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What do you all do for fun besides mini stuff?


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So another theread got em curious as to what else all you all do in your spare time aside form mini goodness. What are some other hobbies you pursue?


For me I like fiber stuff, knitting, crochet, I dabble with spinning and embroidery. I also like to draw and play some video games what about you guys?

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I like to cook, especially sweets. I also like movies and music of all sorts. Here lately the favoured genre of movies has been classic musicals. (I hear there's a Lord of the Rings musical in the works).


I am also into digital photography and like to tinker with my photo-editing software, not to mention equally geeky pursuits like noodling with web-programming, javascripts and dynamic HTML.


I also like to write short stories, really bad poetry and parody.

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Lets see besides painting minis to play games with I .....



Build terrain to play those games on.

I read gaming books

I read websites on game strategy

I play video games based on the games (ie Temple of Elemental Evil)

I plan games to run

I look into new gaming systems


Oh yeah, I have the occasional free time to watch a movie, or cook a meal or something, but those things aren't as fun as gaming. ::D:

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I dont get alot of free time from work so I guess If I'm not painting I'll read or play computer games/ Play station -currently hooked on guitar hero :rolleyes: Still trying to beat my sons top scores, dont see that happening anytime soon though.

Like to play Racqetball when ever I get a chance also.

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what?! There is no fun besides mini stuff! Minis are the most fun! I am so puzzled that you guys think there are other fun things in the world this is blasephemy! ::P:


Ok on a serious note . . .


I'm teaching myself to cook chinese



school work (oh wait that's not fun . . . )

mmmmm . . . yeah that's about it. I know, I'm boring.

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Building cars, fixing cars, racing cars, fixing the cars again after I break them, travel to places to race the cars, meet people and race them in their cars, paint cars, look at other peoples cars...


Do a little bit of everything else too... Used to hunt a lot, but not so much anymore - though I still like to go out and burn through a box of bullets. Used to fish a lot, but SD fish just aren't as much fun as the fish in Florida that stood a chance of eating you too. Play with my dogs, try to teach the birds something useful, build and break websites, blow stuff up (usually on purpose)...


Got a bit of a movie collection (not sure how many...but around 17' of DVDs)...


Oh yeah, and then there is my wife. ::P:

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My hobbies are legion... I'm like a schizophrenic with ADD, lol. I can never tell what's going to fascinate me from one moment to the next.


Aside from painting, I make things. All sorts of things. Some people have a certain talent, like painting or writing music. I have what you might call a general talent. I'm not particularly good at any one thing, but I'm passably competent at just about everything. If I can see something in my head and understand how it's made or how it works, I can generally make it or do it.


Things I've dabbled in...


furniture-making and fine carpentry, wood-carving, pottery, crochet, jewelery-making, sculpting, leatherworking, glass-blowing, metal-working and armorsmithing, bowyering, weaving, and playing music (Irish whistle, drums, harmonica)...


Things I do regularly...


The Rocky Horror Picture Show/acting - I have the Rocky Horror lips and logo tattooed on my right shoulderblade. I was a member of a shadow cast for eight years, and attended 6 national conventions where I've had the chance to perform in front of as many as four hundred people. I've seen the show in 12 states, and seen six different productions of the stage play spread across 3 states. I've performed the movie in 10 states, at latest count I've performed 352 shows. I've spent about $2000 on costumes. I also perform the part of Judge Oliver Wright in the movie Shock Treatment, which is the little-known sequel to Rocky Horror. I am, or at least was, since I no longer perform, one of possibly three people in the entire US of A who has a screen-accurate costume for the part and performs it at conventions. I took my first acting class my senior year of high school, and was involved with the theatre guild during college. I have about thirty credits worth of college acting classes, and performed in eight or nine shows during college, as well as competeing in the regional Poetry Slam competitions, reading my own original poetry.


role-playing games and CCGs- mostly D&D, but I've probably played almost a dozen systems all together...Car Wars, Magic, GURPS, the Highlander ccg, Gamma World, Star Frontiers, the White Wolf games, Shadowrun...


computer games and digital modification - I play Neverwinter Nights (1 and 2) and spend time online at video chat sites, and check out art and photography sites for pictures to modify with Corel Photopaint 8... I can put elf ears on you a whole lot cheaper than that doctor in the other post, lol. I used to make my own character pictures for Neverwinter Nights.


writing and poetry - I'm a published poet (two college literary journals) and I write short stories, or at least I make them up in my head. I usually never get around to writing them down. I've got about two dozen stories floating around in my head at any one time, plus stats and back stories for 50 or more rpg and story characters I've created, as well as a dozen poems and tons of fragments of ideas.


models - both an off-shoot and a fore-runner of my miniatures hobby, I used to build plastic models and make dioramas and scenery for my miniatures, using everything from rocks and sticks to styrofoam and model railroad stuff.


sewing and costuming - although I can only sew from patterns, I own my own sewing machine, and have made several costumes for myself and other people, including some of my Rocky Horror costumes and most of my Halloween costumes over the years. My mother started teaching me to sew when I was ten, fixing holes in my clothes when I ripped them. A few years ago, I made a medieval dress for a friend to wear to a woman's wedding. I've made myself costumes and props for the characters of the Incredible Hulk, Hellboy, and Marv from Sin City.


ephemeral art - I make random things out of found objects and play with my food. I stack interesting rocks in odd patterns, build big sand castles, make snow sculptures, and do portraits with my food when I'm sitting with friends in restaurants. I made a portrait of Jar Jar Binks one time out of hash browns and ketchup that was so accurate that the waitress took a picture of it which hung on the wall near the cash register for almost a year afterward.


reading - I read voraciously. About 70-80 pages an hour. An 8 foot by 4 foot section of my bedroom floor is stacked to knee height with paperback books that I've read... I have two bookshelfs full of roleplaying, reference, and historical books, as well as books on random topics such as knife throwing, tracking animals, outdoor survival, ghosts, psychology, chemistry, massage, mythology, acting, communication, and other stuff.


movies - I own somewhere close to 400 vhs tapes and dvds... I've been on a lifelong quest as an adult to acquire all the movies that warped my fragile mind as a child. Old black and white horror classics, animated films from the 70's with big-name bands on the soundtracks, action films, sci-fi, psychological thrillers... a little bit of everything.


I also occasionally recreationally plot the murders of my friends, just for the intellectual challenge of it, lol.

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