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suggestion for a new faction

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That would be a nice twist. Chronopia had the Orcs/Goblins/Ogres/Trolls as a Saracen/Indian civilization and it was one of the coolest ideas/armies for a tabletop game.


Reaper could really take this in your direction with Roman styled Hobgoblins. You could probably proxy an army (freelance) by using the data cards from other armies. For your shield/spear troops I'm guessing the Overlords Phalanx guys would be the card to use. You'd have to take it from there, do some reading on Roman armies and then just use the stats that most make sense.



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Instead of roman style.. I think I would prefer to see Aztech style hobgoblins....


Yeah, me too. There is a current thread over in factions and tactics that is discussing the Greek/Roman humans if anyone is interested.

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