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What do you all do for fun besides mini stuff?


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It varies with my mood. Lately, it's been focusing on my son, and watching copious amount of TV. Everything else is in cycles:


Race my Miata, writing, building wargame terrain, designing games, drawing, creating stuff out of sculpey, creating "stained glass" with Gallery Glass, yardwork, building my game room, paintball.


Hey Joe - what kind of cars do you race? Vintage? Stock? Drag?

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I like to hang out with my wife and kids.


I've played guitar for about 20 years.


I love to cook, either in the kitchen or in the back yard with the grill/smoker.


I play a few mini games, occasionally play some RPGs. HERO System/Champions is my favorite. And I have a developing interest in "map and counter" style wargames. Just games in general, including family board game kind of stuff.


I build scale models, mostly modern and WWII armor and aircraft.


I read sci-fi, fantasy, and horror.


I waste way too much time in front of the computer on the internet. I like this and don't like it at the same time because I know after a certain point it is just wasting time that I could be doing something else with.


I'm a bit of a backyard astronomer, but this hobby, along with my telescope, has been dormant for a few years.

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Watch zombie movies. Just watched Flight of the Living Dead and 28 Weeks Later.

Read zombie books and comics. Currently reading an anthology called Undead from Permuted Press and the Walking Dead comics.

Play zombie video games. Currently playing Dead Rising.



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I'm actually amazed at how many people have answered with some sort of cooking activity. I do not like to cook much... takes too much time and effort. <_<


What I like to do..


Any artsy influenced acts (drawing, painting, sculpting, etc) though I haven't done anything seriously in years


Make props, terrain and various other oddities like this:



Watch'a the movies. I like a good horror movie, comedy, action, sci fi... you name it. I REALLY love apocalyptic settings and zombies, though I've been a huge zombie fan since a toddler (zombies have become such the "in" thing lately, but I'm not really complaining). As soon as I started to walk, I learned how to put Night of the Living Dead and Thriller in the VCR. I kid you not.


Listen to music, though my taste falls over too much to list it here. I love to play music as well. It's sad that I don't get the chance to play much anymore. I've trained in years on the trombone (thank you school) and a wheeeeee bit on the guitar (teaching myself).


Play video games! One of my other geeky loves... I have been obsessed with games since I was a kid with the Commodore 64. The Sega Genesis was my second love (anyone else remember Sega Channel? I had artwork featured there! I still use the keychain I got in my prize package). Then PC gaming... and now I have fallen to the console again with the PS2 that I bought years back. At the time, I only bought it because The X Files game was coming out exclusively to the PS2. (I am a huge X Phile) Once I actually played the game, I felt I wasted money, but at least I had better game choices to follow my purchase. Guitar Hero would be one of the best. I'm so geared up for Guitar Hero III and Rock Band! Though, next I'll be saving for an Xbox360, I think.


@Mad Jack: Man, I've been a Rocky fan since 3rd grade! I have this most embarrassing video of my family and me performing our own RHPS. I was Frank, my mom Magenta, my bro Riff Raff, a friend Columbia, my aunt Janet and my cousin Brad. God, I was in 7th grade at the time... but we had so much fun lip syncing to the VHS playing in our livingroom and just being goofy. The family that RHPS's together, stays together. Hhrrmm... that didn't come out right. We actually had to put that VHS on lay away back then because the dang thing was something like $80! It was the special anniversary version (15th I think?) and we wanted it so bad, we didn't care how much it was. I look at the DVD prices these days and just cringe. Oh well, I still have that well loved VHS in my movie rack.

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