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2512 Tsuko Monk


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Here is my 4th painted mini ever. I'm working my way through the Learn To Paint Kits, and he's the second guy in LTPK 2.


I know I need to work on smoothing out my highlights, the camera is BRUTAL! He looks better from a distance - like from around the block :rolleyes:


Comments and areas where I need work and improvement are welcome.





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Cameras are like that. Looks super for your fourth model. The right eye definatley could use a bit of clean up. You might try holding the mini upside down if you want to fix it. I've found that really helps me get to eyes for those kind of repairs. I also find that when I'm haveing trouble with fiddly details that taking a big breath and trying to relax before I make the attempt really helps. I usually do finer details like eyes near the end of the painting and there is a real temptation to rush to finish the project. This is usually where I make a mistake.


The skin tones look really nice. Keep painting like this and you'll be calling people like me a hack in no time. ::D:

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For a fourth model that is fantabulous! You are definitely making progress. On to critique time:


The pictures seem to be yellowy. Are you using daylight bulbs? Do you have more than one lamp on the mini when taking photos? Are you using a flash?


The eyes look very good. I would suggest cleaning up around them though so there is a more crisp edge. I'm assuming you are working with the brushes that came in the kit yes? They will be harder to get a fine line for detail such as eyes. Practice always makes a different and doing the best you can with the tools you have. The eyes look very good. Took me quite a few models to figure out how to paint eyes.


As you've said already smoothing the highlights. You've got the right idea though which is a big start! Thin out your highlight paint a little bit more. It looks like it's just a smidge too thick. That may help out in blending your highlights.


That's all for now! Keep up the good work! You are moving along quite well!

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I like him. His skin tone and definition are really good.

Did a good job on his weapon too.

One tip to consider. I like to use a darker shade between fingers to really make hands pop. Do you use inks? I love brown ink for this and other purposes, I use it all the time to bring out definition. Its good to mix with paints to darker and thin shades aswell.

Wow, fourth mini ever eh? Good stuff.

There are some good eye tutorials around if you search for them. I learned a lot from them.


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Thanks for the tips and advice. Yep, I'm seeing a lot of spots that need a bit of clean up when I look at the photo. I haven't sealed him yet, so I'll probably do some touch-ups.


The photos are a bit yellowy. I think the auto white balance on my camera was just reading it wrong with the reflection of the yellow/orange walls in my room, but these were the most in focus of the ones I took. I just put my desk lamp on it which has a Reveal bulb in it.


I am using the brushes that came with the kit plus a couple of Golden Taklon brushes I picked up, a 4/0 spotter and a 0 round. Once I finish the Kits I may buy some better brushes as a graduation gift to myself ::P:


I'm finding my two biggest problems right now are brush control and figuring out how much to thin my paint. I'm sure both of those will get better with more practice. It seems every color of paint needs to be thinned a little bit differently, and I think I need to get to a stage where I can just tell if it's right by the consistency. Sometimes I think I thinned it too much when I apply the paint and I can't see any effect - it's almost translucent. But from what I've read, I think this might actually be the proper amount for layering.


Thanks again for the great tips, advice and encouragement. I really enjoy doing this and look forward to more practice.

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