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Just to take the topic literally....


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Just to show off what I used to do before I got into reaper... here are some of my oldest jobs... .RAFM 15MM scale figures from the Call of Cthulhu line. Basically I wanted to at least grab their Deep Ones packs since I had no idea if any other company makes them (reaper has a few that could pass as Deep ones with some conversions.. .since Lovecraft described them as leaping half frogs half fishes {made from humans originally.... kinda....})


These are two of my player characters mini's (Father Maxwell a deep one priest) and a deep one himself.




Perspective shot (Sir daugon in the background there....)




Detailed threesome




Wraith (slightly larger about 20MM)




Father Maxwell (PC mini)




Father Maxwell sanity break ( a large part of the Call game revolves around what happens when your character has seen too much of a bad thing... .where your character suddenly snaps and is uncontrollable... Father Maxwell is a deep one{prior to changing} and as such his sanity break brings him closer and closer to changing into a walking talking fish'boy.)


Most likely I will take these back when I strip and redo several reaper pieces I have on the pin sol shelf.

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Since you mention the Pine Sol shelf, and thinning your paints (in another thread), you are getting serious, so I feel ok commenting on a problem that's easily fixed. I see skin paint on the sleeves and collar.


Generally you should paint in the order you get dressed: face/skin first, hard to reach clothes, then the jacket (or robe, whatever).


Don't overload your brush with paint. It only needs to be on the tip so it's easy to control where it goes. The rest of the bristles will be moist with water; more, or less, depending on the task.


When you get a face that makes you happy, make a few passes with Testor's Dullcote to "save" it.


That stain on your desk adds the creepy. I really dig Call of C.

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*laughs at lastman's comment* it's actually not a stain... it's a huge amount of tape placed their to cover/smooth out a rough part of the computer desk's wood from years ago when I didn;t have a coaster on it *snerks*


Yeah I have been doing CoC for a year now but the miniatures are very hard to come by.. .especially since RAFM only sells characters in three packs making it much more costly to buy them (usually 10-15 dollars for one model set... seeing as it's a call in/email only ordering process I don;t like to order less then three sets so it's the costliest miniatures I buy considering I make maybe.. .300 a month as a technical aid at my alma matter college while finishing my thesis {Yes I do far too much at once})


Thank you for the tip about clothing... I had heard it before but I never realized that applied to skin too... .which makes much more sense... >.>


As for the paints back then I didn't even thin the hobby paint I used on these... so the coats are extremely thick.... and very covering.. .I was looking at the sanity break one today and I noticed under the layers of gray he actually had a belt!


and just for the hell of it.... a Depp One family Christmas....




"And the stockings were hung by the shoggoth with care... in hopes that Father Dagoon would soon be there..."


**edit** just for the hell of it I went and finished "Twas the night before Sabbath" here's a link to my journal for anyone who wants to read...


Yaegashi Yoshiki's journal

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