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Exalted miniatures


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Darn. I was hoping they wouldn't be named characters but actual minis I could use in games.


I'm sure they look cool no matter what and I will be painting them but are there any plans to release generic PCs in Exalted style? Otherwise its back to putting ridiculously huge swords into the hands of tiny female minis for me.

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Oh!  Hope a mini is based on that pic of Arianna.  He/she's perfect for a cleric in my game.  And it's a simple idea, but I've yet to see a mini that comes close those designs and pose.


I can't wait to see them!  Psst...

Did Reaper ever leak info on who's sculpting them?

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1) You. Rock.


2) These are very nice.  I would have been able to recognize Harmonious Jade even if I hadn't just posted her concept art.  :D   I know a couple of Exalted players who are going to be very happy to see these


3)Any word on a street date?




Almost forgot. . .



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Oooo... Nice mean looking beastie... (edit: Is it a Geoff Valley?)


I have to ask though, what's with the donkey ears on the armor of that middle dude? Is it an armor of hearing +5?


On a side note, I like his giganto punching dagger, and his morning hair.

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Alright, time to stick the craw in before this becomes a 'the weapons are too big' thread:


In Exhalted, there are special super-duper Exhalted-only weapons that are really that huge. Give me half a sec and I'll find the books on them...


*after a quick Pitfall-esque trip into 8-bit land....*


Alright, those big honkin' weapons you people are so ready to pounce on and complain about: Those are called 'Daiklaives'. Yes, those of you familiar with World of Darkness, especially Werewolf will know most of that word...


OK, these are super-duper amazing weapons that sunder all before them. Partially because they're magic, and partially because they're For Exhalted Use Only. Something about the Exhalted let them whip these things around like a shiv, and they still have the mass to open you up like a bag of airline peanuts.


So yes, these weapons are gi-normous, accept it. Besides, they'll look awesome in NMM. Mmmmm, NMMMmmmm....


Alright, enough tangenting: Let's make quotes!


Exhalted, page 340-341:



Elaboratly decorated and with double-edged blades over four feet long and six or more inches wide, daiklaives are the traditional weapons of the Exhalted. Daiklaives are forged from steel alloyed with one of the Five Magical Materials and are far too large to be wielded by mere mortals. However, in the hands of an Exhalted, the material of the sword resonates with the character's Anima, making the blade light and wieldy, despite its impressive size. Each daiklaive is unique, its shape partly a product of the smith's desires and partly dictated by the complex astrological factors. By long tradition, each is also named and treated as an honored companion to the Exhalted who wields it.'


Long and short: the designers of the game wanted big honkin' weapons, and there you have it.


They also have big honkin' bows called (suprise) 'Powerbows' they're pretty cool, being able to almost throw a tree trunk as a piece of ammo. (I exaggurate, but not by much...)


And in closing, I want to make mention of this fact:


If you think the weapons are big, wait 'til you see the superheavy armor. !Ai chihuahua!


--lstormhammer, Dawn Caste

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Lstormhammer has it right on folks.  This is supposed to be an over-the-top epic fantasy with an anime feel.  When even a skill like investigate has magical charms attached to it and the names for the special maneuvers are just straight out of DBZ, Ninja Scroll, and Saturday Afternoon Kung-Fu theater. . .


"Ox Body Technique"  "Ten Magistrate Eyes" "Immaculate Golden Bow" and "Inescapable Shadow of the Sun" are just a few of my favorites.


So, the ginormous weapons are supposed to be ginormous.  


I just can't wait until we start seeing some of the Abyssals as figures . . .  


mmm Mirthless Smile. . .

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The foo-dogish critter is cool.


The Jim Johnson punch-dagger dude is UGH. This is a anime inspired high-octane combat rpg, not a zombie movie. He's stuck in a typical Jim Johnson Pose .


The archer is cool, the arrow looks a bit off though, but he's definitly workable.


Can I post these to my website?

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