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I found this online game today and I may be hooked. Its called PoxNora and you can find it at www.poxnora.com. Its basically an online, collectable fantasy miniatures game.


They call their game pieces Runes, and they come in 4 varieties: Champions, Spells, Relics and Equipment. When you play a game, you build an army of 20 Runes in any combination of types. There's 8 factions (4 good, 4 evil) and each has their own map to fight on that gives it bonuses. Maps are either randomly determined or decided by the game's host.


So anyways, each turn you get to reveal 2 of your runes, kinda like drawing cards in a CCG. You have an energy rating called Nora that increases each turn. You spend Nora to bring champions and relics into play on the map, cast spells or equip items.


Once a Champion is put in play, they pretty much act like normal miniatures games. At the beginning of your turn, all of your Champs gain Action Points based on their Speed attribute. You then spend APs to move, attack, use special powers, etc.


The point of the game is to get across the board and destoy the other player's Shrine (you each have one) but there's also a few other Nora Fonts on the board which you can capture to gain extra energy each turn.


I've played 3 games tonight and am having a blast so far. You can play for free in the Beginner's Lobby using the demo deck for each faction. If you want to get serious, you can buy Runes in booster packs just like CCGs, prices are pretty much the same: 10 runes for $3, 30 for $8.50 or 100 for $25.


The coolest part though is that in each game you play you gain XP, and you can actually use that XP to level up the runes that you buy. So you can actually increase your Paladin's HP or Dmg. I haven't done it yet, but I'm looking forward too it. Figured I'd use a couple more days in the beginners lounge before moving out to the big world.


If you want to try it out, look me up. I'm going by "davro33" right now b/c Chrome was taken. I may change it to something more menacing, but right now I'm 3-0 and don't want to lose my great record! :;):

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I've been playing for a few days now and I have to admit that I'm having a blast. If you play WL or CAV, you'll have the basics mastered after about 2 games.


the most annoying thing I've found about the game so far is the number of players who quit in the middle of a game. As soon as it starts turning against them, they just drop. You get credited w/the win, but half of the time I feel like I've been cheated out of my victory. Its not the fact that hey surrender, its that they just do it with no warning and then just split w/out saying anything. No "GG", or "that AOE spell really turned the tide". It seems like the online equivilent of the sore loser. I expect the competition to get a little bit more cordial once I join the ranked games tho.

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Same here.


I tried a few games after Chrome talked me into it. I like the game.


I am 3-0 and all three are partly based on the fact that my opponent just stopped playing and/or quit in the middle. At least one of them actually said goodbye before leaving, the others just cut.


I am still playing in their "free" section using their sample card decks.


That is my one concern about paying to play... I have been reading their forums about the number of players that are P.O.'d about how much money they have spent buying packs over and above their membership benefits, and how little in terms of quality cards they have gotten out of it. So, they tease you with a decen tnumber of really good cards in their free sample area, but just not sure that I have the confidence to actually pay to start playing in their normal areas cause of that.

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