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Happy Birthday Qwyksilver!!


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There's NO WAY I could let myself get away without doing something orky for my orc-soul-brutha Qwyk on the occasion..or ORCasion of his birthday.










I hope you're having a wonderful day!




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Spike, you stink.

You made me laugh so hard you broke my eyes and now this salty liquid leaked out...


Thank you so much.









And I did get to paint this weekend! Mary took Erin for the day on Saturday so I got about 4 hours of painting time in. My brush control stunk at the beginning, since I haven't touched a brush since February, but thankfully it came back.

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Thank you everyone for the birthday well wishes. I had an awesome weekend.


Friday I got the call that my background check cleared so I can start my new PT gig Thursday. Saturday I got the afternoon to myself to paint when my wife took the Qwykling out for the day. I got the final Batman Lego I needed for the complete set and some books. The Pats kicked the crap out of Dallas. My fantasy football team kicked butt. My daughter decided she would rather sleep until 6:30 now instead of 5:00 AM. Last night, I ate so much good sushi I woke up full.


It was almost a perfect weekend!!!


Except for that no good rotten city of Cleveland... <_<

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