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New whites are up


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Do I smell anther piece of concept artwork from you Micheal?? :unsure:::P:



I'll think about it, if I did concept art it might get in the way of DKS using the idea... so I'll also wait a bit (besides work has gotten busy so I dunno how much time I'll have...)

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The female ddwarven bear rider is very neat. Is that an eyepatch?


Have to go against the grain and say I don't care much for the Elf Guardsman. He's hunched over like his armor is too heavy.


The Lesser Elemental is awesome! Very gritty, like any good elemental made of dirt should be.


Callie looks like she'll sell like hotcakes.


<_< Biddeford's not that far away for me to come down there and lecture you on the wonders of dynamic sculpts, Dane! J/K, the hunching is a little much, but they're elves so I wuv 'em. :wub:

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