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Surkar for spike (03043)


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Wow! I have to admire your bravery for taking on such a tough mini to paint. Knowing just what colours to use on most of the details is challenge enough..and then there's the fact that there are so many details to paint. One thing I find helps alot is one of those Opti-Visors for magnifying details. On more than one occasion, Steve and I have argued for hours over exactly what some particular detail is even supposed to be.


I like that raw-chicken. The colour is pretty darn realistic. I suspect that mojo-stick he's carrying is to ward off the flies. :lol: Soon he'll have a good home among my collection of minis painted by other friends of mine. Thanks again, Wes.

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Think you could take pictures of your brushes you use to paint with?


i really want to try and give some good helpful ideas, and constructive criticism, and just trying to figure out where a good place to start is.


Did you look at the Gongkor tutorial link I included in my reply to your other thread? If so, can you give me your thoughts on that painting walk thru that he has there on painting G? Are you up for trying to replicate that paintjob done in that tutorial? Again just trying to analyze how to best try to go about making suggestions.





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Yes I looked through the post of the gungir model but at the moment that model is winging it's way down to Spike's house to go along with this model here. That means I will have to wait till I can get another gungir to actually follow the paint job with.


One bad thing I noted about this post is that my camera rig is makeing everything look rather.... fuzzy/futzed. I don;t know how to really explain it but it looks like the model has a fur coat on over it's paint job.... which in reality it of course does not... >.>


I think it's either the lighting I am using or the photoshopp ineptitude I used to try and lighten/brighten the picture quality... As for brushes I mostly use bargain priced mass quantity brushes from Michal's and Jo-Anns... albeit I stick to the sable ones made for acrylic paints. I guess I could probably post up a pic tomorrow if your still interested.



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Try moving the camera back a foot or so, and then cropping the picture. I think part of the problem is you are not inside the focal length of the camera (too close, and you get blurry pictures) In cropping the picture you can still get that "Close up" look.


Try using two lamps to light the figure as well - and if you can pick them up daylight bulbs. Most incandescent bulbs throw off a yellowish tint. You can adjust for this in photoshop, however.

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When Surkar (and his buddy Gungor) arrived last week, I was amazed at how great they both looked "in person". I finally got around to taking a few photos of my own.



"If you punch me one more time, Gungor, I'm gonna smack you upside yer head with a dead chicken!"




I just put 'em both in my little "on the cheap" homemade light diffusion box, which seemed to eliminate a good bit of the shinyness that was keeping their true colours from shining... oops.. here I go with the Cyndi Lauper song again... :lol:


Thanks again, Wes! They are excellent additions to my little greenskin gallery.

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