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Feora - Priestess of the Flame

Versutus Vulpes

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No, no, no! No brighter on the red! Protectorate red isn't a true red! Plus she's hanging around with smoke-spewing warjacks, there's no chance a brilliant red would remain that way for long. If you take a gander at the Sanguine base and highlights you're dealing more with a Violet-Red than a true red. The closest match for the P3 Menoth paints are the RMS Violet Red triad adding a touch of Clear Red to be leaning more towards Red than purple.


I absolutely adore how she turned out, VV ::): If anything I would've added a touch of the soot to the silver on her flamethrowers, possibly a little bit of VMC Smoke to make them a little oilier lookin'

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Man PTF you certainly getting a ton of minis! I know you are staying busy too!

Yuppers, I love having all this great talent represented in my army and boy, oh boy do I have a busy, busy time in front of me.

So far I've got4 exchange minis to do and 2 minis I am doing for friends as a favor (though the minis I'm doing as a favor do not have any deadline attached to them, they are extra minis from my friend's armies that I wanted to paint). I like having all this work, it really keeps me motivated!


Now, Feora, man VV, you did an AMAZING job on her. The reds came out excellent, she will fit in with my army perfectly.

I LOVE the soot on the smoke stacks, it looks really, really cool and adds a level of realism to the figure.

The off-white is dead on and the gold/bronze looks perfect.

It will be an honour to field a piece painted by you with the rest of my force.


Feora will be the mini I am painting for Helltown's army, the bar is now set pretty darn high for her paint job ^_^

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