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Kitty for Wren


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So....Wren saw two of my kitties I brought to RC07, and liked them. We agreed to do a familiar exchange, and here is my end. ^_^ She said her favorite color was tortoiseshell, and as I've not done one, it sounded like an interesting challenge to me. I decided to post my attempt as a WIP, both to get advice and to show how I did it if it comes out as neat as I'm hoping it will.


She is prepped, based, her tail extended and curled up a bit (the original was too short for my tastes), and the first basic colors laid on to give me the foundation of pattern. She will be a tortie with minimal white, eventually playing in some tall grasses - I hope. Only 2 colors have been used at this point: black and Saffron Sunset. All paints used will be RMS. Will be doing more work on her tonight, and will post more pictures...Soon! ::P:





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Just for reference, a tortie has no white. A cat with red, black and white is a calico, not a tortoiseshell. Painting a tortie could be a real challenge, as the red tends to be in very small splotches.


This is my tortie, Spunky. Her face is almost half and half. Her mother was really cool; her face was in quarters of red and black, almost like a checkerboard.



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Awww... She's adorable Cerridwyn!


Ayin, Spunky is a gorgeous example of a tortie and it's quite true that the red is almost always in small splotches and often hard to pick out from the rest of the kitty. Absolutely no white on a tortie either. Yours is shaping up quite nicely ::): The Evil Ones aren't nearly as much fun as calicos, Siamese, or torties to paint..

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Hm. Ok, but what about the cats I've seen who are marked just like that (or darn close) who have a bit of white on the chin or a paw? And as far as the spots go, believe me, there is going to be a LOT of blending on this girl! This is just to establish base pattern - I've noticed that not all of the black is black all the way down (reddish undertones) and on the reds, there are often a lot of black hairs threaded thru.


Spunky is absolutely adorable! I can't wait til we can have our own hairball - although my husband really has his heart set on a Sphinx, so the hairball might be more of a peachfuzz ball.... :unsure:



Pics, re: white throat patch, tail tip, chin. Or does that little white on them make them official calicos rather than torties despite the rest of the coat?




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Alrighty. I finally got to work on her a little bit tonight and figured I'd post it - not a whole lot of work, but I think it's enough to see where things are going. I may add a few more definite black markings after the body is done, but most tortie images I'm finding have the colors on the body more mixed with the legs and face being more clearly marked.

My colors are: Black, Intense Brown, Oiled Leather with a dose of Clear Orange, Saffron Sunset with Clear Orange, and Saffron Sunset with Pure White.


I hope I didn't offend anyone with my last post (I noticed there have been no replies). I would truly like to know if the cats in the pictures I posted would be considered calicos rather than tortoiseshells, due to the small amount of white. I wasn't trying to be a [email protected]$$ or anything. :unsure:


I know it's not much to comment on, but if anybody has some they'd like to share, I'd love to hear it!


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The pictures you posted are definitely Tortoiseshell cats.... Calico's have a lot more white to them... usually an entire splotch of white along their belly or along their face/legs/tail.


I am amazed at the blending work you put into this already and it really shows how much the cat is going to shine when the finished product comes out. Her fur already has the look of actual animal fur.. .something I can;t get for the life of me... If you are going to add a little splotch of white somewhere I would think the best spot would be the very tip of the tail (it kooks like your already heading that way since the tail tip is much lighter then the rest of the figure).


I hope you don;t mind a total amateurs rambling opinion >.> *flees before you can find something to throw at him*

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