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Genghis Con XXIX


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For those of you interested in getting an early start on the painting competition season come see us at Genghis Con. Feel the need for some classes? We can help you out. Genghis Con XXIX will be held February 14th-17th (Thur - Sun), 2008 at the Four Points Hotel at I-25 and Hampden, Denver Colorado


Right now I have Marike Reimer lined up to be the painting guest of honor and my slave labor for the weekend. I expect to have classes from Lili Troy (you know 2 time slayer sword winner) and Doug Jones (he only has one slayer sword, but did win the Masters Class at Reaper Con last year) as well. There should be plenty of topics to take care of your needs, including a paint & take for those times when you just need to keep busy.


There may be some minor rules changes in place for the competition but the categories are nailed down:

Singles for Historical, Fantasy and Sci Fi/Modern

Units for Historical, Fantasy and Sci Fi/Modern

Machines of War

Dioramas & Vignettes

Juniors (under 16)

Large Miniatures and Large Monsters

And this year a special category just for Flames of War objective markers.


So pick get moving on those competition pieces and come out to Denver for Genghis Con XXIX

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When I registered I had trouble finding the cost for the classes. Turns out they are $7. That's not a bad deal for two hours with painters like this.


I had the same problem. Note that the price for Doug Jones's all-day Saturday class was $14 when I received my registration confirmation. It's reasonable, but it wasn't advertised as that anywhere, which I find a bit annoying.


Further, even though the classes say "No player limit" in the prereg book, there is clearly one in practice, as one of the classes I signed up for was noted as "Cannot register for 616.1 () because this event has already reached its reg limit of 5 players." Again, this isn't much of a surprise -- I know the room and the tables, and there was always going to be a limit.


But prereg soon if you are going to sign up.

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We have a new programmer on the website and I'm beginnint suspect that some things got tweaked and information that used to show up is not longer showing up. I made sure that all the painting events had space limits and that the cost was indicated but that is obviously not showing up. And yes Doug's all day class spanning three sessions is indeed $14. But all of that information should have been appearing right up front. So I guess its off to bug a web designer.


So in a nutshell, classes are $7 except for Doug's all day Saturday class which is $14. Competition registration is $2 per entry.

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Hehe...Yeah, and apparently I won best of show at Genghis last year even though I didn't even finish in the top three of the Masterclass category.


And I think I'm credited with 2 more golden sophies than I actually have.

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So, its been a while and I never answered Doug's question, but no I don't hold any spots open for the painting classes. Talk to me there and I'll see what I can do. I have had a couple of registration issues come up so the answer is maybe.


But its 8 days to Genghis Con XXIX and thought one last reminder to get your entries finished is in order. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me. My classes for the convention are about 95% sold out at this point so that's looking good.


Looking forward to seeing everyone there.

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