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Welcome all the CHampions Of Valor!


First off i want full Credit to most of this project to go out to spike for handleing most the visuals and the awsome map tool and rulebook! THANKS SPIKE!!!!!


Here is the core beta rulebook...

RuleBook V1.3


And this is the land a Eradin!



The game runs simple. All The Roleplaying elements shall go here along with any major annoucments from me. Most of the action is kept secret..........The first thing every one must do is sedn em a total overveiw of the kingdom as stated in the rulebook......once you send me the overveiw in a seprate PM you may send me your very first turn. I hope everyone injoys this!



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{ Thanks A-C for the creds }


The past summer had been one of the best summers that Kelana could recall. Several years of nearly uninterrupted peace had befallen the land she knew as home. The empire's military and treasury had been almost completely wiped out, but as strange luck would have it, rival kingdoms no longer saw her people as any sort of real threat to their own holdings. The people, no longer having to devote all their resources to training soldiers and crafting weaponry, had turned their energies toward more intellectual and artistic pursuits as well as civic improvement. The sounds of war-drums and marching feet had been replaced with the sounds of laughing children at play. The old barracks had been turned into a community theatre at which one could be entertained by the likes of Dreghak with his collection of naughty limmericks, or a popular reality-based puppetry presentation known simply as Zug. Even the weather seemed to be more pleasant of late. It was not uncommon to hear members of the queen's court say that the queen had made it clear.The climate must be perfect all the year. The rain could never fall 'til after sundown, and by breakfast the morning fog must disappear.


Kelana had been merely a child the last time she saw one of the queen's armies march through the red gates of Kubu-Merakh to embark on a major campaign, and although she was not fond of warfare in the least, she still liked the pageantry of a full military parade. The military's more recent excursions had been of a more covert nature, and had neither begun nor ended gloriously. Although most of Her Majesty's people were enjoying the peace-time cultural revolution, the Queen had confided in Kelean her worries that the making of love rather than the making of war was putting a huge burden on the land's limited resources. In short, the Queen knew that eventually there would be too many mouths to feed and not enough food to feed them.


In her official role as Tahu-Naskhah, or palace book-keeper, Kelana was not only expected to make records all of Her Majesty's orders and requesitions, but was also retained to read all incoming correspondences to Her Majesty. It was not exactly a secret that the Queen could neither read nor write.


Kelana stepped through the palace doors, took in a deep breath of the damp evening air and sighed. In her hand she carried a scroll of paper bearing the Queen's seal. It was also Kelana's duty to see that Her Majesty's orders were accurately recorded and delivered, a task for which she was uniquely gifted with an aptitude for. However, it did not make her errand any easier. It had been a long day in the Queen's private chambers with Her Majesty's two other most trusted advisors, but a decision had finally been reached. Kelana had tried her best to prevent it, but even if Gurgh, who was the Head-Orc-In-Charge of the Queen's Imperial Army, had shared Kelana's position on the matter, neither would have been able to budge the Queen's opinion once Emyril had spoken his counsel.


"He's just the Royal Baker... a elf baker....", Kelana grumbled as she headed toward the Homeguard Captain's hut to deliver the unhappy news. "... since when do we depend so much on dwarven sugar?", she asked nobody-in-particular as she knocked on the door. Dregakh opened the door, but his smile faded quickly when he saw it was only Kelana and not just some other scantily-dressed orc girl who wanted to bear a few children for him. "It's just you?", he asked as he rolled his eyes at the frumpy half-orc standing in front of him.


Kelana unrolled the scrolled message in her hand, but after looking over it, decided to skip to the meat of the matter.


"Round up the old Homeguard and get 'em ready for the Queen. She's wantin' to go to war again. .... and put some pants on, Dre!"

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Teras Agailor still reeked of death, still reeked of conquest, "Still reeks of blasted elves!" spat Gaburak upon the twisted granite throne. "This place still reeks of elves! Why does it reek of elf still!" Gaburak Elf-Smiter was a large goblin, about the size of a fully grown human which was twice the size of a normal goblin. Gaburak, as the name implies, holds a bitter hatred of elves which nothing but blood could cure. A gaurd shifted uncomfortably across from Gaburak "M-my Lord, we are cleansing the city as we speak, soon it will smell of one of our underground cities." The gaurd returned to attention as Gaburak began to glare at him "Soon? SOON?! I want it done NOW!" With that last word he flung a chunk of the granite throne at the gaurd just missing him. The gaurd scurried out and into the city to find the cleansers.


The cleansers were in the plaza with their demonic machines. These machines spat a poison into the air and killed anything which could not breathe the deep underground airs filled with toxins. Along with removing the elf stink from the air, it also made it easier to breathe the fresh air for the goblins who had taken over Teras Agailor. The gaurd from the throne room ran up to the cleansers with their black metal suits and strange masks. "Boss-man wants you to pick up the pace!" The lead cleanser looked at him for a minute or so and then returned to his machine with a courteous "F*** him." The gaurd scurried back to the throne room to tell Gaburak the news on the cleanser's progress. Along the way he thought about things and he had always wanted be a cleanser. Perhaps with this bit of news he would have his chance.

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Sir Albrecht leaned forward shifting his weight in the wooden throne that Johnathan the carpenter had crafted for him. "You say that there has been a sighting of the Sacred Shield?" he asked of the ragged traveler before him. "You are certain that it was not just a well crafted peice of armor?"


The man furrowed his brow for a moment as if reliving the scene in his mind. "Well, Sire," he began slowly. "The guy I talked to said that he had heard from his cousin that one of his hired hands had spoke with a farmer that heard in a tavern that some black shield was seen not too far away." The man scratched his chin and nodded proud that he had remembered the tale.


Sir Albrecht sighed. This was reminiscient of many of the tales and rumors that he had followed on his original quest that had brought him to this land. The truth of the matter was that, despite the vagueness of this man's story, he was eager to explore this area in more detail. The small village had prospered and now resembled a proper town. With new people arriving from some of the more outlying areas perhaps it was time to settle this land for mankind once and for all. And the Onyx Shield awaited him as well.....

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