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New Wave today :)


I'm surprised noone has brought up Wall of Voodoo's "

" I should have probably saved this for a covers post since everyone and their brother has covered it. ;)


On the South Western theme is Boys Don't Cry "I Wanna Be a Cowboy"


Completely off the South Western theme (with the exception that the japanese can be obsessed with cowboys is the Vapours "Turning Japanese".


Peter Schilling's "

" which was an english translation of "
" (fan vid w/ 2001 foortage). I feel compelled to put David Bowie's "
" here as well.


I also like Oingo Boingo for "Werid Science" and "



Martha and the Muffins (Not to be confused with Stuffin' Martha's Muffins which was a Mojo Nixon song) had their hit "Echo Beach"


Looking like a bad frazetta cover is Missing Person's "Words" I'd like to see the Governator cover this song, honestly. "Do you heah meee? DO YOU CARE!?! GET TO THE CHOPPA! NOWA" - There is also "Destination Unknown" which has spawned a ton of covers as well. KILL MEEE NOWA!


Modern English with "Melt with You"


Haircut 100 - "Love Plus One"


The Fixx - "Saved by Zero" and "One Thing Leads to Another"


I'm tired this morning :P


Last two for today - they feature bouncy people in colorful foam suits.


New Order - "

" and

Fine Young Cannibals - "She Drives me Crazy"


I lied - another favorite of mine - Shriekback - "Nemesis". It mentions cannibals and uses the word "parthenogenesis". "Call in the airstrike with a poison kiss"

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Rigger, man, "Veteran of the Psychic Wars" is the greatest BOC song of all time, followed second by "Flaming Telepaths" (Sorry not the best version, the only one I could find).


Another classic BOC song.


But c'mon guys, let us not forget this awesome little diddy.


I like that song and she's friggin' hot...however, my eighties (well, start of nineties actually) looked a little more like...



But wait there's

, a long intro but well worth the wait.


Let's not forget about this one.


Oh hell yean man!


I'm simply not going to link the December Wolves video for their song "Porn Again Christian", it is XXX rated but it is a wicked killer song, you can search around the Earache records site if you are interested. NOT work safe, NOT safe for the under 18 crowd, you've been warned.


Oh yeah...more goodness!



Annnnnnnnnnnd...probably one of my

from the 80's.


I leave you with this eclectic assortment of videos.


All right, all right



Now I will really leave you all alone.

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How could we have missed Burning Down the House?


Continuing the house theme, Who Can it Be Now?


Y'know, that was a nice segue into a stalker theme. Every Breath You Take.


Of course, you could post anything by the Police and I'd be all over it, but we'll keep going with a Nabokov-inspired song, Don't Stand So Close to Me.


I'm going to keep going with the Police. Synchronicity II is a totally rocking song, even if the video hasn't aged quite as well.

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