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Wizards Star Wars, mass battles?


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The ads for the plastic Star Wars minis keep mentioning mass battle scenarios. Either this is marketing bunk, I’m missing some rules, or wizards has a strange concept of ‘mass battles.’


In my experience, the modified D20 rules aren't fit for anything above small skirmishes.


Am I missing something, or should I just give up and use something else?

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Give up and use something else.


The concept of "mass battles" has transformed with the explosion of skirmish style games. Now a mass battle is one that has 50 figures per side, and considered "special." Most of my mid-size historical wargames armies come in at a MINIMUM of 100 figures (except of course the mostly cavalry armies).


I think something has been lost...



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LP: here HERE!!!! yes, it has been lost! with skirmish games taking over the market, the definition of mass-battle is one lost to those who can't fathom setting up 400 figures or so, with quality terrain. let alone spending the money or the shelf space to store it all...


this is why 15mm mini's/1:72 scale toy soldiers/models are in truth a gamer's best friend.

(if only people would grow up and see the awesome in getting 40 figures for 8 bucks...)

...as opposed to ONE!!!!



Nan': mass combat rules? did they finally decide to make units a concept in SW:MB????



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i came up with the concept of units:


you get 2 actions, as in a normal game, applicable to a hero model, vehicle, monster, or a unit.


unit is a number or "troop" style models plus a leader type

(my example: 9 Clone Troopers with a Clone Seargeant)


also, heavy units (such as a trio of droideka or 4-pack of sith adepts) must have lesser units in the army to balance them out....


in this way, when a unit acts, it can do things a real unit could...like shoot up a jedi hero

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