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Guys this is our new member, Vin

King Tiger

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Wargaming with any of the guys at Mythbusters could be cool, too.


And imagine the kit-bashing they could do.


Screw that, imagine the battlefield effects they could rig up for a big 10K v 10K CAV2 battle.


Or that.

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Here's a lineup:


The Mythbuster guys, Alton Brown (Food Network - Good Eats), Robin Williams, and Dr. Zahi Hawass.



We'd get food, fun, laughter, and things blowing up while I get some free Egyptology lessons. :ph34r::devil:




If we could play in the Cairo Museum, Temple of Karnak, or Great Pyramid, even better...

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A David Lynch run RPG. It would start as D&D or another world, but who knows where you will wind up, and as what.


"My character is level 8 in the bookhouse boys, and has had 6 visions of the good witch, but now I'm a lamp."


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I, too, would enjoy gaming with the MythBusters, either RPG or strategy. Especially Kari Byron. :wub::wub::wub:


I think CAV with the College GameDay guys (Chris Fowler, Kirk Herbstreit, Lee Corso) would be interesting, there's the commericals of them playing chess, painting toy soldiers, etc.


Herbstreit: I've got RAV 1 and Piercing/5 (rolls dice, gets a 6), I got 12, that beats your DV of 11.

Corso: Not so fast, my friend, I have an ECM bubble active. That makes my DV 14. You miss! Ha!




I'd like to RPG with the members of power metal bands Manowar or Virgin Steele--they make music you can role play by;


Or William Shatner in a Star Trek RPG, and make him play a security guard. :devil:


Other celebs I'd like to RPG with include Will Smith, Johnny Depp, and Tim Curry.

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Oh lets see here:

Robin Williams

Dana Carvey

Nel Carter


Keanu Reeves

HG Wells

River Phoenix


OK some of the above are dead people. However I think a gaming group of those individual would be full of hilarity and good eye candy along with brains to balance it all out.

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I'd like to also add Alice Cooper to my lineup.



I also don't know if the Mythbusters would take some of the fun out of things. I've been thinking about it, and there's that whole Suspension of Disbelief thing that can occasionally happen in games, and they'd have to go rain on parades.




Jack Nicholson would be fun, though.

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Vin Diesel wrote the foreword for the really nice 30th ann. book of D&D art that they put out... He had some pretty cool things to say.


If I had to pick some famous people to game with, I think maybe I'd go with John Lithgow or John Malkovich - definitely some great role-playing possibilities, although you'd probably have to have some major novelist/screenwriter as DM, lol...


I think some of the guys from the D&D Players Handbook Public Service Announcements on youtube would be pretty funny to play with... If you haven't seen them, just search for CreativeJuices7 on youtube - there's 29 of these things so far, and you can easily spend an entire day watching them all in order. They're "behind-the-scenes" interviews with the iconic D&D characters, and they are < bleep>ing hysterical.

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Hmm, let's see...


A game with Gene Roddenberry would be good, probably the Full Impulse version of Full Thrust.


Imagine a game of Munchkin with Mike Meyers, Dana Carvey, Drew Carey, Ryan Styles and Adam Sandler.


I wouldn't want to play in this one, but watching a three-way CAV game between Patton, Rommel, and Montgomery.

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