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Fast - Potentially cheap tattoos and markings

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Meant to post this yesterday...


Got dragged along with the wife to the mall for her weekly regiment of having the hair done up and her nails done. Normally I head off to find something mind numbing to do while she gets taken care of there - however with a lack of anything new to look at, I ended up back in the salon in short order. While I sat around for the next hour or so waiting...and trying to find something worth while to read in the pile of magazines they had (no luck) I noticed that one of the girls in the back of the salon had a compressor and airbrush at her desk.


After 15 minutes or so of wondering what the hell - a customer came in with talons which would make a condor jealous, and went back to take a seat at the airbrush desk. Apparently, they use the airbrush for doing some art stuff on the fingernails. Somewhat curious and wanting to get a better look at what was going on (and not wanting to seem a bit odd wondering around a beauty salon looking over peoples shoulders) I went on back to tell my wife (who currently was wearing a government thought control blocking headdress) that I was going to go get a cup of coffee.


Anywho, making the long a little bit shorter - the person at the desk running the airbrush was using a set of masks to do the work...which got me to thinking. Tattoos for minis.




I don't know about that company...so it isn't an endorsement. It just happens to be the first place that popped up under a Google search. The discs have a bunch of related stencils on them - and they are pretty small. To put things in perspective - they looked to be around 4 or 5 inches in diameter...so a lot of the designs would be under 1/4" or close to it. You could go through and add a bunch of tattoos to a barbarian/orc horde in no time using an airbrush. Compared to decals (what had been my default go to in the past) it would cost a lot less...assuming you have a brush to start with.


So there you go - food for thought.

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Those have been around for years. We used to have a decent selection at the art store I worked at. But the fad phased out and they didn't go anywhere. Seems it's coming back again. There were some with letters and numbers that could be good, other then that they were like shooting stars, palm trees, and things like that. Although I do remember a Halloween one that had small spiders and skulls on it, think I may have even bought one, I will look around and see.

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For making your own...no problems. Been doing that for years (sort of).


I use thin styrene sheet for most of mine, though you can use other stuff like card stock and what not. They probably even have the stencil material blanks in scrap booking areas of craft stores.

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Hm, I wonder if you could get blank ones... Depending on what they're made of, you could draw your own designs and then have at it with a hobby knife or an engraver... It'd work pretty good for emblazoning shields.

If you find a shop that carries the regular pre-cut ones, they should have blanks also.

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