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Bloodstone Scragger

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The sword that the gnome is wielding actually looks like what the Mesoamericans used to use for swords. They would create razor sharp blades of obsidian and mount them in wooden holds to use as a sword/cutting device in battle. The blades were replaceable since they were small segments. The small segments are a product of the fact that obsidian is very fragile.


That would be my dorky archaeologically based guess :upside:

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So it is a clubbering bat with fragments of evil stone that will break of and corrupt you from the inside and out?



I like this. :devil:


I need to get hold of some of these. I proxyed (spelling) them at a tournament in a local convention. Vikingcon in Denmark.

And they rocked!


Well, I did not have the scraggers, it was naklak, 3 pinners and 3 pulgers. I love first strike and critical shot. My opponents hated them.


And...I am happy to say.....I won! (a little bragging here)


First prize was a big undead lump of metal. Which I am swopping for some gnomes!

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