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New England Paint Day Photos - October 20th 2007

Whizard Hlavaz

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OK, Kids. Here're the photos I have from the Oct. 20th NE Paint Day at the Citadel in Groton, CT.


I can't figure out how to load attachments in the original thread. So I'll load the pics here and try to link back in to the original thread.


Anyway, enjoy!


The lot of us...


Left to right: Dargrin, Mad Jack, Collin, Whizard Hlavaz, Dilvish the Deliverer, Lorderl, Helltown, Vil-Hatarn.


And random shots from around the table.


post-638-1193064842.jpg post-638-1193065230.jpg post-638-1193065246.jpg


post-638-1193065257.jpg post-638-1193065274.jpg post-638-1193065282.jpg



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Good deal! Thanks for posting the pics. Although I will have to admit that it's not the most flatering one of me. But not many people can afford the kind of camera it takes to make me look good. :wacko:


Also, thanks should go out to the Whiz for his mini lectures (or should it me mini-mini lectures?) thoughout the course of the day. I learned more about layering, thinning, and NMM in just a few minutes than years of reading. Sometimes it takes seeing something in person to just make all of that theory click. I'll definately be at the next one, my work/family schedule permitting.


I should finish the last couple of touch ups and post what I worked on. Maybe I'll finish it this week.

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Ah... Sorry if you're unhappy with your pics... :down: I should have been more conscientious and checked everyone's smiles and all, instead of just taking quick shots around the table as I thought of it...



Darin, I was j/k. I have completely accepted non-photogenisis (It bugs the hell out of the wife, nearly every family photo has me grimaceing like a homicidal maniac).

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I should of stood in the back. No one can see Mad Jack. :blush:



Sorry, but it's against my religion to stand in the front row of pictures, lol. Heck, I freely admit to seriously considering ducking down behind you. Avoidance of having my picture taken is an old habit left over from the Bad Old Days. I spent years working towards becoming completely invisible to recording devices, to the point where most of the time people can't take a clear picture of me unless I let them - somehow, my face always seems to end up in deep shadow no matter how much light is in the pic. :ph34r: Part of my vast repertoire of Jedi skillz... :B):

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