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Where has she been?

Lady Tam

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YAY! Elle-Tee is back!


I've missed you alot, especially in the roleplays we used to be in. Maybe you'd like to join in one of those again soon. ;)


I'm glad to hear you are on the mend. Depression is tough, but like they always say, a burden shared is a burden halved. If you ever feel you still need somebody to talk to, you know I'm here.


*hugs* It's good to have you back!

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Did someone say RP? sorry for delay. I did not disapear. Weekends are hectic right now as I work and my parents have been at the lake the last two weekends.


I DID get a lot painted on that Diarama I started oh so long agao. The ruined tower that I was doing for teh vampire. The base is done as it the tower just working on the moss and such (Did a bunch of it at work on Sat. Tells you how boring my job is ::P: )


hmmm. RP...my wrting bug is in full force as well as my paiting.


I see the deadly Bok is still about :D Some things never change ::P:


Now to start reading some posts and make replies. I need to catch up with Enchantra!



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