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Mousekiller's Great Waaaagghhhh!!


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Ok, finally finished off that unit of gobbos with handweapons. I updated the earlier portions of the threads with lots of pics, so I am going to just post the primary pics here. If you want to see more, go back a few pages.






Also, if you are feeling up to it, throw me a vote at CMON: SMALL PINTS


And, I finished off the two herders as well, now I just need to get the squigs themselves done.




Ferox: I have always had a special place in my heart for fanatics...


MiniKiller: Not sure if we can call this an army yet... it is not even 1000 points yet... some glaciers move fast...

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Well, the move is complete, AND, I actually finished some models.


Here is the Squig Herd:





And to vote at CMON: Gnashers


Also, please keep in mind that there are more pics of the herd posted further back in the thread, so if you have the time or want to see more pictures check them out.

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In case this is your first time checking into a thread (I have done updates on Dwarfs and Ogres so far since coming back)... I haven't painted anything in over a year... but I fully intend to jump back in head first.


Ok, so just to give you guys a glimpse of what I have on the table for orcs and goblins (as character wise they are still my favorite army to paint), here is a quick pic of Skarsnik. I have not done a lot to modify him, except stuffing some body parts down his mouth. Also, at some point in the near future I will update the beginning of the thread to reflect what is actually done and actual points values (I love the new rules... they really suit my random style of army painting)... Finishing the ogre tyrant and dwarf slayer and the couple of units on the table remain my priority, but this guy has so much going on I am sure to get some progress on him as I get bored with the other projects.



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Been a week or so since my last update on any of the logs, so I am posting an update to Skarsnik. As far as the other projects go...


First rank of dwarf slayers is almost done... getting into the metal bits now which always seem to take forever. Also, lots of little details in these guys, so I definitely don't want to rush them and miss something :)

Third rank of skeletons are almost done... I think I get the most bored painting these because they seem so... plain I suppose... all bone and metal.

Fourth and last rank of Handgunners are primed and ready to paint, but haven't started yet.

First rank of Beasts of Chaos Gors are base coated.

Third rank of Chaos Marauders are being assembled.

First rank of Ogres are almost done... lots of fiddley bits to be painted on these.


In any case, on with Skarsnik... pretty much just the base of the skin is done... haven't done any washes yet, which will help to bring some variety into the skin itself.




Anyway, hope to have more updates soon!

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Just a small update... definitely not as much time as I would have liked to have spent painting the last two weeks. Oh well...


Anyway, did the robes. I think the red is going to need a lot more work. Also, started the scales on Gobbla... though I have to admit, they are shaped a little strange, hard to figure where to apply the highlights (either from the center out, which did not seem to work, or just highlight the outside and let the shade be in the center).






For the other armies:


Empire: On the third highlight of red... should be finishing that side soon and then will start on the yellow.

Ogres: These were all in various stages of completion from the work I had done on them last year, so just trying to get the front rank all up to the same level. Worked on the striped pants (purple done, need to do the Khaki). Also, did a lot of the wraps and leather bits... trying a reddish leather on these ones.

Dwarfs: Haven't really touched these guys since starting the green in there hair. Probably subconsciously waiting to get the empire guys to the point where I do the blue ammo rounds to do the blue body paint.

Mortals of Chaos: Actually pulled them off the shelf... did a bit of placement on the base that I had constructed last year. Should be ready to pin and prime soon.

Beasts of Chaos: Nothing, enough said.


Assembly: So, this week I brought the hobby to the living room (to the chagrin of my wife). Usually we watch an hour or two of TV at the end of the day before going to bed and rinse repeating the next day... so I thought it would be wise to do some simple construction and multi task this quality time with my loving wife. No really hard to pin models, just plastic kits, finecast (my first), and some forgeworld stuff that "she" was nice enough to get me for christmas. Anyway, assembled quite a bit (next to my poor showing in painting). 2 Ogre Kingdom Mournfang Cavalry (why only two models in the box is beyond me... at least give us enough models for a command group), Tomb Kings Necrosphynx (I really like this model), Ogre Kingdoms Golgfag Maneater (first finecast model... not bad except the items that should be rigid are a bit flimsy, like the sword... why not just stick to plastics GW?), Tomb Kings Apophas, Tomb Kings Lichepriest, Chaos Lord on Manticore (I have to admit that the manticore is a bit silly looking, but the package comes with enough bits for two full rider variants, so the other rider will likely get mounted on a reaper dragon down the road), Ogre Kingdoms Iron Blaster, Forgeworld Lietpold the Black (very nice model), Forgeworld Kazyk the Befouled on Rotbeast (not as good of quality and came missing the right arm bit), Arachnorak Spider with Flinger (this one was quite the construction project to put together, but definitely worth the time), Finecast Herald of Tzeentch (same issue, his rod looks limp), and 5 Seekers of Slaanesh.

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So, here is the promised update on Skarsnik. Started to re-hit the scales, found a few examples online that were decent (could not find any that blew me away, which makes me think that the scales are just a bit odd). Also, started on the weaponry, still more work to do with aging, scratching, and generally beating it up. Also, did the black portion of the robes.







So, what else is going on...


Skaven: My newest army to start... the Skaven Warlord on Brood Horror from Forge World. He is all put together, just doing the last sculpting bits for the base and should be ready for his cameo, then on to primer.


Mortals of Chaos: Primed the third rank of marauders and got the first layer of skin and metallics done.


Dwarves: Almost complete on them, just need to kick myself in the arse to get em done.


Vamps: :(


Daemons: Will post a pic soon on what the Daemon Prince looks like as I get ready to re-start him.


Beasts: Not much since last update. Need to get at least a test model done :)


Ogres: Haven't touched them much lately, though every time I sit down they are staring right at me.


Assembly: Not much here... finished the first two of three Bloodletters mounted on Juggernauts. Spending most of the "quality time" in front of the TV with the Skaven Warlord base.


Thats it for now :)

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The greatest goblin to ever grace the world with his cunning wickedness... I give you Skarsnik, Warlord of the Eight Peaks.


I am pretty satisfied with how this model came out, and I don't say that much about my stuff. I hope you enjoy him as much as my shelf will :)









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