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Hey - I painted these a year or two ago, and I just rediscovered I had pictures of them. They were a quick 2-3 hours in the even job for a friend of mine, but they were kinda cute. It is just a tabletop job, but he adores them - which makes me happy. I'd love to get my hands on another set to see how much my painting (d)evolved. :poke:







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Yes - it is really simple, if I can borrow a camera from someone, I'll make a quick tutorial.


Essentially I base the miniatures on thin plywood (.8 mm). Actually, I think these might be the bases from warmaster, so they are plastic and a bit thicker.


I then add some sand with white glue. Once this is try, I give it another coat with really thinned down white glue (the consistancy of milk - you can also buy a bottle of it from woodland scenics if you are wicked lazy like I am). What this will do is lock the sand into place so it doesn't peal up when you are playing with it. Then I spray primed the whole model black, which made the sand black.


I painted the figure, and then I drybrushed the sand with GW's scorched brown, Graveyard Earth and Kommando Khaki. For the bigger chunks, I gvae them a light dusting of ivory to make the rocks "pop" and then aded static grass. (Put down a blot of glue, take a pinch of static grass and dab it into the glue)


It is a really super simple and quick process which makes a decent enough looking base.

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basing style also known as : standard historical basing.


thanks for posting the technique, saint!


BTW very cool mongol caphratcoi...most gamers think light bowmen a'horse when they think Mongols...but the Khans did have their heavy hammers....


those are also replica paint jobs if i do recall...are they a specific unit?

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