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New England Paint Day Photos - October 20th 2007

Whizard Hlavaz

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Kate's got the crazy eyes!

The same look I get after working on a mini for hours and hours and finally saying, "either you come out right or I will firebomb the hell outta' you"!



Combination of less than eight hours of sleep (like 5-6 the night before), a four hour drive (I got lost not once but twice), my usual Bad Hair Day and a camera. I did ask if it broke after he took the picture, commenting on it's durability when miraculously it still functioned. He did wait for me to sorta smile, which makes it more psychotic looking...


Cameras and Kate are not a friendly combination.. As we've been trying to get together everything needed for a store website, there have been a lot of pictures of both my business partner and I diving out of the frame, ducking down behind the counter, etc.. In most photos that I smile for I look like a psycho Cabbage Patch Doll.

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It's always nice to see the face behind the posts. Thanks Darin!


In Darin's case, personally, I coulda lived without it.... ::D:


Ah, well... note the conspicuous absence of a close-up shot of me. Assuming the role of "he-who-wields-the-camera" has the advantage of getting one out of most photos. ::):


Of course, I've got a couple photos of myself I'm going to share with you, Kev, just because you spoke up. Be sure to check your e-mail today, but not at work! :devil:

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