Then she bangs on the door three more times.


"Open the mother-lovin' door!", Kurith shouts to those below, and as an afterthought adds one more word, though it is a word Kurith does not like to use too freely, even among close personal friends.


"..... please?"

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Rothgar hears something while reading through the ledger, but presumes it must be the unknown people above him, unable to pinpoint the location of the noises.


As Rothgar reads through the ledger, he looks over the contents of the table. Nodding to himself he double checks the entries in the ledger against what is seen on the table. He gets towards the end of the ledger and you would see the color drain from his face if the room was not lightless. Gingerly he slides off the crate and steps away from it, closing the journal and sliding it into his backpack.


"Darius," Rothgar begins. "There are a couple crates in here that this ledger indicates may contain something dangerous or very powerful. I wonder if those controlling the undead may be searching for it. Thor's note also indicates it's been trapped, and well, Thor isn't one to make half measures. I'm willing to make an attempt to disable the trap, but, it's likely to hurt if I am not successful."


Again Rothgar hears the sound of movement and banging from Thor's bedroom, and the forced please.


Rothgar again asks Darius. "Do you know these people? One of them seems to know you, at least by name. Were you the only one Thor and Bell hired? They don't sound like they are in trouble

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Darius has been oblivious to everything around him for the last few moments. His mind has been occupied with examining everything on the table, trying to figure out what it's good for. He gets a good feeling from the leather bracers, and picks them up. He is only brought out of his intense study when Rothgar says


"There are a couple crates in here that this ledger indicates may contain something dangerous or very powerful. I wonder if those controlling the undead may be searching for it. Thor's note also indicates it's been trapped, and well, Thor isn't one to make half measures. I'm willing to make an attempt to disable the trap, but, it's likely to hurt if I am not successful."



"Do you know these people? One of them seems to know you, at least by name. Were you the only one Thor and Bell hired? They don't sound like they are in trouble."



"Hurt who? Me? You? Both of us? That halfling that owes me money, what?" he asks the dwarf. "If it's you, then it's your call. If it's us, then I say let me get under the table first. All I'm concerned with at the moment is if the ledger told you what these are for." He holds up the bracers.


He cocks his head and listens to the voice upstairs. "Yeah, that sounds like Kurith, the half-orc I mistook that hobgoblin zombie for. Just between us, don't tell her I made that little slip, ok? I'd like to keep my arms where they are," he says. Raising his voice a bit, he hollers up at the door, "Keep yer shirt on! We're deciding whether or not you are a figment of my imagination."


Then, to Rothgar he says "She's an alright gal. Want I should let her in?"

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Kurith bangs on the door once more in acknowledgment of Darius' reply.


"You thinkin' 'bout me with my shirt off, Darius?", Kurith shouts through the floorboards with a short laugh.


She stands up again and mutters something about humans and hairless dogs. Kurith looks over at Tempest to see if the blue lady takes offense, though Kurith has by now come to the conclusion that there is less human blood in Tempest than there is in her own veins, if any at all. Then Kurith gets an idea.


Before, Tempest had found a little secret hidey-hole in one of the walls that unlocked the hidden door to the hidden room. It made sense that there would be something of the like in this room as well, and so Kurith begins her search, starting on the wall just to the right of the room's proper exit and continuing rightward, paying special attention to the wall in the vicinity of the hidden trapdoor. Assuming the secret hidey-hole was installed by a dwarf, Kurith searches at what she guesses to be a dwarf's eye-level.


"Well...ya found the first one easy enuff. Think ya can do it again?", Kurith asks Tempest.

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Rothgar nods to Darius' vouchsafe for Kurith, and then realizes, it's a wasted motion given the lack of lighting.


"I reckon I'll let them in if you're willing to vouch for her. And no worries bout the hobgoblin mix up. It could happen to best of us." Rothgar rolls his eyes and grins under the cover of darkness.


Rothgar climbs the ladder to the hatch and calls through the door. "Step back against the wall, Darius is here with me and he's vouched for you. I'm going to open the trap. But I have to warn you, I'm already weary of this day and I'm not in the mood to deal with any funny business.


Thankful for the lack of light to cover his motions, Rothgar makes a bit of fumbling and tapping noises as if there is a complex mechanism being released before lifting the hatch to the trap door and peering into the room.


Rothgar spies a large half-orc, a blue skinned lady.


"Name's Rothgar. Darius is down below. I've closed off the door to the banquet room so we're secure from the walking dead down there unless they've suddenly made them smart enough to work the door. We've both taken some injuries downstairs, I don't reckon either of you is a heal..." Rothgar spies the prone figure on the floor. "Looks like something caught up to your friend there. Will he pull through? How many have you encountered up here? Have you seen Thor or Bell? And more importantly, does Thor know you've made a mess of his bedroom?"

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A few moments pass between Kurith and Tempest as they look upon each other, neither capable of finding a way to open the trapdoor that leads back down into the hidden room and the small treasure trove.


A gruff voice breaks the silence between them and soon they’re face to face with the dwarf named Rothgar. Just as Rothgar finishes asking his barrage of questions, an echoing crash comes into Thor’s bed chamber from somewhere down the hallway. With the trapdoor now open there is a meager amount of light filtering down into the hidden room coming through the window of Thor’s bedroom.


You are all bruised and wounded, and have yet to even begin to understand the events of this night. But the night’s horrors are far from over. Unknown to the hero’s of this little tale more undead forces are moving in their direction! Will the hero’s continue to survive the battle within the dwavern drinking hole? Will staying concealed within the hidden room buy them the time needed to get a handle on what may be transpiring within the City of Splendors? Did anyone remember this time to shut the hatch in the banquet room that gives access to the lever that opens the doors to the secret room… I think not! <insert dreadful music here>


Forces are in motion that have taken over two centuries in development and are now being brought to bear upon the City of Splendors. Will Waterdeep and our hero’s survive The Dead of Knight!, or will the small band of hero’s succumb and become one of the members of the night of the living dead!

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