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So a couple months ago I decided to quit smoking...again. This time I enlisted the aid of some meds and am much more serious about it than previous attempts. Anyway, turns out waiting for paint to dry is a pretty big trigger for me as I developed this habit of going out and smoking while I'd wait for the paint. So when I quit this time I had to step away from painting for a while. After a couple months of not smoking I decided to come back to the table. So far so good. Anyway, here's what I've gotten done in the last week or so. Nothing spectacular, just some tabletop jobs to get models into play.


First up are a couple of Nomads. These were actually mostly finished while I was in Arizona. All they needed was some dark lining. I'll probably come back to them and do some drybr.....non-wet blending at some later point. These weren't intended to be used in any particular force so they just got a simple gray and blue parade scheme with metallic silver weapons.



Next are three Armored Infantry stands. These actually were mostly finished just before ReaperCon. Then our third son decided that the urban camo pattern they had didn't contain enough purple. So he dumped most of a bottle of Apple Barrel Royal Purple on them. As well as a Dictator that was awaiting a new paint job. So they got to take a bath and wait. Rather than try to redo the urban camo I just did them in shades of gray with Gunmetal Blue FA-45s. My new idea for infantry is to paint each type of stand with a different pattern. So my Rifle Teams are tan and red, the armored rifle teams will be this pattern, armored heavy mortars will be gray and green, the rest is being decided. Anyway, here's the armored rifle teams.



And finally, most of a squad of plastic Cadians. These are actually going to be used with Two Hour Wargames' 5150 sci-fi rules rather than 40k. I decided to continue the scheme I had used before when I was still playing 40k, only now I'm doing a little more detail on them than I had before as I paint a little bit faster now and paint a little bit better. Previously I wasn't bothering with eyes for example. Bases aren't done yet as I haven't decided on what I want to do them yet. I've been told I should get off my lazy butt and drill the grenade launcher barrel out. I'll probably add that to the "Someday List."




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CAV paintjobs..i am actually glad to see these, for resasons metaphysically satisfying....

Funny you painted Nomads.


As far as using 40k for Sci-fi...good show.

The color scheme is simple, and effective.

as i've said on GW, they can really make mini's, but i have'ta spit at the rules. good show both ways...and good luck in your games!

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