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Longrider Conversion and Bases


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Hey Guys,

I've altered my longriders slightly so that they are carrying a wider assortment of weapons.

Most of the weapons are from very old GW bits or the Reven weapon pack from reaper.

Also, I've altered the pose of a couple of the bison so that they are rearing up on their hind legs.

Finally, I've added banners. A tutorial of these banners can be found at www.imperialforge.net


The bases are not done, but you can already see the different themes for each rider. There will be a rider from the icy tundra, the forests, the moutains, the riverlands, and the desert. They all come together in times of stress to fight for their people, but indeed they are LONGriders. smile.gif This will make it easy for me to match them to damage as well.


Comments and suggestions are appreciated.


The next phase of the banners is to be painted and then decalled with some homemade decals that I'll print out on decal paper.


Also, I've found that apoxy sculpt rocks the hizouse when it comes to gap filling minis with putty. It stays softer for a lot longer than any other putty I've tried (green stuff, brown stuff, A+B putty, milliput, procreate) and it dries really really hard. Hard enough to sand (like brown stuff). Although I don't think it's a great putty for creating larger objects than gap filling.


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The organization comes from loaning out paints to mates.


I also host paint parties for my gaming group on weekends sometimes so I needed a way of helping people figure out what colour goes well with what.... it also helped with the putting away :rolleyes:


I spent many a night putting stuff back in it's proper place before the numbering system.

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Your guys are comming out really cool, will be neat to see when there painted up. Love the bases so far, nice work.


Your work area is very well organized, nice selection of paints as well. You actually do your work here or is this a display like a show house? :poke:::D:


I should put up a pic of mine, I'm sure you could use a good laugh

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